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Google AdWords gets your website to the top of searches relevant to your business, in the form of prominent 'sponsored links' on the Google search page. Companies selling goods to consumers find they can increase sales by advertising with Google AdWords. You create a simple advert and choose keywords and key phrases that are relevant to your business. For your business to stand out, it's vital to choose relevant words and phrases that will bring in the best prospects with the highest chance of becoming your customers. Make sure your advert links to an appropriate and compelling landing page on your website - somewhere you can take the enquiry to the next step. Like any advertising, it's important to test different approaches and refine your activity. Even though I buckled under the pressure, I had an application that got me remembered and got my foot in the door. While doing some query checking this am I noticed my normally friendly Google results had been moved further down the page and in their place was a query refinement form for a car search. In recent months Facebook has been busy making changes to its Newsfeed algorithm; the mathematical formula that sifts through “posts” and determines which stories appear first.
In this paper we’re examining what the recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm means for users and big brand names.
Like Google, Facebook updates it algorithm to deliver the most relevant content to its users.
Firstly, Facebook’s webmasters have targeted “like-baiting”; posts that explicitly ask users to share, comment or like in order to get more distribution than it normally would. So, fundamentally, the algorithmic changes intend to punish publishers who are creating feed spam.
Adweek reports that there is an increasing “misconception in some circles around the idea that Facebook is an agnostic platform that doesn’t systematically curate the user experience.” Facebook has been modifying its algorithm to “highlight content in a fashion that’s not unlike a newspaper or magazine’s online presence”, as more websites that work with viral material have suffered.
Changes to Google’s search algorithm have fuelled the development of search marketing and SEO and the recent changes by Facebook have encouraged online publishers to revaluate their Newsfeed strategies. Nevertheless, one source (allegedly familiar with Facebook’s marketing strategies) told Valleywag that algorithmic updates intend to force brands to spend more money on advertising because free brand pages will become less effective. Facebook has also implemented auto-play in users’ new feeds, resulting in a 785% YoY and 134% QoQ increase in video plays. Revenue from social channels acquired by retail sites has been on the decline; not Facebook, however, which is on the up – 11% year-on-year. Pinterest has overtaken Facebook in the UK for the amount of referral revenue, but Facebook is still in a position of great strength because it offers great all-round value for advertisers.
Another finding in Adobe’s report is that fewer people are “liking” Facebook posts, but more people are “sharing” and commenting; perhaps surprising because it takes more time and effort. For some time, Facebook’s webmasters have been running tests on Newsfeed to encourage users to post more regularly.
However, research concluded that text statuses from brand Pages were not as effective as from friends. You may have noticed Facebook’s new auto-play videos – videos that play (without sound) automatically as you scroll through Newsfeed. More high quality content is rolled out, especially current news stories from authoritative sources. Facebook is making long-term investment in an Artificial Intelligence research lab, helping it to better understand user-relevant content and determine the visibility of Newsfeed posts. There are around 25 million small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who regularly use Facebook, but only about 1 million of those advertise frequently.
Defining the Standards of SEO Solutions ESEO experts know what it takes to make your business stand out in the crowd. Bringing your website to the leading position of search results- We are just concerned about that! Google has recently updated its algorithms, and the stress on keywords has multiplied by many times. The steps in getting your business on the top of search engines are planned by ESEO Solutions with panache. But you don't have to be an ecommerce business to benefit: if you are a consultancy such as an architect, or a service-based company like a plumber, getting found on searches can help to bring in valuable new business. Whenever anyone searches using those keywords and phrases, your advert will appear, along with a link to your website. Quality is more important than quantity; you pay per click so you need to attract visitors who are ready to buy your specific product or service.

Ads like these may look simple but there are many tricks of the trade that can make your ad stand out from the rest. Make sure the landing page has all the necessary information and a call to action, such as a 'click to buy' button or a way to get in touch. Look at conversions and return on investment, not just traffic, and work out which keywords are bringing in the most business. I figured this was to increase the amount of users to Google Base so they can soon monetize it once it has met a minimum threshold of users and feels comfident they will be able to compete with eBay in their own way and still make money.It was quite annoying though. We’ll propose that, like Google, Facebook intends to harvest, collect and monetise our personal data and ask whether or not, from a search marketing perspective, the paths between the two internet giants could converge further. Facebook stated that its new algorithm “will not impact Pages that are genuinely trying to encourage discussion among their fans”, but reduce the number of stories that dilute content posted by friends and more relevant (and interesting) brand Pages. Moreover, Facebook’s webmasters ensure high quality publishers that their Pages will not be adversely affected – they might even see an increase in Newsfeed distribution and traffic should not be concerned.
The company has not cited any specific changes to brand “Pages”, however, some publishers claim that the content they share over Facebook has not been reaching the reader numbers that they had in the past. This is largely due to more competition driven by more sharing”, the California-based social media giant told CNET. Organic reach has supposedly been cut from 2% to 1%, which would mean that an advertising giant like Nike, which has spent huge resources in acquiring over 16 million Facebook “likes”, would only reach around 160,000 users when it publishes a new post. Adode’s Social Media Intelligence Report highlights how Facebook’s ad click through rate (CTR) has increased by 20% quarter-on-quarter and 160% year-on-year, while ad “impressions” have increased by over 40%. Users’ engage most with posts with images, while posts that include links also experienced significantly more engagement. The growing popularity of Facebook ads fuelled a 60% increase in sales revenue in the final quarter of 2013 and a similar growth trajectory has continued into this year. For example, when users see more text only updates from friends, they are more likely to post themselves. It has also introduced auto play adverts, although not video content uploaded from third party sites such as YouTube. Webmasters have stated that the mobile version has been redesigned to become more competitive with Twitter on breaking news stories. It is becoming more personalised, but users can still ensure they get what they want by engaging with high quality posts and reporting spammy or irrelevant posts. Both are vast internet empires and both use metadata contextual data analysis and monetise our data through targeted advertising and selling analysis of data trends (although both, of course, now have to meet stricter privacy laws). Users are adding more and more friends and liking more and more brand Pages, which has intensified competition in our already congested Newsfeeds; nowadays, both people and brands have to contest the right to appear on our Newsfeeds.
Our services are customized as per the needs of a particular website, and for that, our SEO experts undertake SEO analysis for your website. We undertake in-depth keyword research and make a list of the targeted keywords before starting our SEO efforts. We believe in the concept of content enrichment and use the same with other SEO tactics such as meta tag management, keyword optimization, cross-channel promotion and link building. It is well known that around 90% of the traffic to a website is directed by major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
If your customers and prospects search for businesses like yours on Google, then it could pay to be seen at the top of these searches. These adverts are often known as sponsored links and, if they are relevant and compelling, they will drive potential customers directly to your website. If appropriate, use geographical limits to filter out people who are not in your marketplace. So to make the most of your budget, it's vital to attract the people who are most likely to buy. You only pay when someone clicks on your advert and you can control costs by setting limits on how much you are prepared to pay per day, keyword or phrase. Converting visits into action is the name of the game - whether that's a sale, a newsletter sign up, a request for more information or a sales appointment.
Especially since I was looking for actual information on the environmental impact of the vehicle and not shopping for a car. Its new modifications will crack-down on poorer quality and less user-relevant content from repeat-offending Pages.
Facebook’s webmasters have managed to detect spammy links by measuring how often people share the links they have visited.
And, although revenue per visit (RPV) has declined on Twitter and Tumblr, it is on the rise on Facebook.

Conversely, text-only Facebook brand posts have experienced a decline in engagement, becoming a less effective advertising tactic.
Accordingly, after increasing the number visible text only updates, Facebook reported that an average of nine million more updates were posted daily.
The organic reach of Facebook posts has decreased, so businesses are going to have to revaluate how they use social media to promote their brand.
Andrew Allsop, marketing manager for Fatsoma online ticketing, now spends ?500 a month on Facebook advertising compared to nothing this time last year. Nevertheless, Facebook still reigns supreme over the world of social media and around 1.3 billion people use it. We may add them to Life Stylist if we deem the content to be in-line with lifestyle, garden and home, travel, gadgets and general services that contribute to our lifestyle. With so many searches being made every hour, your business needs to exploit the potential of reaching the targeted customers. We take time to understand and evaluate the search engine friendliness of a website, to devise strategies that can yield practical results. We take time to find every possible keyword that is related to your website and can be optimized.
Our proven SEO techniques will bring traffic for your website and retain the same for churning business. When you get better rankings in the search engines, you get better traffic, and there lies the prospective of turning your visitors into your customers.
It's also worth checking to see whether your competitors use AdWords; they could be attracting a lot of new business and you could be missing out.
AdWords offers targeted advertising to people who have already expressed an interest in your offer. The average user has approximately 1,500 posts that could appear in their Newsfeed every day; however, Facebook’s algorithm only makes about 20% of posts visible.
Even if a user has read a story from a source like the BBC, Facebook wants to ensure its users do not miss topical content and social conversations.  “After people read a story, they are unlikely to go back and find that story again to see what their friends were saying about it, and it wouldn’t bump up in News Feed”, webmasters wrote in a blog.
The future of Facebook advertising will be over mobile devices; mass, personalised and automated reach.
With our Search engine optimization strategies, your business will lead the search results. Our team works dedicatedly towards keyword and competition analysis for ensuring the expediency of SEO plan.
We have always believed that converting traffic to business has a lot to do with your website planning and design.
With our customized Search Engine Optimization services, you can take your business to the forefront of search engines, to ensure visibility to customers.
You can also set limits on how much you are prepared to pay for certain keywords and phrases. Secondly, brand posts with embedded videos have gained traction in the first quarter of 2014, experiencing 58% more engagement quarter-on-quarter and 25% growth from last year. Page admins can expect a decrease in the distribution of their text status updates, but they may see some increases in engagement and distribution for other story types”. We, at ESEO Solutions, have designed and devised SEO strategies that promise to bring your business in the limelight, where your targeted consumer base will be able to find your business with every search. Keyword mapping has been a core strategy that we have used for all our SEO clients, and they are more than satisfied with the results. Our SEO experts can work in coordination with your web developers, to ensure that your website looks appealing and has the relevant content matter to hold the customers.
In fact, no online business can survive in the absence of SEO in the current internet competition.
Google offers a whole raft of tools to help you analyse your performance and make improvements.
If it succeeds, and continues to innovate and evolve, it will remain an essential communicative and commercial artery for businesses and brands. It's quite clear Google is bending to Wall Street and doing whatever they can to generate more revenue but it also appears they may have started cutting corners.I'm not sure if the car search refinement tool will be on all car results or if they're just testing things for the time being but it's annoying and I'd like the real Google to stand up please.

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