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With more than 900 million users, Facebook has become one of the most powerful marketing tools today. Successful websites and businesses are run on responsive, on-demand, digital marketing plans. Website Designers in Ann Arbor, MichiganTarun Gehani, web designer and co-founder of Freshtight Designs, an Ann Arbor, Michigan based web design company, along with his team of web developers, graphic designers, WordPress SEO consultants and social media marketing strategists, can help you grow your business online. Do You Want to Grow Your Business?Learn how to drastically increase traffic to your website and convert more visitors into customers. Facilities Management Advisors understands the power of social media marketing in driving improved brand recognition, customer loyalty, engagement, customer relationship management (CRM) and overall growth performance. We build powerful social media campaigns for organizations focused on generating a positive ROI. Developing a community around your company with a strong engagement strategy reinforces your brand and overall value proposition. An effective blog that is visually pleasing and includes positive content is one of the most effective tools to engage both your clients and prospective customers on a regular basis. At FMA, we will expeditiously design an effective blog that strengthens your brand, generates business leads, while effectively engaging your clients. While it is essential to design a blog that is professional and aesthetically pleasing in its overall appearance, it is equally important to maintain well-written content. Effective content is an important element in driving traffic, demonstrating industry expertise and overall product knowledge, while adding value to your subscribers and readers alike. We work with each client to develop well-written articles that attract attention and add value to readers. Of critical importance to any viable social media campaign, twitter enables a company to more effectively engage its audience. As with other forms of social media, twitter contributes significantly towards brand recognition, industry reputation, lead generation and overall competitive position.

FMA works with each individual client in launching a customized twitter campaign, which includes overall design, interaction strategy, and best practices in sustained use of twitter to achieve desired outcomes. Various social media outlets provide valuable data relative to the overall success of an organization's social media campaign. Our experts help each client understand the relevance of the data, which trends to evaluate, and how best to adapt and adjust social media strategy to maximize the results.
We provide our customers with cost effective, fully customized solutions that drive value and generate sustained results. Several of my clients’ marketing plans designed to build awareness of and lead generation for their products and services. I’ve been trying to find ways to easily explain the integration of social media into their more traditional marketing campaigns. While researching, I found this interesting mind map that you can see full size on the CashFlow Copywriting and Marketing blog and thought you may find it useful.
This is a really cool graphic thanks so much for sharing :-) I wish I had a knack for illustrating this kind of stuff.
This is a fantastic mind map, and a great illustration of how mind maps can be used for marketing. Local, mobile and social media marketing are now significantly more important than traditional marketing.
Our subject matter experts have significant experience in driving explosive traffic, greater level of generated leads and increased sales performance. Further, as your network and circle of influence with your various clients expands, your brand is likewise further advanced throughout your clients' network. A blog affords the company the opportunity to maintain ongoing interactions with the client, generating bilateral feedback, while increasing awareness of critical subjects and areas of interest relative to your particular industry.
Our experts will support this effort in contributing initial blog posts relative to your industry and areas of interest.

The use of twitter allows a company to further develop its community, including existing and prospective clients, industry professionals, and casual followers. Sometimes the social media tool is a step in the right direction, but it is can be difficult to easily explain all the social media tools and choices. 45% of business-to-business companies and 67% of business-to-consumer companies acquire customers via Facebook.
Maybe your customers don’t use Facebook enough for your business to impact them or their decisions.
Having a presence on social media brings great responsibility; if used wisely your social media presence can have such a positive effect on SEO, customer relations and company profile generally. If used badly however, it can cause irreversible damage to your reputation and have a very negative effect on your business.Corporate companies are always making the global headlines with their use of social media sites, often for all the wrong reasons. Offensive campaigns and swear-words published by official accounts as well as controversial opinions being tweeted are just some examples of the anti-social behaviour committed by these companies. Making headlines most recently for her anti-social behaviour on social media site Twitter, the newly-appointed Police Commissioner has come under heavy scrutiny for her misuse of such a public platform. It is very easy to post things online that you may not think twice about but can so quickly be miss-interpreted or taken offensively by followers. Social media when used properly can provide many benefits to businesses, such as improving SEO and generally helping their online marketing all for free, but so often it is the misuse of the social networking sites that makes the headlines.

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