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Now is the time of year where businesses all over the country are looking forward to the next year and setting goals.
I’ll be the first to admit that social media measurement is evolving and slightly awkward still.
If you’re already doing strategic planning, but need a nudge on how to measure social media, then this template will help you too.
But before you move onto the KPI step, its really important that you identify the person responsible for each goal.
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The industry is still evolving definitive best practices, but that shouldn’t stop you from social media strategic planning.

For example, if you are measuring leads, the metric might be conversions (email  opt-ins, downloads, registrations, etc.). You can choose to measure track different metrics, just make sure the metrics match the goal. This is one of those circumstances where the more you put into it up-front, the better your results.
For example, increased followers does not equate directly to more sales, it equates to more reach. The simple act of tracking these items helps everyone stay involved in the success of the company.
If that sounds too overwhelming, consider the amount of time your business will spend on social media and ask yourself the cost of NOT knowing how your efforts are paying off?

One of the beauty of real social media strategic planning is that it isn’t platform dependent. I suggest breaking it into several short planning sessions if you just can’t do it all at once.
Remember that you’ll be tracking each of these goals, so choose goals important enough to spend time tracking.

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