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The other important component of a strategic plan is an environmental scan, which reveals potential threats of the company as well as strengths.
The other part of strategic planning is strategy implementation, which involves using the company resources to ensure that its objectives are achieved. Da wir im Social Media Marketing sehr viel mit Kommunikation zu tun  haben, klassisches Marketing (Push) funktioniert nicht mehr. Oder Plattformen nutzen wie Social Bookmarkingdienste (Diigo, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Evernote, Pocket), RSS Reader und Feedburner. Nun besteht immer die Gefahr, das wir allein aus der Technik (SLATES) heraus denken, was man alles implementieren und technisch darstellen kann und vergessen dabei, dass der User mehr an den Inhalten interessiert ist und mehr und mehr den Dialog suchen. Im Social Media Bereich können wir schnell User (Technografic-Leiter) ansprechen, ein Grund ist die Umsatzsteigerung. BARmedia Training - Hier, findest du alle Links und den passenden Content - LIVE aus dem Social Media und Online Marketing Training. Aaker cautions that not every brand identity needs to employ all or even several of these perspectives.
As suggested by Aaker’s elaborate brand taxonomy, brand identity consists of a core identity and an extended identity. As an asset, a brand is a symbol of the expected future profits of a company; the problem is how to determine the earning power of a brand. As evinced by these criteria, Interbrand takes a business-oriented rather than consumer-oriented view of brand.
Relevancy—Measures whether a brand has personal relevance for the potential customer.
Esteem—Measures whether a brand is held in high regard and considered best in its class. Familiarity—Measures the degree to which potential customers understand what a brand stands for.
According to this approach to brand equity, brand differentiation is the core of a successful brand proposition with a distinctive position in the marketplace that will promote long-term growth.
Once consumers are aware of the brand, it needs to be relevant to their needs, satisfying and exceeding their expectations. The equations represent an attempt to overcome issues with other methods that assess brands solely in terms of present earning power. A strategic plan includes having a mission statement that describes the vision of the company.
Strategic formulation is another important part of planning strategically which seeks to enable the company to attain much needed profits and to be superior to its competitors.
Ein kritischer Blick, sollte von Unternehmen beibehalten werden, denn was die User hinter wirklich denken ist manchmal anders als ihr Verhalten. Bei unserem Blog interessiert es uns mehr, ob sich jemand für unseren Content interessiert.

Aaker, a marketing professor at the University of California at Berkeley and author of the popular Building Strong Brands (1996), has developed a comprehensive brand identity planning model. A core element of a brand’s identity is usually its product thrust, which will affect the type of associations that are desirable and feasible. This perspective focuses on attributes of the organization rather than on those of the product or service. A strong symbol can provide cohesion and structure to an identity and make it much easier to gain recognition and recall. Interbrand, a UK-based branding consultancy, has led the way in defining an appropriate method for brand strength assessment and publishes a yearly chart of the top performers. A brand that leads its market sector is more stable and powerful than other market entrants.
Brands are more valuable when they are in markets with growing or stable sales levels and a price structure in which successful firms can be profitable. Brands that are international are more valuable than national or regional brands, in part because of economies of scale. The overall long-term trend of the brand in terms of sales can be expected to reflect future prospects.
The company used its Brand Asset Valuator to assess the brand equity of 450 global brands and more than 8,000 local brands in 24 countries.
Closely related to perceived quality and the extent to which the brand is growing in popularity.
Y&R defines it as the power of a brand to express its uniqueness and reach top-of-mind status with target consumers. The way that the brand manager is able to express that relevancy in a language consumers appreciate will determine its success. They suggest that scores relating to brand differentiation and relevance indicate the potential for growth, while those relating to brand esteem and familiarity indicate its present stature. With the guidance if the vision the company states its objectives as part of strategic planning process. The last part of strategic planning is evaluation since for a plan to be successful it has to be monitored. Es reicht nicht mehr das man als Gatekeeper (above the line) agiert und Informationen an klassische Kanäle verteilt - hne mit der Anspriuchsgruppe zu kommunizieren.
Each organization should, however, consider all of the perspectives and use those deemed helpful in articulating what the brand should stand for in the customer’s mind. Attributes directly related to the purchase or use of a product can provide functional benefits and sometimes emotional benefits for customers.
Such organizational attributes as innovation, a drive for quality and concern for the environment are created by the people, culture, values and programs of the company. The brand-as-person perspective suggests a brand identity that is richer and more interesting than one based on product attributes.

Its presence can be a key ingredient of brand development and its absence can be a substantial handicap. It’s central to both the meaning and success of the brand, and contains the associations that are most likely to remain constant as the brand encompasses new products and travels to new markets. Its set of criteria, chosen subjectively, includes the business prospects of the brand and the brand’s market environment, as well as consumer perceptions.
This criterion reflects economies of scale for the first-place brand in communication and distribution, as well as the problems also-rans have in maintaining distribution and avoiding price erosion.
Some markets, such as consumer electronics, are so rife with debilitating price competition that the prospects of any brand being profitable are dim.
The subjectivity of both the criteria and assessment of the brands, however, makes the dimensions difficult to defend and affects the reliability of the resulting measures.
Once consumers understand what the brand can do for them, they need to aspire to own it, or have esteem for it. The results, however, are dependent on subjective analyses of the four criteria in relation to the market, the consumer and the company; although there are market research techniques that can better ensure the necessary analyses accurate reflect the competitive milieu. Denn die Kommunikation ist nicht mehr nur in eine Richtung aufgebaut, sondern es geht mehr und mehr in eine multiple Dimension (many to many) in allen Bereichen des Unternehmens über. A product-related attribute can create a value proposition by offering something extra like features or services, or by offering something better.
Elevating symbols to the status of being part of the identity reflects their potential power.
The extended identity, on the other hand, includes elements that provide texture and completeness.
Finally, when the brand has communicated its unique, relevant and aspirational message, it will be able to achieve familiarity through repurchase and re-use.
Und somit tuen wir gutes und sprechen wir darüber und hoffe, dass unsere Nachricht richtig kanalsiert wird. Aaker argues, however, that the goal of linking a brand with a product class is not to gain recall of a product class when a brand is mentioned.
For example, it treats Gillette as a single entity, even though it has many sub-brands and extensions, and treats Marlboro, which is a single brand, by the same rules.
The purpose of this system is to help brand strategists consider different brand elements and patterns that can help clarify, enrich and differentiate an identity. This flaw reinforces the need to develop more refined and rigorous methods of brand analysis.

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