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That was a good interview, but it is weird coming from someone who owns a translation agency and works for another.
I made that comment while thinking about agencies that promote low prices and do not think about quality. Agencies do sometimes have difficult relationships with translators – precisely because they sometimes offer low payments to the translator and are not overly-concerned about quality. My name is Tess Whitty, and I have loved working as an English-Swedish freelance translator since 2002. One of the reasons the Inbound Marketing Summit (IMS) conferences are so unique is because of the community and digital content that is established among participants.
Marc Hausman, President and CEO of Strategic Communications Group (Strategic) and conference speaker, shares his 5 tips for aligning content marketing with a measurable sales return on investment. Think like a publisher: Prospects, buyers and customers are spending more time than ever “doing their homework” and researching before reaching out to any sales team. Promote content through multiple channels: Take advantage of the various social channels out there. Collaborate with sales: Engage with your sales team and understand where their priorities, opportunities and challenges are. Study the analytics: Use analytics so you can learn who’s coming to your site, what they’re reading, how long they stay, how they found you, and what actions they take. Translate analytics into actionable sales intelligence: Don’t just study readership and the numbers you get from analytics, but think about the priorities of the sales team, the pipeline, prospects, and the community. So, you’ve got an amazing product, a beautiful website and you’re ready to watch the money start pouring in. Research is going to tell you much more about your target audience and allow you to cater your advertisements to them.
One of the most valuable tools that I’ve come across in online marketing is known as PPC or pay per click. Another great way to better your marketing strategy is by incorporating the use of social media sites. InvoiceBerry is an online invoicing software for small businesses, sole traders and freelancers.
Business owners can sign up within 2 minutes and start sending their first invoices to clients. Email marketing is one of the best and the most cost-effective ways to advertise products and services, especially for ecommerce businesses. In fact, a fair share of industry experts believe that sales from your ecommerce store can increase manifold if you know how to explore power of email marketing to your advantage. Encourage Product Reviews – After visitors to your site purchase your product, send an email requesting them to review the product. Send Cart Abandonment Emails – Many potential customers add products to cart but do not proceed with their purchases. Incentivize Loyal Customers – Popular ecommerce site, Howards Store World increased its revenues by $250,000 by giving gift card incentives to its loyal customers. Add Elements of Surprise– Another effective way to use email marketing to your advantage is to surprise your customers.
These easy-to-implement email-marketing tips will surely help you in winning your potential customers. From my limited experience in this industry, freelancers and agencies do not always see eye-to-eye. I love sharing my passion for the profession, and my experience from being a freelancer and a marketing professional with other translators, through presentations and trainings.
The Pulse Network helps to foster this with their Spotlight on IMS video series, where they ask thought leaders from the IMS community to share best practices and tips for modern marketing strategies.

This creates an opportunity for companies to publish thought leadership information – insights and best practices – to create a community of readers.
Distribute your content using marketing automation systems, email messaging, SEO, and ask your sales team to spread the word. That will inform the direction of your content and help you to understand what information to put in front of your prospects. People tell you what they think by how they spend their time; studying analytics will help provide information on which prospects are really interested. Really dive into what the readership means and then provide meaningful insight and guidance to sales to translate into actions. It’s likely that not everyone is going to be interested in your product or services, so you need to narrow down the spectrum.
Once you’ve found your intended audience you can then start using some of the various tools that are available online.
Pay per click advertising involves bidding on a keyword in order to have your website shown within a search engine.
Creating a Facebook fan page is a great way to reach out to an otherwise untapped source of customers.
This form of marketing is responsible for more than 7% of ecommerce transactions, with rest of the sales generated through other promotional campaigns.
But before we proceed any further, we assume that your ecommerce store is well equipped with necessary email marketing software and impressive email designs in place convert email recipients into buyers. To lure them into writing product reviews, offer some incentives such as discount coupons that they can use on your store.
Instead, experiment with new subject lines and content and see which one evokes customers’ interest the most. Note that, typically, a comparatively small section of loyal customers on ecommerce stores are responsible for a major proportion of revenues. For example, recently a company Petflow sent an email to all its customers telling them that they have $4.25 left to spend in 24 hours.
Of course, there are many other strategies that you can explore and use once you have experimented with the above-mentioned ones. I have several agencies that I have great business relationships with so I am curious to see what you mean. Being established as an industry expert helps to differentiate and hold the attention of prospects. If sales is involved in this process, they will also have more talking points once they’re in contact with buyers.
You are going to have to find your demographic and push your product in a way that makes it appealing.
You should have a general idea for who you’re targeting and you can narrow it down ever further with a bit of research. For example, if you owned a dog training company, you would bid on keywords like “dog walking tips” or “dog walking services.” Then when someone searched for those terms in a search engine, your website would come up within the sponsored results.
You’ll know off the bat whether or not these people are interested in your product or services by whether or not they like your fan page. To do so, use software that automatically detects such shoppers and sends automated emails to them.
Marketing has been around for ages and you can learn a thing or two from looking around at the various advertisements that surround you. You can create engaging posts on your fan page that encourage your fans to buy your product or service.
So, do well to figure out which emails generate the highest conversion rate and send that type of email more often.

This is an art in itself, but there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you get the most sales for your small business.
You should be posting informative and entertaining posts in order to captivate your potential customers.
Email marketing delivers a whopping $40 return on investment to every $1 spent when compared to other marketing channels [Source Marketing Profs].   Email marketing allows you to reach your prospects and customers where they are. Your target audience, may not attend every networking event, may not watch TV or listen to radio, but they definitely do check their email every day, in fact several times per day. Start by gathering a list of everyone that you have come into contact with or done business with and send them an invite to opt-in for your emails. Staying consistent in front of your prospects with valuable content that resonates with their challenges and needs is a great way for your prospects to get to know, like and trust you which will turn prospects into customers. It’s also a great way for customers to think of you first when they need additional product or services or a referral for a friend.Personalize who the email is from Who an email is from is one of the biggest factor that affects your open rate. Studies have shown that emails that are sent from an individual person rather than a company name tend to have a higher open rate. Utilizing an individual name in your email sender title will personalize the interaction with the recipient. For example an email Jill from ABC Company, sounds a lot more welcoming and friendly than an email from ABC Company. You can also use an individual’s full name, ensure that the name is recognizable by the recipient.
It just tells recipient that you are not interested in hearing from them. Master your subject line for higher open rates.
It is the one of the keys to getting recipients to open your email after who the email is from. A great formula for creating subject lines that gets recipients to open your email is Interest=Benefit +Curiosity, which was originally constructed by Copywriter Gary Bencivenga.
Therefore, your email subject line should include a benefit desired by the recipient, but a sense of curiosity that motivates them to want to open the email. Utilizing captivating subject lines that invokes a desire by touching on the either a positive emotion (a desired result your recipient is seeking) or a negative emotion (a problem that your recipient need to solve) will resonate with your recipients. In addition, keep subject lines 30-50 characters long to avoid your subject line being cut off by recipients email service.Make your email attractive. We ensure that we dress in a professionally acceptable way for a business meeting and invest in having an office that makes a great impression. You should place the same weight on the important of making a great impression with your email. Make your email attractive and consistent with your visual branding, use lots of white space, include eye-catching graphics to help get your message across in a visual way.
Your email should look like it is easy to read, because it is presented in an appealing and eye-catching way. Always include a call to action To see a return on investment for your email marketing efforts. This becomes a lot easier if your emails has demonstrated that you know the challenges your recipients face and you have the solutions and have successfully helped others overcome those challenges.
If you continue to hit all these points in your emails, it will be that much easier to get your subscribers to take action, you just have to ask for it. Make your call to action clear and concise and make it stand out from the rest of your copy. Prior to founding Captivate Designs, Nicole was the Founder of Kings County School of Realty where she successful use the internet to grow her business.

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