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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Today Samsung announced a $5 million partnership with Jay-Z, which will bring the rapper's new album to 1 million Galaxy S4 owners for free when it launches July 4. It's just the latest big marketing move by Samsung, which spends boatloads of money marketing its mobile devices.
Let's take a look at how Samsung's marketing budget compares to the marketing budgets of other top tech companies. Following a $5 million deal with Jay-Z, let's look at how much Samsung spends marketing its products.

According to Strategy Analytics 2013 global mobile phone shipments reach 1.7 billion units with 5% growth-- the strongest performance from the industry in at least 2 years. Smartphones account for 990 million of the overall amount, but 2013 shipment growth is slightly down (from 43% in 2012 to 41% in 2013) due to high penetration in major markets such as the US. As one might expect Samsung leads both overall and smartphone markets, with marketshare reaching 27% and 32% respectively. Former leader Nokia retains second place, even as shipments slide by 25% to 252.4m units due to not-good-enough Windows Phone performance and sluggish feature phone demand.
Such brands include Huawei, LG and Lenovo, whose combined global marketshare reaches 14% through successes in Europe, Latin America and China.

We don't know how much Samsung will spend on marketing in 2013, but here's a look at how much it spent in 2012, according to Asymco analyst Horace Dediu.
The analyst predicts the Korean giant might ship 500m (or half-billion) mobile phones in 2014, cementing further its position as industry titan. However Strategy Analytics points out iPhone growth is down from 46% in 2012 to "just" 13% in 2013 due to lack of presence in the low-end and big-screen smartphone categories.

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