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You May Also Like 4 Ways to Resolve Your Social Media Resolutions - Like any New Year, there are the infamous “New Year resolutions”. Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter all have FREE tools to analyze your business’ social media efforts. Google Analytics was launched in 2005 to analyze websites and marketing campaigns, yet some might not know that it can also analyze your business’ social media strategy. Network Referrals – This report compares the total number of sessions to the number of sessions via social media. Data Hub Activity – Reports how people are engaging with your site content on social media platforms like Google+. Landing Pages – This tab is useful for identifying what products or services your social followers are most interested in.
Trackbacks – The Trackbacks report shows you which external sites are linking back to your website. Conversions – A report showing you the value of your social media based on your Google Analytics goals.
Plugins – If you have the Facebook “Like” or Google+ “+1” buttons on your site, there are social media plugins that will identify how frequently they are being clicked. Users Flow – Here you can visually see how users are interacting with your website and which social network brought them to your site most frequently.
After analyzing the Social section of Google Analytics, it is important that you look at other data too. Google Analytics has an overwhelmingly vast amount of data but is an extremely powerful tool when you begin to master it. Is your Google Plus strategy lagging behind your other social channels, or have you just completely neglected using it?
I’ll discuss in more detail in my next video how you can set up your Google profiles, use rel=author and how to create a custom URL for Google Plus.

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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. There are even social media management tools that automate your social media efforts and provide social media reports.
Facebook’s Page Insights allows you to see when your fans are online, which posts received the highest engagement, the demographics of your fan base, and much more. So you can see which network brought in the most traffic to your site and you can look at peaks in traffic to see which social posts were most effective in bringing in traffic to your site.
In this report, you can identify the first page visitors are landing on from social media networks. If you are selling a product, you can have an ecommerce goal that allows you to see the number of sales and revenue from each social network.
This displays the path from what social network your visitors came from, what page they were first brought to, and further engagement after landing on the initial landing page. By just looking at the social media section and not comparing it to other traffic channels, your interpretation of the data can be skewed.
Pinterest Analytics allows you to analyze your profile impressions and your audience’s engagement activity and demographics.
It also provides a table showing which social networks brought in the highest amount of traffic to the site. This helps you identify which platforms are performing well and which platforms need improvement. You can click on the Secondary dimension tab and choose Social Network to see the social network that brought in the most traffic to a particular page on your website. While your social media report could look promising, it could be bringing in a small percentage of traffic to your website.

Which means you don’t need to have some fancy analytics and reporting platform to analyze your website traffic from social media.
But, as we finish 2013 and go into the new year it’s becoming more clear that we need to start paying attention to Google Plus. Twitter Analytics shows your twitter highlights including your top tweets, mentions, and followers.
When you want a quick overview of how social media is performing compared to other channels, click Channels under All Traffic. Once you’ve set up your account and have played around in the Google Analytics dashboard, you will become more and more comfortable with understanding all that it has to offer.
Courtney, who began as a social media marketing intern for MIC, is on the social media team and also supports the account services team. LinkedIn and Google+ also have tools to assess your social media efforts, however we’re still waiting on Instagram to step into the analytical realm and offer analytical insights on its social platform.
But it is a very useful tool, providing you with detailed data to see where your site traffic is coming from and what your visitors are doing when they are on your site.
This report will provide you with the default channels created by Google Analytics and which channels brought in the most sessions, users, and revenue. Even better for you social media marketers, there is a section in Google Analytics specifically focused on social media.
You can also expand your data and narrow down the source of those channels by looking at the source and medium of the traffic. And if you don’t have Google Analytics set up, the setup is simpler than you would think – at least that’s what our developer says anyways.
Specifically looking at which social networks are driving the most traffic to your website.

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