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We have all heard the jaw dropping statistics on the massive proliferation of social media.
Small businesses are twice as likely to discover qualified leads over other business types.
Local businesses have always thrived using word-of-mouth marketing and generating referrals from happy customers. The biggest mistake many small businesses make when implementing a social media marketing campaign is not having a strategy or plan.
Did they stay committed to their plan long enough to build meaningful relationships with their community? As a wise man once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Don’t let another business’s lack of social media planning sabotage your social media success! So, has hearing other’s negative opinions about social media marketing impacted you and your success?
Grow Social MarketingDigital Marketing Strategists committed to growing your brand and driving ROI.
Based on your business goals and objectives, we will discuss which social media tools you will use. Email Marketing with Constant Contact – Grow Social Marketing is proud to be a Constant Contact Solution Provider.
An ideal social media strategy depends on your business, goals and objectives, time and resources.  What is important to consider in your marketing plan is that social media tools and communities are the best opportunity for you to connect with customers and prospects, using multiple touch points and media outlets.
This requires ongoing time, management and effort.  A successful social media plan equates to 5-10 hours per week. With the plethora of social media options, Grow Social Marketing ensures that you tackle the right channels with the right content. Using Social Media and Content Marketing for Product LaunchesWhen launching a new product, one of the greatest challenges business owners face centers on marketing. Worldwide Internet, Social Media and Mobile Statistics for 2015As reported by we are social, a global conversation agency that helps brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in social media worldwide, mobile increasingly dominates the digital world. Si comparamos las ventas obtenidas (atribuidas directamente) a social media, con las que nos llegan a traves de SEM, estamos comparando peras con manzanas.

Para calcular correctamente el ROI de una estrategia en social media, ademas de las ventas, debemos tener en cuenta los retornos que se consiguen en cada una de las fases del funnel, y tratar de traducirlos a dinero.
Ademas soy cofundador de El Arte de Medir y socio y director del area de marketing online de la escuela de Internet Kschool, y doy clases y conferencias en diferentes centros (ESADE, CEU, ISIL y CESMA) y eventos (ecommerce day Chile (2013), Mobile Evolution (IAB Mexico - 2013), IAB Argentina y Peru), sobre marketing online, social media y analitica web. Aunq es cierto q las recomendaciones offline no se pueden medir fiablemente tampoco creo q se deban medir en base a metricas de engagement. Ejemplo: Entre el blog de Jazztel y yo por ejemplo puede haber mucho engagement porq me gustan sus contenidos, pero su producto no lo recomendaria. En cuanto al ejemplo que pones de Jazztel, aunque no recomendases el producto, el contenido ha contribuido a mejorar el posicionamiento de la marca para ti, ha contribuido a que cuando alguien te pregunte por marcas del sector, problablemente nombres Jazztell,… todas estas cosas tienen un valor para la marca y aportan a potenciales conversiones.
Es cierto q hay estudios q demuestran q los impactos aumentan el recuerdo… y la confianza en la marca si de desconce su producto pero gustan sus contenidos. A eso habria q anadir q no se suele medir el numero de seguidores falsos y el de los otros usuarios q nos citan o redifunden nuestros contenidos. Por concluir yo realizaria mejor un test what-if para medir este tipo de cosas tan dificiles de medir con cierta seguridad.
Utilizamos cookies para asegurar que damos la mejor experiencia al usuario en nuestro sitio web. Find your Cooperative Extension county office, your first stop for information and assistance in NJ. Copyright © 2016 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. 800 million Facebook users, millions of tweets per day, Facebook would be the fourth largest country… By now you should know that social media is not only here to stay, it is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. So it’s not hard to understand why using social media’s power to amplify word-of-mouth marketing messages is a must for small businesses. The “if we build it they will come” mentality is ineffective and will leave you bewildered and coming up with mistaken ideas like “social media marketing just doesn’t work in my industry” or “there is no advantage of using social media in my market”. If that is not feasible for your business, consider hiring an expert like Grow Social Marketing. Grow Social Marketing will work with your company to navigate the fast changing world of the social web to help your company improve customer relationships and increase sales.

Las empresas comparan los resultados, en terminos de conversion, con el resto de canales de su estrategia online. Estamos comparando un canal de recomendacion, con uno de donde usuarios van buscando un producto.
Supongamos que la empresa ya esta consolidada en social media, y por tanto tiene actividad en todas las etapas del funnel de compra.
And small, local businesses in particular have a tremendous amount to gain on social media platforms. However, social media has had slower adoption in local small businesses mainly due to lack of resources, hurdles with technical know-how, or uncertainties about effective usage or social media ROI.
Putting up a Facebook fan page and then waiting for users to appear is the same as making jewelry and then trying to sell it out of your front yard hoping that the right customer strolls by.
Develop a social media marketing strategy and leverage the social media platforms to achieve your business goals. With over eight years of in-depth expertise in social media and digital marketing for business, we’ve proven that it works. Y al mismo tiempo, buscar formas de medicion objetivas (captacion de emails, que luego conseguimos convertir, etc. The 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report showed that when using social media, small businesses are twice as likely to discover qualified leads over other business types. I’ve also heard business owners say that they tried social media marketing and it was a waste of time. Unfortunately this is what many small businesses do and then they declare that social media marketing doesn’t work. We can help you utilize social marketing to give your audience valuable, quality & engaging content that is sharable with others. We will establish your business as the expert in your field.  Managed effectively, this will equate to lead generation, conversions and ultimately, sales!

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