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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Certain things never change, says Rahul Dacunha, director of Mumbai-based Dacunha Communications. Our milk procurement has increased substantially and we want to create a market for surplus milk.
This means that the heat is now on private dairy players like Paras in Delhi and Mahanand in Mumbai.
Amul knows this and thats why it is adding 6,000 more retail parlours across the country in this financial year to the existing 4,000. Consumer Voice – a leading magazine published by VOICE (Voluntary organization in the interest of consumer education), in its March 2014 edition has come out with a report that ranks Amul Chocolates as the top performer brand in a study on chocolates conducted by the magazine. The scores given in the study are based on physicochemical parameters like – Cocoa Solids, Energy Value, Cholesterol, carbohydrates, milk fat etc. Amul has been marketing chocolates since 1970’s and it has come out with a range of premium chocolates and gift packs at attractive price points to delight its consumers. Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (Amul) is India’s largest foods product marketing organization with annual sales turnover of Rs 18,000 crores (2013-14).
ABOUT USPaul Writer is founded by Jessie Paul, considered an expert in brand internationalization and frugal marketing.
Gujarat!17% From milk-deficient to being the largest milk producer (17%) in the world Founded by Dr. The company is revisiting its entire retail and business strategy and is looking at strengthening the dairies business in the metros.
But the going will certainly not be easy for Amul, as these strong local players are already trying to beef up their own network. Parlours now contribute a measly Rs 200 crore (Rs 2 billion) per annum to GCMMFs total sales of Rs 6,700 crore (Rs 67 billion). But the pre-reforms milk co-op faces a unique constraint: a social mandate that means it can't cut costs or hike prices with the same freedom as competitors. R S Sodhi told that Amul always provided excellent quality products at reasonable prices to its consumers. It procures an average of 150 lac litres of milk from 35 lac milk producers and sells a wide range of dairy products viz. As Chief Marketing Officer of Wipro's IT business, Head of Marketing for iGATE Global, and as Global Brand Manager at Infosys, she has been recognized for her contribution towards putting the Indian IT industry on the global map.

While managing these businesses, majority of our time has been spent on planning, identifying, assessing and deploying right talent. The standards of excellence have now become international with organizations operating globally. In order to focus on India's largest consumer segment, young people below the age of 20, Amul is now moving away from its carefully cultivated image of just a family brand popular with the homemaker.
Executives at Paras Dairy say the company has already started sprucing up its infrastructure facilities to take on competition. When you don't have bottom-line pressures, when you are a virtual monopoly in an industry where new big competitors find it difficult to enter, what do you do?
The report is also a testimony to the fact that only highest quality of ingredients goes into making of Amul chocolates, like any other product from Amul. Jessie is the author of No Money Marketing, Tata McGraw-Hill's fastest selling professional book on marketing.
Improving Quality + Customer Satisfaction = Growth + Survival  It is now being realized that the human factor will play a crucial role in achieving these standards of excellence.
That explains the questions youngsters ask you in the new TV commercials: Dude, where's da doodh? By 2020, the milk procurement will be doubled and the company has earmarked over Rs 2,600 crore (Rs 26 billion) for capacity expansions, says Parthi Bhatol, chairman, GCMMF.
While the company is tightlipped on this, pro-biotic products is one area it is trying to concentrate on.
However, this is rapidly changing and many businesses are now adopting just-in-time, just-for-time staffing to ensure that either high quality and specialized Talent is used only for the time needed or non-core skills that can be outsourced on flexible staffing basis. While Contract staffing has been in existence in India, there was a challenge in getting the required staff and services in a Quicker, Convenient and Credible way and in the shortest possible time. So the new television commercials, created by DCB Ulka, position the products on the 'Utterly Healthy' platform where thin is in. Mother Dairy Fruits & Vegetables, a company with a billion-dollar (Rs 4,200-crore) turnover, knows exactly how it feels. GCMMF feels it can easily double its milk supply to the Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata markets once the satellite dairies are in place. So, its time to 'chill your dil' as one youngster says - in one of Amul Milks new commercials.
Last year, the Rs 10,000-crore Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) that markets Amul beat Mother Dairy in the branded packaged milk, Mother Dairy's main business. By now, the company has seen three top-level reshuffle, has anointed its second head in 14 months and is now busy preparing an aggressive plan to give Mother Dairy the new push.

GEARING UP FOR CHANGE With a new head, a new goal and a new strategy, Mother Dairy is putting together a new plan to put itself back in the game. By 2014-15, the company wants to almost double its revenue and headcount to Rs 10,000 crore and 9,000, respectively.
Heavily focussed on the national capital region (NCR), which contributes 75% of its revenues, it hopes to expand to India's top 20-30 cities, with a focus on the south and west and generate 35% of its revenues outside of NCR. To meet these targets the company is planning to widen its product portfolio with a bigger thrust on value-added products like ice cream, fermented milk and fruit-based drinks even as it explores new areas like frozen ready-to-eat offerings. With rising income, the average Indian's consumption basket is changinga€”health and wellness products are grabbing a bigger share. Created as a subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in 1974, it was part of Operation Flood to support dairy farmers and boost milk production. By the 1980s, it became a household name collecting milk from dairy farmers and retailing it in Delhi. From just milk, it slowly expanded its portfolio to ice creams, curd, etc and also expanded beyond Delhi. And that's a major reason why the sector is largely dominated by home-grown firms like Amul and Mother Dairy.
But it paid a huge price as it was slow in expanding to other markets and introducing newer products, unlike its hungrier and bigger rival Amul. The Anand-based firm launched its packaged milk in Delhi in 2005 and last year it overtook Mother Dairy. This is when Amul is more expensivea€”Amul Gold (full cream) sells at Rs 36 a litre against Mother Dairy's `33, which was revised to Rs 35 on Friday. Our better quality and taste helped." Amul, with its own cooperatives, sells fresh milk in Delhi. To make up for the shortage, Mother Dairy mixed fresh milk with milk produced from powdered milka€”impacting taste.
The recombined milk, which three years back could constitute up to 40% of total production, will be negligible this year, assures Nagarajan.

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