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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Whether it’s adding a Santa hat to your logo or adding snowflakes to the background of your email, a sprinkling of seasonal imagery can bring lots of festive charm to your emails.
Targeted marketing is more effective than scattergun campaigns that take a catch-all approach. Clever creative and gorgeous email design is all well and good, but you can’t beat doing the simple things well. Get hands-on help with Constant Contact, tailored specifically for your organization's needs. You could definitely be forgiven if you currently feel like you are spread as thinly as bread sauce on Boxing Day. It’s the single biggest factor in determining whether or not your readers open your email or hurl it towards the trash can. The average person’s inbox is as cluttered as Santa’s toyshop and regularly pelted with new emails. Try to get into the habit of building a mental image of your model reader and crafting a message that speaks to them directly.

You need to be prepared to produce different content for different list members at different times.
If you are rushing to get a campaign into the digital ether, there’s no substitute for checking your content with a fresh pair of eyes.
Remember the basics of email marketing and you will be on your way to festive outreach that gets results.
You'll also have access to personal coaching and resources to get you real business results. A Christmas-themed pun on your business name can be fun, but if in doubt consistency is the best policy.
That means if you fail to cater for mobile users, you might be alienating more than half of your email list. Brevity is a skill you’d do well to master – and your reader will respect your efforts. Crude example: “Hope you have a merry Christmas” is more engaging than “Hope you all have a merry Christmas”. Example: let’s say you have an online shop and you notice that a customer’s first interaction with your business was last Christmas.

Here are ten, easy-to-integrate tips that will keep your email campaigns sparkling this festive season. It’s also a good idea to use split testing to find out which of your send titles is most effective at driving open rates. Then cast an eye over your email design to make sure your hyperlinks and CTA buttons have all the zing they need to stand out. Segmentation allows you to send an email to last year’s festive purchasers with vouchers that can be put against another purchase this year.
The best way to check how your email is performing mobile-wise is to send a test to yourself and open it on your own device.
If it takes longer than a minute or two to absorb your message, it might be time for rethink.

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