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ITSN's hosted Microsoft® Dynamics CRM provides a powerful support tool to bolster your business's customer relationship management strategy. Hosted CRM transforms your existing data into higher response-rate & increased-revenue marketing campaigns.
Maximize your marketing campaign budget by fine-tuning your message, tracking results and responding faster to budding opportunities.
Intelligently cleanse your data to eliminate duplications and decrease your cost per engagement (CPE). Track responses across communications channels, linking them to campaigns and lead sources. These activities earn you points and the user with maximum points becomes the Interest Master.
Just hopped over to Coremetrics to check on how we are doing this week and discovered that Coremetrics homepage was being redirected here.
If you follow the link to IBM’s marketing solutions page, then you will see a lot of products (they call them solutions) listed. The Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform allows corporate and local marketers, field sales, and marketing partners to efficiently create, store, localize, manage, and measure marketing communications across various channels.
Use lead scores and sales cycles to create an email drip campaign that can grow your audience and generate sales. The post Create Your Own Email Drip Campaign [Customizable Template] appeared first on The Beacon. Our weekly #marketing #contentcalendar helps you plan what to create and when to send your #content. In the meantime, make sure to visit our video library to learn more about the exciting solutions we provide. An effective practice analysis should be performed regularly (just like a dental check-up). Just as we consultants encourage you to educate, educate, and educate your patients about how important it is to visit their hygienist on a 3, 4, or 6 months basis, it is also vital for the practice to have a software check-up on a regular basis.
I had no Idea the practice management software was so important, as far as I’m concerned the numbers just move around as we input data.

The new company that I work for just got new practice management software so we’ll see how it works out in the weeks to come.
Marketing Campaign Manager underlines the importance of greater client satisfaction and enables you meet and exceed their client expectations. Integrated with CLIM8 CRM, the CLIM8 Marketing Manager can help you achieve effective customer relationships by providing you the tools to target the right customer, at the right time, through the right medium. The CLIM8 Marketing Campaign Manager enables quick and easy increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing and sales team and services by recording and analysing your campaigns to see who responded and, often more importantly, who didn’t.
The last thing you want is a potential customer to contact you and your representative are not aware of the current offers and promotions.
The Marketing Campaign Management software is fully integrated with CLIM8 Reports to enable you to quickly create customised reports on every aspect of your marketing from the success rate of a direct mail campaign to the amount of new customer gained in the last 3 months. Gather information from various sources to give you a real-time comprehensive view of your business, from leads to after-sales CRM is easily deployed & customizable to suit your needs.
I’m wondering if all this stuff will be add-ons to Coremetrics or if we will have to register for different products separately. They have the big data chops to bring a lot of insight to the space and the money to develop some amazing tools. Did you know that the practice management system you have drives your practice profitability and may need a tune-up? The analysis involves several steps: First, evaluating the practice management software program and checking the system setups for proper coding, etc.
A good analysis will provide you with a snapshot on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and or annual basis to make sure that the data is accurate, practice numbers are correct, and monitoring of audit trails. It is very important to make sure your management software is up to date and that you are using the best software out there.
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The highly flexible Marketing Campaign Manager helps your marketing team to organise, track marketing and measure your marketing campaigns and sales activities.
Create more efficient and targeted marketing with this easy to use software that places a greater emphasis on customer retention and attraction to identify who needs to be targeted with future campaigns.

The integration with CLIM8 ensures everybody in your organisation is aware of any offers or marketing material been distributed and have access to up-to-date consistent and complete client information; therefore they quickly become more professional, organised and knowledgeable when communicating with your clients. Therefore, you can easily create very high levels of security ranging from user groups to ensure that only your marketing employees in your organisation can see your marketing fields. With the new (or maybe just official) relationship between Coremetrics and other IBM products, it’s probably safe to assume more upgrades and maybe a redesign are in the works.
Coremetrics continues to get better, though there are a few quirks with page loading and date ranges that irk me.
As a dental system analyst it is my job to make sure that the information derived from a software program is accurate and precise. Secondly, to run reports to track practice numbers and determine the health of the practice. So whether you are a dentist or consultant who feels that your practice or client could benefit from a service of this nature, please contact Pauline Grabowski of Pauline Grabowski & Associates. And the prices are so affordable – sometimes we've saved 70%-80% in comparison to other companies. The unique campaign and activity reference numbers allow for quick and easy identification of a particular campaign and access to the details, budget and revenue received. How can we as business owners make sure that the information we pull from the software system is correct?
Even with the most well intended team members, we often find that programs have not been setup properly and the practice is then running reports that are providing incorrect information.
Considering that those reports that you run daily, weekly, and monthly are the life line to the practice profitability.

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