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What makes us different is that we specialized in the development of online creative branding and communication solutions. Pyxle expertise has brought proven results for all our clients who signed up for Online Marketing solutions.
This 2016, Pyxle looks forward to expand its reach of award winning excellence in web and software development in Sri Lanka. Pyxle has the competencies for management and driving of Social Media market for brands creating aggressive online traction. We have over a decade of experience in providing web development and web designing solutions to Sri Lankan and global clients. Pyxle specializes in Software outsourcing and offshoring in Sri Lanka through staff augmentation across a wide array of technology verticals. I took a number of marketing courses in my MBA at Melbourne Business School (MBS) and it was during my Consumer Behaviour course with Brian Gibbs that we got the best, single-page overview of the marketing process. Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. I'm a big fan of the inbound marketing model, sometimes incorrectly referred to by the narrower marketing activities of content marketing or social media marketing. Although there is a lot of advice available on best practice on inbound marketing activities, there isn't so much on how to manage it, so I liked thisA infographicA from a US agency.
It's a different take on the inbound marketing process to our inbound marketing funnel we published in February.A It does miss a number of key activities (namely the importance of creative, a 'big idea' and outreach) by the nature ofA simplifying process for an infographic, yet crucially communicates the importance of leads and sales (step 4 to 6). Having assisted hundreds of new and experienced entrepreneurs through the stages of business planning, I noticed one common thread. All areas on the time line to the left of the vertical dividing line must be completed prior to moving forward with the Action Plan. Building a Sales and Marketing Machine is a structured methodology for designing and reviewing your customer acquisition process.
The methodology has been evolved over more than 25 years, and applied to many companies with some outstanding success stories along the way. As a VC I have had the opportunity to study many startups and seen several successes and many failures.
A sales & marketing machine is a scientifically designed process to take suspects and convert them to customers.
Our Internet Marketing Service spectrum covers search engine friendly website design and development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) Marketing, online advertising and marketing, Online PR, e-CRM strategies, Online Media planning, together with mobile, web and multimedia solution optimization. We help companies chart their online potential, systematically assisting them achieving their goals. As a SEO service provider in Sri Lanka we have the expertise, skills and techniques to provide clients tailored solutions helping them reach the top in terms of keyword ranking and visits leading to more inquires and revenue. Something that is regularly missed by other commentators - thinking about what you do with that traffic when you attract it is arguably more important that getting it in the first place.

Almost all of them went into the marketplace with a message that was based on their own bias. It is meant to take you from a starting point to a specific destination by the most effective route. In the Marketing Plan template, there are a number of sections that are to be completed before action planning, however, the two critical areas with the greatest impact on the message are the focus of the model and our discussion. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. It stresses the idea that the only right way to build a sales and marketing process is to design it around your customers (customer-centric). What I have observed is that there are a series of critical factors that need to be in place for success to happen. This ensures that all our clients get the benefit of marketing their products and services to a client base of 1.4 Billion people. When planning a trip, people lay out the route they are going to take from start to finish. Target Marketing involves research in determining market size and understanding customer needs. Most of these are obvious and well known, such as the importance of having a large market, good management team, barriers to entry, etc.
Marketing must come first and one of the great weaknesses of modern business is the view that marketing is subservient to sales when in fact, it's the other way round. Let’s say your company makes pens: Ask yourself what it is that your customers need. This excerpt from the book is based on my planning process model which keeps entrepreneurs on track in developing the all important marketing strategy, or as I like to point out – the revenue generator. The importance of taking your time and creating an effective message based upon sound strategy development cannot be emphasized enough. When planning for a business, why would anyone try to jump in at the middle of a route intended for  marketing success without doing their research? When planning for a business, why would anyone try to jump in at the middle of a route intended for marketing success without doing their research? This answers the important question, “What’s in it for the customer?” A thorough analysis of the competition’s strengths and weaknesses along with a clear understanding of all aspects of their business conduct allows you to position your business and answer the question, “Why should I buy from you?” For more on this and many other tips that will make or save you thousands of dollar- check out the book in paperback for under twenty oe e-book format which is under ten dollars. Most of the time company-centric processes will not work as well as hoped, it will be because they failed to take into consideration the customer’s concerns and motivations. This means understanding all aspects of your primary, secondary, and if applicable, tertiary markets along with a complete understanding of the competition. The answer is simple – most entrepreneurs do not have formal marketing training and really don’t know where to start. Once this preliminary research is completed and analyzed, an action plan with effective messages can be developed.

To make the process clear for the purpose of marketing planning, I created a model which is actually a time line showing the stages in the Marketing Planning Process.
These messages become the heart of all promotional efforts leaving only the task of determining where, when and how to deliver them. Taking a look at the above figure, most small business owners tend to jump right into the action plan stage with advertising messages that haven’t been developed by sound research techniques and most often prove to be ineffective and costly.
Taking a look at the model, most small business owners tend to jump right into the action plan stage with advertising messages that haven’t been developed by sound research techniques and most often prove to be ineffective and costly. The model prompts people to follow the time line in completing planning objectives in order to create a message that is more effective in generating revenue. The Marketing Plan template in MS Word available with this publication is also set up in accordance with the model to help users complete the tasks in the proper order.
For example, if you’re Montblanc, you won’t be making cheap plastic pens anytime soon even if some your customers say that’s what they want in a writing instrument.
For example, should you be looking at companies that make markers and pencils as competition? For example, Group A wants cheap plastic ballpoint pens, Group B wants fancy liquid ink pens, and so on. They know they can communicate well with these people, they can defend this segment from the competition, and ultimately that’s the area of the market they want their company to operate in. Getting your positioning right is incredibly important because it’s the key to your entire plan. So, for example, Montblanc may position themselves in the luxury space as a company that sells excellent writing instruments that have the highest level of craftsmanship. They would then position themselves appropriately in the luxury gift jewellery markets, but not in the broader writing instruments market. This value is created by the existence of your product, captured by its price, communicated through your promotion, and delivered by where you place (or how you distribute) your product – these are the four Ps.
Then, at regular intervals, you will need to re-do your three Cs because the market will change and you will need to change with it. That’s because positioning – with the help of the four Ps – is what translates the ‘actual product’ into the ‘perceived product’ within the consumer’s mind (they are often not the same).
And it is the pen’s positioning that will determine what qualities above its ability to put ink on paper set it apart from its competitors. For example, the Web & New Media Strategy that Melbourne Water developed over the last year followed pretty much this process. So, if we hadn’t done the three Cs right, for example, I would have had a hard time getting the four Ps done properly.

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