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At my daytime job we are currently rolling out a TWiki-based News Portal which replaces the static internal home page.
When we introduced the system to the executives, the founder of the company was quiet excited and requested his own blog channel.
If there is enough interest I will post the portal as a NewsPortalPlugin in the Plugins web (when I find time).
Can people also personalize their homepage, such as seeing the new items of the news channels they are subscribed to? We have a news box on the Nexos intranet web site (in TWiki) and it well be used on the internet too. We've seen Arthur's input and how much more palatable that makes the "out of the box" TWiki.
Typical TWiki installations tend to be browse oriented, but that is only due to lack of good built-in mechanism for publishing changes and news. This would be so wonderful, but I need to solve the corporate email flood now so it might have to be another platform.

Another idea worth exploring is to integrate twiki with a content management system - which could take care of the news-based front-end. The form comes from a special script which will pre-populate the content area with selected information from the twiki topic, and eventually call the drupal content creation script.
For different sections of home page, drupal's HTML block sections might want to access content from within twiki topics - such as list of projects, recent changes etc. This is a very important example and its is key to the widespread use and aceptance of TWiki in a business setting. I was not able to release this as a add-on to the public since there have been some legal questions at Wind River on releasing TWiki applications (unlike TWiki code and Plugins they do not fall under the GPL).
I have an immediate need for this application and had been thinking of posting a FeatureBrainstorming along these lines. This could be done using special filter plugins in drupal, and can directly take the user to relevent twiki webs. That page has a FormattedSearch that lists the stories; each row has links to publish, unpublish and expire stories, which goes into edit mode and changes the form fields of label type.

I will need to recreate this add-on unless Wind River is generous enough to donate this application.
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But if use-cases where a small community publishes to much larger community, it might help keep two commenting communities also independent.
Compared to my page, I would like to see something more like the CommentPlugin for entering news, and have another plugin that would provide me with a TOC-like display, and a page with the ten (configurable) most recent news, and of course access to the archive of all news.

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