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At left is a new worksheet that I created to make it easy for Published & Profitable members study and apply online marketing ideas successfully used by other authors. During yesterday’s call, one of the participants commented that he understood the concepts I described, but had difficulty applying the ideas to his own blog and websites. In response, I created a simple worksheet file you can download and fill-out using Microsoft Word.
The Modeling Online Success Ideas of Others worksheet is based on a 4-column table created using Microsoft Word. Start by entering the author’s name, website URL, and the date you visited the site at the top of the worksheet.

Column Two: In the next column, describe why the idea, technique, or tip makes sense to you  and how the author benefits from the idea.
Column Three: List how you could profit from using the same basic idea in your blog or website, adapting the idea to your particular online marketing goals. Thursdays, I share ideas and for authors interested in selling more book sales or leveraging book sales into enhanced profits from products or services based on their books. Creating a system to learn from, and adapt, the online marketing successes of other authors can be first step towards more sales and higher author back-end profits.
The worksheet is also available as a PDF file you can download and print, so you can fill it out using a pencil or pen.

Here’s how to put it to use when you visit the blog or website of an author and you want to keep track of the ideas you like and want to adapt them to your site.
What’s more important is authors train themselves to learn from the marketing successes of other authors, and apply the lessons to their own blogs and websites.

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