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Viral marketing is a set of techniques that make use of internet media such as social networks (among others) in order to increase sales of products and services, or positioning of a brand with the help of the propagation of the message in an exponential or a viral way among internet users. The techniques used in order to accomplish a successful viral marketing campaign are of different character, however it’s got nothing to do with computer viruses, but they got their name (viral techniques) because of the way the information about certain product, services or brands is propagated. Thanks to the internet it is possible managing viral marketing campaigns that turn out to be much more affordable and effective than the campaigns managed through traditional methods. One of the things that seem to attract virality the most is offering a free product or service that is of great interest to the audience. Did you know that purchase consideration increases 14.3% by the third viewing of an advertisement on a top tier video hosting site? Viral marketing refers to the act of stimulating the voluntary spread of a marketing message from one person to one or more others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the messages exposure and influence. Cutting through this mass of information and reaching people with your message can often seem like an impossible task. Thank you for getting in touch, once of our sales assistant will be in contact soon.Sorry, an error has occured. When you see the latest Epic Mealtime video on Youtube, or a clip of some D-list celeb getting in a brawl at the club – and then you send it to a few friends, Youtube is what grows virally. As this Youtube video spreads, more and more people are exposed or re-exposed to Youtube’s video player. Think you can answer the question “what is viral marketing” yet with certainty? Sometimes on the web, content spreads in a similar way – so marketers adopted the same term. Viral marketing is the act of leveraging your own audience to pass on your website or app to their friends. In a nutshell, viral marketing is a form of direct response marketing where your users are the ones who pass your message on.
In other words, what inherent value am I providing my users to share my content with others?
Is the transmission of this content more applicable to a blanket wall post on social media, a 1-to-1 personal email invite, an address book invite – or something different? Are you providing calls to action right when a user would realize the value of passing on your content? If a user follows your instructions, how quickly can others come to the site, become users, and start inviting others?
We’ll get into all of these and more in depth as we go, but this should hopefully set the record straight and get you thinking about viral marketing in a more clear and productive way as it pertains to your site or app.

Hit me on Twitter, or comment below, and I’ll be happy to clear up any confusion, help you drum up ideas for your site, and share how we might be able to help.
About Latest Posts FollowTravis SteffenTravis Steffen is a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, growth engineer, data scientist and viral growth nerd passionate about engineering exponential growth in products he's involves with or invests in. Great article and very good advice for individuals thinking about that very point of asking themselves over every piece of content. Viral marketing is powerful because of the compounding effect of simultaneously using many different marketing techniques to reach your company’s marketing objectives. When we have the opportunity at Two Degrees Marketing to go full throttle with a campaign, it definitely puts a smile on our face. Il marketing virale e una delle campagne pubblicitarie e di marketing che piu si accosta meglio al web, specialmente a quello 2.0.
Nel mondo del web 2.0 questo significa che le campagne del viral marketing possono, anzi forse devono, essere fatte proprio attraverso quei modi che fanno parte del web, ovvero i forum, youtube, i social network, le newsletter, i portali tematici in generale e cose del genere. Internet infatti insegna che video, messaggi, post e cose simili, fanno preso ad avere una diffusione esponenziale tra i contatti e tra gli amici che il video o il messaggio stesso colpiscono l’utente cosi tanto che vuole rendere partecipi altri di questa scoperta. Doing this in an adequate way, it’s possible to reach a great quantity of people in a very short amount of time. Normally, by making use of blogs, landing pages, Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube videogames, newsletters in massive e-mails, e-mail sequence campaigns, affiliate networks and others. The idea is for the users to share and send each other interesting and entertaining contents. A message is launched (e-mail or Facebook publications) and the purpose is for people to read it and share it with their friends, who will share it with other friends and so on. It can be successfully applied to mobile marketing campaigns or even for the advertising of mobile applications. A copy of the New York Times contains more information than the average 17th Century person would have seen in a lifetime.
People have learned to phase out or to gloss over adverts in their daily life – they just take no notice anymore.Viral marketing succeeds where traditional marketing fails because the message the consumer receives is a personal one from a source they trust.
A well designed viral can benefit any type of business in many ways and provide access to millions of potential clients with a relatively small budget, allowing them to interact with your brand in a personal setting. However, usually the content creator is simply using Youtube as a medium of marketing more akin to PR and is not experiencing viral growth themselves. You’ll likely need to do some manual labor yourself, make calls and do some favors to get things like this populated early on. At Two Degrees Marketing when we use all the social media marketing systems in concert we find amazing results happen.

We know when you dedicate resources in a timely manner with clearly defined marketing objectives-magic happens-results happen, page rank increases, web traffic increases, customer retention improves, and the bottom line is your company grows in the process.
Secondo wikipedia infatti, il marketing virale lo possiamo definire come un tipo di marketing non comune che utilizza la comunicazione fatta da poche persone, ma che riesce pero ad arrivare ad un numero sempre maggiore di persone e di utenti. Tuttavia perche il viral marketing funzioni bene bisogna che il soggetto in questione (il video, l’immagine o quello che e) sia di un grande impatto e curiosita su chi lo legge.
Often, it’s done with a brand or company sponsorship that requires positioning its product among its target audience.
The older of these are the odious chain messages that users used to receive on their e-mails. Learn more from this post dedicated exclusively to mobile viral marketing and be ready to be impressed.
People are far more open to recommendations and endorsements from their friends than they are from media. The underpinnings of a viral marketing campaign are a strong keyword strategy coupled with targeted marketing objectives with measurable goals. Lo possiamo definire come un moderno passaparola, anche se e molto piu volontario e determinato, questo perche proprio diffondere la notizia pubblicitaria e di marketing al piu alto numero di persone possibili.
Nell’ambito delle immagini, dei siti web o dei messaggi web bisogna tener conto che anche il colore o i colori con cui viene rappresentato il prodotto. Give away POP material (point of purchase material) to the users that register on your website or who invite other friends to do so.
An average of 98.1% of Americans aged between 18 and 29 spend over 40 hours a week on the internet. Advertising experts estimate that consumers are exposed to more than fifteen hundred ads every day. A viral message is more personal and interactive than the allencompassing global message of a traditional ad campaign. Un colore di forte impatto che riesce a tenere bene a mente il prodotto e una delle scelte migliori. If media consumers are spending the equivalent of a full-time job’s worth per week, imagine how hard content producers work. Carefully thought-out content can grab and hold the undivided attention of your audience for a few minutes or more, a fantastic opportunity to make your point.

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