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As brand and marketing issues, audiences, and challenges become more complex, developing and managing marketing, brand and communications architecture becomes more critical. Many professional services firms utilize specialized portals to share files and messages with their teams and clients. Slack is neither a full practice management tool or designed specifically for professional services firms, yet it’s a flexible tool that works well to meet the needs of these firms nonetheless.
Once you’ve set up your team members as users and invited clients, you can create channels, which are basically chatrooms with administrator controls that define which users are allowed in and how much they can do and see. The messaging is something halfway between IM and email, complete with notifications and vast capabilities for uploading, indexing and searching documents within channels.
Security is always a concern with portals or other cloud-based channels that handle sensitive info. Tracking time isn’t a built-in function of Slack, so it may be less than obvious when you’re performing billable work and when you’re not. If you do decide to give Slack a whirl – or if you’ve already done so – please let us know how it worked for you.
If you’re a larger organization with a lot of sales audiences, a Sales Message Platform may be ideal for you.
Imagine having the answers to your toughest sales and marketing questions, all in one place. Create more qualified sales leads and lower your marketing acquisition cost at the same time?
Tailor your message to the specific needs and desires of a wide range of very different audiences? Build a marketing communications plan that delivers these messages at the lowest cost possible?
Why Select the Silver Bullet Group to Help You Implement More Influential Customer Communications? What Are the Three Strategic Imperatives Required to Engage Customers with More Influential Communications?
What Are the Operational Issues to Consider When Implementing More Influential Customer Communications?
Get Your Design AwardTell the world your design made the cut at CHP with these stylish badges!
Great messaging can make the difference between ideas that inspire people versus ideas that fall flat.
Because building a concise and well-crafted foundation that houses positioning and messaging for brands, products, services (and a host of other areas) creates needed efficiencies and a welcome blueprint for the myriad internal and external resources expected to speak with a common and cohesive voice.

Louis-based marketing and brand direction company that works with Fortune 500 and mid-sized organizations to build and enhance strategic purpose through innovative research, positioning, messaging and creative direction. Slack isn’t just a way of life you gave up long ago – it’s also a tool to help you run a more efficient firm. Often, however, these portals come as part of a complete (and expensive) practice management software package designed for attorneys, or a similar comprehensive tool for accountants. With versions for all the systems that firms and their clients typically rely on (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone), Slack offers free access and a host of useful functions.
Slack handles a variety of document types, including text files, images, pdfs and spreadsheets. Slack lets you turn off notifications with a snooze function, and let those who try to reach you know you’re not available right then.
Slack offers a solid collection of security precautions baked in, and gives admins the ability to instantly sign out all users and cancel all passwords in the event of a suspected security breach. You can work around that easily by utilizing imaginary team members (a clever suggestion courtesy of Lawyerist).
This is yet another reason to explore the many advantages of value pricing for both firms and clients. Is the promise of greater productivity, easier document management and enhanced productivity enough to pique your interest about Slack? Field tested with the Fortune 500 for more than 10 years, it’s a proven way to tailor the most measurably effective sales message for customers, prospects, key influencers, employees and other audiences.
Since 1999, Cohesion has used its approach to help companies deliver more relevance and revenue from their marketing efforts. Slack is a messaging platform that bills itself as “Team communication for the 21st century.” It might be just the thing to enable easier conversation and document sharing with your clients as well. Smaller firms are often left without the convenience of such a portal unless they pay out big bucks to have one custom designed for their firm. In the context of a professional services firm, it’s usually best to establish a private channel for each client and register clients as single-channel guests in that channel.
Links to files housed in Dropbox, Box or Google Drive become part of the conversation archives and are searchable as well. The company claims that using Slack results in a major stemming of the tide of email that threatens to drown out productivity in so many companies today. The third is a wireframe template that includes marketing communications planning (I can’t reveal an actual client example that includes this planning, due to client non-disclosure agreements).
But I often hear a lot of confusion about what messaging is and how it differs from positioning and copywriting.

Then again, we’ve all wasted time signing up for great ideas that didn’t pan out in practice as the great boons to efficiency we had envisioned. Messaging, positioning, and copywriting are different tools marketers can use to connect with their audiences.
When woven together, differentiated positioning, clear messaging, and connective copywriting can make the difference between products (or ideas) which breakthrough and those that don’t. It’s a promise you make to your audience in return for their trust in your brand.Positioning statement - This is space in the market you want to occupy. The most powerful positioning is one that is highly desired by your audience yet unoccupied by competitors. For Highfive our unique positioning in the video conferencing market was the fact that its the only video product you can put in every single conference room company-wide. It would take an incredible amount of advertising dollars to convince the general public that BMW is a “safe car” or Volvo is an “ultimate driving machine” even though both could be true. Remember, the goal of the elevator pitch is not to explain what your product does its for your audience to understand what your product does. Your messaging communicates across many different channels including your website, videos, ads, PR, presentations, prospecting emails, sales conversations, product packaging, and support channels.
Great copywriters artfully weave together words which convey the message and personality of the brand.Okay. So you can start with a hypothesis and test it with your audience through different channels. More on that in a bit.Develop Your Messaging PlatformHere is a messaging platform I have adapted over the years and find incredibly helpful when it comes to structuring your messaging. Take your top messages whether they are brand promises or headline benefits and put them as the text for Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. You may be surprised on which ones receive the most clicks.Once you have new insights be sure to update your messaging platform and try it all again!Was this helpful? To illustrate the components of the messaging platform I’ll walk you through an example which we used at Highfive.

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