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YMLP allows you to create different sign up forms, each of which can contain their own custom fields as well as the option to assign that specific form to a specific group you create.
If you are trying to reach a specific country or state or you want to  find out what locations you need to focus on to improve your reach, you can also track the opens by location. If you want to know what types of devices or services are being used to open your emails, then check out the reporting for Email Programs Usage. To find out more about all of the fabulous features YMLP has to offer or to sign up for a free 30 day trial, simply visit YMLP here.
Blog posts may contain affiliate links for which I receive a small commission when you make a purchase. But if you want to experience a surge of fresh targeted traffic to your blog, and rich-SEO-juice, there are secrets to creating posts that go viral which you should learn. We discovered that not every post will achieve viral results, and no matter how much effort and research you put into it, it can fail. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean research is unimportant, on the contrary, it’s the base of what we’re doing as bloggers. When last did your post go viral, sending quality and a handful of responsive readers your way? Do you want the post to go viral so that people can visit and leave a comment on your blog? For instance, if you added a ‘click here’ button on the banner, what do you think goes through the mind of a buyer? You may not know who this public is, until you research the niche and the people you’re writing to.
It goes to say that if contents are shared willingly, the public (targeted audience) are satisfied with it. I would like you to reread this subheading, because, it’s so vital to your blogging career.
When you talk about yourself, your achievements, the amount of money you earned monthly from your clients and the amount of traffic your blog generates, it doesn’t add anything to the reader. For most bloggers who share ‘monthly income reports’ like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, I think he’s doing a nice job, because, every of his post resonates with helpful advice and strategies to help the reader succeed. Throughout this post, I’ve made use of “you” to show the relationship between what I’m writing, and how it can work for YOU.
Well, they haven’t made it known yet, but I want to let you on a little but powerful secret (Shhh, don’t tell your spouse!). Every effort you make should be directed towards bringing the right eyeballs to take action. You should know the answer, I already told you above – targeted traffic is 10x better than 10,000 visitors who are not ready to do a thing; click a link, subscribe to email list, buy a product, attend a webinar et al. The best way to get these people is to go out there, and contribute quality contents to other top blogs. They already have what you’re looking for, why waste time with marketing systems which brings server-crushing traffic that takes no tangible step.
Guest posting on niche and A-list blogs is ‘the best counsel’ I can give every blogger who wants to succeed and trounce the competition. But rather than wasting time, reinventing the wheel and trying all possible best to write a ‘heavenly headline,’ I would rather suggest you go out there and study proven works of art which have made the author proud. Add a strong benefit to your headline, and if you want readers to activate the post and read further, write in active voice, not passive! I struggled to get comments and social media love from the public (my audience), but failed woefully.
Remember, the post is by you, not about you – have this mindset always – it’s the key to being successful today, and in years to come! Posted in Article Marketing, Blogging and tagged blog engagement, how to attract readers, write blog post. Writing a post that go viral is great way to increase conversion, however, the big question is how to write, your post explained in details how we can write one, I really appreciate this post. There are thousands of books on marketing out there for the taking, but there’s also much to gain from reading a bit outside of your field. Thirteen years ago when Seth Godin‘s seminal 2003 business book Purple Cow hit the shelves, there was no Facebook, no YouTube, and no Instagram.
Consumers are faced with more ad clutter than ever, and Godin believes the way to cut through it is to think differently (it certainly worked for Apple).
Stephen King‘s book On Writing, a go-to for fiction writers at all stages of their careers, deals primarily with the craft of writing short stories and novels but is an invaluable tool for storytellers of all kinds. Think of the upcoming summer months as a chance to recalibrate your thinking and hone your marketing skills.

Move forward in your marketing career by contacting a Paladin recruiter to learn about new job opportunities.
I think back to when Etsy was in beta and the first and only handmade marketplace of its kind and I’m just in awe of the both the technological advancements in computers and digital media as well how social networking has evolved.
They offer a ton of great features to help you get the most out of your email list with everything from a built in editor and email templates to unlimited image hosting and embedded images as well as google analytics integration, newsletter archives and more. This allows you to track where people are signing up for your newsletter as well as send out targeted newsletters to different groups of people. This report will tell you how many newsletter recipients received your email, how many actually opened the email and even how many people clicked on links within the email. For the United States and Canada you can double click on those locations on the map to whittle down your stats to opens by state. It will tell you if people are reading on the go via their iPhone or accessing your email newsletter through a webmail, like Gmail or Hotmail, for example. For each link included within the body of your email, you are given a breakdown of which links were clicked and what percentage of people who opened the email clicked on each particular link. Now, enjoy these 5 secrets to creating a viral blog post – these are secrets until you know and implement them!
You’ve shown them what to do, and when they did it, they got what they wanted (what’s in it for me). The only exception is when you relate personal experience with the topic under discussion and find a way to engage the reader creatively. I strongly believe that no matter the tremendous transformation in the web world, catchy headlines will continue to bring results. Experts and beginners alike are setting up their businesses, creating their first Facebook page and tweeting away. Even before crafting the headline, the visions and images you hold about tomorrow and how people would use the web, will enhance your creative instinct. If the post is extremely valuable, then you’ve to stick with attracting the right audience. I can decide to share your post with my readers almost immediately – the headline is the magic spell – craft it from your heart. The list type, the how to type, the resource type, the interview type, the feature type, the secret type et al. Who says headline doesn’t matter – tell him to read Brian Clark’s headlines at Copyblogger? If you want to end the worries, the guess work, the prayers, the sobbing, the complaints and time wasting in your blogging career, challenge yourself to deliver value to your readers.
A selection of classics and new titles on subjects like product development, consumer behavior, and storytelling can really help you raise your marketing game.
In order for marketers to be effective, they have to be persuasive, and there’s immense power in language. Top management thinker Martin Lindstrom analyzes what motivates consumers to buy, from advertising and logos to celebrity endorsements and the subconscious mind.
Does your job include writing branded content, like a blog series or the script for a YouTube video? However, one thing has stayed the same whether your company is big or small – the email newsletter. For example, the newsletter sign up form I have on Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen differs from the one on my blog, Soap Deli News. It will also tell you how many people unsubscribed or better yet, forwarded that particular email on to someone they knew! Hovering over the percentage bar indicator will tell you how many how many clicks were made through that particular link out of all the click throughs made within the email. I haven’t created an email list for our biz yet, even though I should have done it so long ago. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
The competition is growing at the speed of inflation and only the ‘visionary blogger’ has the edge. The concept that businesses must create remarkable products in order to reach and retain their target customers isn’t obsolete.
In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible,” Godin writes. If you’re looking to produce more engaging content, then understanding how to tell your brand story, coming off as authentic to customers, and showing them the human side of your brand are all key. Based in part on the notion that word-of-mouth is a marketing equalizer able to be leveraged by businesses of all sizes and kinds, Contagious offers insight into what makes some videos or articles infectious while others just peter out.

Online shops to social networks all utilize email marketing and there’s a good reason why. You can track this progress through the first day, the first two days, a week or even by the hour.
This will help to tell you what content your newsletter subscribers are most interested in and want to see more of without you having to survey your subscribers.
The answer is tied to six factors: social currency, triggers, emotional resonance, observability, usefulness, and storytelling. It allows them to reconnect with consumers they know are already interested in their products, remind them they are still there and even offer them a little incentive to come back. You can also create different forms to track registrations you have via giveaways for example. All that’s left for you to do is come up some creative new content to encourage your readers to open your newsletters and visit your links! Berger explains these in the context of real-world case studies that will have you rethinking your next Facebook share. Every time I’ve sent out my own monthly business email newsletter, it has resulted in sales.
You can then send out a different, customized email newsletter for each group or you can send the same newsletter out to everyone in all of the groups. Because hey, you might want to send your customers a coupon code, but give your subscribers who signed up through your blog notification of a new giveaway. Not only they are running their businesses but also investing their own development – personal and professional both.They attend conferences, attend webinars, subscribe to leading publications in their industry, enroll in training programs and of course hire mentors and business coaches. And this is definitely the answer to “How do I let people know about my sale?”) But your business newsletter can do more than just bring in cash flow during slow or stagnant sales periods, it also has the ability to tell you exactly what type of content your consumer base is interested in! They want to learn something new or open up their mind to new possibilities but just don’t have the time for full blown training, or maybe they can’t afford to hire the right business coach or invest in more training right this minute.What’s the solution? Well – what’s the next best thing to hiring someone whom you’d like to learn from and pick their brains, in the shortest possible time and with minimum cost?
Pick up their book, of course.But you say business books are so boring, dry, and most don’t apply to you as an owner of a tiny business. Yes, there are books geared towards helping CEOs and large corporation managers, but there are also books perfect for your needs.And today I have made a list of books I consider a must read for you. In fact they are so engaging and enlightening that once you start one, you would not be able to put it down – I promise.So let’s get started.
I have categorized them for you by topic so it is easier for you to make the best choice based on your current situation.
On the web, it allows you to attract the right people at the right time, and change what they think or do.
Targeting customers with manipulative tricks, publishing more instead of better web content, spending too much time or money on SEO and getting on social networks without any thoughts of supporting contentLearn the principles of influence, not tactics.
By truly understanding the needs and the mindset of few buyer personas, you will be able to create appropriate content.Think like a publisher. An explanation is not a description, definition, instruction, elaboration, report or illustration. When these needs are met, we are productive, satisfied and happy.You can be Type X where the main motivator is external reward, or, you can be Type I where freedom, challenge and purpose of undertaking are the main motivators. Anytime the rider and the elephant disagree, the rider is going to lose.To make lasting changes, you must direct the rider, motivate the elephant and shape the path. You also have to believe that the change is feasible.Start with keystone habits and you will cause widespread shifts. They quit fast and they quit often, especially when they are in the Cul-De-Sac which will never get better. The checklist should have 7-9 items, clear instructions and killer items (failure to do something will cause great damage).
They should cater to the customers you will choose if you could choose them.The opposite of remarkable is very good. I had to make some hard choices otherwise the list would have gone on forever.So allow me to ask you then, you online entrepreneur.

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