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Weighing the pros and cons of different whiteboard animation companies will help to narrow down the choices and help you find the best whiteboard animation company.
Ydraw, being one of the leading whiteboard animation companies, offers a long list of animation art styles, working with many artists that previously worked for Disney and Pixar. These videos made by Ydraw are some of the highest quality whiteboard animations on the market today. It is important that a marketing video for your business is humorous and professional at the same time. Unlike other styles of marketing videos, Ydraw’s video scribing videos are extremely engaging and easy to learn from. Alecsy Christensen is an entrepreneur who wants to better the world through online marketing.

They have some very low-budget options, you should call their office and get more information! Cartoon Business Explainer is an After Effects advertisement template for you to explain and promote your business, product, service, app, e-store or company. You can choose whether you want a more Cartoon Network style animation, a Disney style animation,  etc.
Ydraw implements different strategies with script writing and animation that allow their videos to stay professional while also adding a touch of funny. They effortlessly connect the audience with the content, entertaining and teaching at the same time without them even knowing they are being taught. They customize every package depending on the business, the budget, By contacting me, I will offer you 15% off your first video with Ydraw!

That is why they work, that is why Ydraw is still in business, and that is what is so compelling about these videos, is that they actually work.
Specializing in SEO and internet marketing, she has worked for many different companies to better their social media strategies, internet marketing strategies, adwords campaigns, blogging techniques, and video marketing techniques. Just drop in your logo, change the text to suit your own story and marketing, customize the character and colors to suit your branding, and enjoy your brand new unique promo video!

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