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In Brazil, Rafael leads the creative team for the award-winning agency in the promotional marketing, besides being one of the most active Adobe Certified Instructors in Brazil nowadays. Vincent cofounded and led the Batik project at Apache, an open source Java toolkit for manipulating, viewing, or transcoding SVG content. With more than 96,000 followers on Twitter, Fabio has been working on creating and developing websites since 1999, however the initial experience with the media started a little earlier, around 96. In 2004 he founded ZEE, helping companies to have a more efficient online presence, through well planned and well executed websites. Fabio has done work for clients such as MSNBC, Wired UK, Adobe, Digital Arts Magazine, April, and others.
Arno Gourdol is Senior Director of Engineering for Web Platform and Authoring at Adobe Systems, responsible for the engineering of everything related to HTML and for the development tools that Adobe has such as Dreamweaver, Flash Builder, Flex, Flash Pro, Fireworks, Edge and also Browserlab and Phonegap.
Previously he led various initiatives within Adobe's Creative Suite Business Unit, including XMP, Version Cue and Bridge. Before that, Marcello worked nine years in New York, and has numerous projects awarded internationally.
Master of Science in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in New York, and MBA Administration at Coppead, UFRJ, Marcello Povoa has articles published in A‰poca, O Globo, Gazeta Mercantil, Industry Standard, among others.
After a few years shooting news, Dustin was invited for the post of Director of Promotions. Now in his current position, Dustin is one of the heads of SD Crew West Inc., a family company in Phoenix, Arizona.
Experienced to capture images with any camera, from DV to RED, he had the chance to shoot big events like the Super Bowl XLII. Lee is currently interested in game design, rendering methods, and native Android development.
Yuri is the Founder and Manager of Aceleradora, a well known startup accelerator in Brazil. Previously Julian was the Director of Creative Technologist and Lead Flash Developer at Fuel Industries in Canada, concentrating on creating branded online entertainment and immersive web experiences.
Recently Julian wrote technical books targeting ActionScript developers focusing on mobile platforms such as Google Android and Apple iOS.
Produced, directed and scripted the movie "FA?bio Fabuloso", a documentary feature film winner of First Prize for Culture Bravo Prime 2005, in addition to the awards jury at the Rio Film Festival and Film Festival Sao Paulo in 2004. Aditya is Sencha's senior director of product management and is responsible for the product planning and strategy for Sencha's product lines. The variety in the work of the artist based in SA?o Paulo, Brazil, is huge, fun characters from cartoons, funny animations to work more realistic, basically you find in his portfolio a little bit of everything.
He also embarked on the production of games that grow every year in Brazil, facing the best companies of Advergames worldwide. Bruno is a Solutions Engineer at Sencha, experienced in creating apps using HTML5 frameworks for mobile and desktop platforms. Passionate about web standards and JavaScript frameworks, Bruno has been an Ext JS framework evangelist, supporting the Brazilian community and providing coaching, written tutorials, and articles on his professional blog. Prior to specializing in gaming, Enrique ran the Flash Platform Evangelism team in EMEA, the Adobe elite team of technical evangelists focused on driving AdobeA® FlashA® Platform adoption and building thriving communities.

With a major in Computer Science and a Mastera€™s in distributed applications, his background includes more than 12 years in the Software industry, five of them in R&D as Senior Software Architect designing and developing J2EE enterprise solutions for Adobe and Macromedia US.
Claudio works with post production since 1995, where he began working in traditional animation at MultiRio, a municipal company, producing educational programs. In 2004 he was invited to work on producing Filmes, in the department of post production and compositing artist. Today, Claudio is the post-production supervisor and signs the effects of advertising films, television series, and movies such as "LOPE" and "Man of the Future." He also works with co-direction and the direction of commercials and participates in the idealization of projects, such as the launching of the olympics of "Rio 2016" and animated series for children. Business man with more than 10 year of experience in communication, events, training and certification for graphical softwares. Vincent is working with the CSS working group, the FX task force and the SVG working group. Vincent contributed to the development of the SVG specification and its version for mobile devices, SVG Tiny.
Beyond ZEE, Fabio is the founder of Abduzeedo, a personal project that has become the biggest promoter of his work.
He has worked on Adobe AIR, Adobe's multiscreen runtime for standalone apps on desktop, mobile devices and TVs.
Prior to joining Adobe in 2001 he was part of the User Interface team at Apple that conceived, designed and implemented Aqua, the user interface of Mac OS X. Being one speaker for some of the best technology conferences in the world today, Arno focuses his efforts on results, with the objetctive of balancing business needs, time to market and team goals to deliver products efficiently and reliably.
He was the director of IconMediaLab (LBi) that during his tenure, was named by Advertising Age magazine as one of the top three interactive agencies in the world. He is the author of the book "Anatomy of the Internet" (Casa da Palavra) and writer for Webinsider (UOL). After obtaining his BA degree in Media Production by East Carolina University, Dustin began to hone his craft as a cameraman for the NBC affiliate in Greenville, North Carolina. There he gained valuable knowledge on video editing software like Photoshop and After Effects, and produced many promotions for yourself. He also has experience in photographing products, platforms, underwater filming and gyro via helicopter.
He was one of the main speakers during our first Flash Camp Brasil in 2010, and his words after the event were: a€?This is the best Flash Camp ever!a€?. In his early career, he worked for IBM, taught for Sun Microsystems, founded and buried a software startup, did better on the other two, and helped launch BOL - the largest Brazilian freemail service. People encounter QNX-controlled systems whenever they drive, shop, watch TV, use the Internet, or even turn on a light. He is also very involved in building the tools that Fuel uses for developing external client projects and component frameworks which provide a standard and efficient way of completing top quality work. Produced, directed and scripted documentaries on the artist Jenny Holzer and the poet Elisa Lucinda. Prior to Sencha, Aditya held various senior product management roles at Adobe and Microsoft, focusing on developers and media in the mobile and consumer electronics space. His professional experience spans several startup companies as an independent Ext JS consultant, providing a fast-track to interface and web development.

Now he's returning to his home country as a "Sencha Insider", to speak on behalf the company in Brazil.
His teama€™s job is to engage with all those game developers out there helping them bring their ideas and designs to reality. Official instructor of Coolhunting, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and game development, social media and 3D. He currently works on CSS shaders, CSS regions, CSS exclusions, and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Abduzeedo is now one of the most popular design blogs in the world for inspiration and tutorials.
Dustin became short of producing their own material and decided he wanted to try playing with "motion controlled time lapse" with a DSLR. During the same event, Lee challenged a Brazilian for a jiu-jitsu match, for an Adobe Master Collection. Later he managed the systems engineering team for UOL, was CTO and partner at Vetta - a CMMI-3 offshore outsourcing provider. Its ultra-reliable nature means QNX software is the preferred choice for life-critical systems such as air traffic control systems, surgical equipment, and nuclear power plants.
The story uses elements of the work of multiartist Millor Fernandes, and if all goes well, the film will hit theaters in 2014! Not entirely true, but his current role as Manager of the Adobea€™s World Wide Gaming Evangelism team allows him to interact and play with some of the coolest games out there.
In four years there, he participated in the preparation and carrying out the special effects for novels, mini series and feature films. Prior to joining Adobe, Vincent worked at Oracle on graphical, interactive, and animated user interfaces in the field of business intelligence, helping make large sets of complex data visually understandable to help users navigate data sets more easily, detect trends, or find anomalies. In three years, he perfected the art of capturing and editing sequences of images in time lapse. Over the recent years, he founded an IT consulting company and self-funded the Aceleradora operation. And its cool multimedia features have QNX software turning up in everything from in-dash radios and infotainment systems to the latest casino gaming terminals. Also my JSAPI extensions for the Flash IDE, which improve workflow for developers and designers and are available to download. Prior to Oracle, Vincent worked at Sun Microsystems where he focused on graphical, animated, and interactive technologies, mainly the Java 2D API and the SVG format. The films "Landscapes" (Landscapes) Dustin has received worldwide attention, using techniques never seen before, with dramatic compositions and amazing sites. Global leaders like Cisco, Delphi, General Electric, Siemens, and Thales have discovered QNX Software Systems gives them the only software platform upon which to build reliable, scalable, and high-performance applications for markets such as telecommunications, automotive, medical instrumentation, automation, security, and more.
Peter holds a degree in journalism, was associate editor of Fluir magazine and collaborator of the newspaper O Globo and Jornal do Brazil.

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