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Most legal firms, regardless of size, require the individual lawyers to produce some form of personal marketing or business development plan.
But in many cases these plans are simply produced to seek approval or justify a marketing budget.
Once the individual lawyer or practice group has the slice of the pie, the plan ends up in the bottom drawer or in a remote folder on their laptop until it’s cleaned up and regurgitated for next year’s budget process.The individual lawyer has never really been forced to consider their objectives because for many firms, although they have a process of personal plans, the performance of the lawyer is not appropriately measured against their plans, nor is there a culture of accountability. The planning and objective setting process becomes a necessary evil and the lawyer resorts to what they’ve always done.

The process doesn’t create the foundation for meaningful objective setting let alone motivation, action or the desire for teamwork.I’m an advocate of simple plans for legal marketing.
The result is a personal marketing plan that’s not digestible, sometimes even by the originator.
I do a considerable amount of business development coaching for lawyers and the most common explanation for not executing a personal plan is they “didn’t have time.” That’s understandable given client demands and the firm’s own demands of fee targets.
But if a lawyer’s personal marketing plan contained just 6 – 10 key objectives, which are clear and simple, it’s more likely the lawyer will be able to focus and visit their plan on a regular basis to ensure they’re on track.High quality objective setting for law firms doesn’t just apply to personal plans.

If a law firm took the same approach of setting six to 10 key objectives for all its plans— whether its department and practice area marketing plans, sector or key client plans—everyone within the firm would be able to understand the plans and how they can contribute to them through their personal objectives.Developing clear and meaningful SMART objectives also affords the opportunity of “connectivity,” that is, connecting with other lawyers in the firm on common areas and objectives, thereby establishing a playing field for teamwork.
No matter how compelling a lawyer marketing strategy is, you need people with clearly defined objectives and connectivity in-house to make it happen.So, give smart marketing and SMART objectives a try.

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