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Diffbot – Machine learning is the new Big Data and Giving it away might be a Money Maker. What does Google’s D-WAVE, Blippar, and Machine Vision have to say about where media is heading? The mobile advertising industry is barely off of its training wheels, but market information is clearly presenting how much potential there is to make profits. The fact is that both Augme and Amobee have yet to reach profitability, and while at first glance this would appear a cause for concern, it really isn’t.
Founded in 2005, the mobile advertising tech firm Amobee is a market leader, with proprietary technology supporting advert content delivery across all mobile platforms. Augme Technologies have recently announced their first quarter revenue report, and the signs are looking very good. Airpush is an Android based advertising service which comes bundled with a variety of free Android apps. The bare bones of the company’s operation is nothing new, but what makes this company one to watch is the staggering increase in performance they have gained despite the company only being 15 months old. Mobile and video are two words that have individually each proven their place in media folklore in the last five years. Cisco report that mobile video made up over 50% of mobile traffic in 2012 so there is clearly no shortage of demand for the format itself. Sign up today and receive exclusive member newsletters, networking opportunities, member-only discounts and more.
Whilst social media has played a significant part in the growth of mobile video advertising, many mobile video ads thus far have largely been repurposed from online or tv channels with little consideration for the huge potential now offered by smartphones and tablets themselves. This next generation is taking the format beyond merely a brand awareness tool and is harnessing the power within mobile devices to increase audience interaction to take the viewer further along the funnel towards purchase with customisable features that allow them to interactively engage with the video. For example, Millenial Media, an independent mobile advertising and data platform have just announced a raft of new mobile video ad units, which include the ability to wrap rich media around a mobile video ad so that animations can appear at key message moments, video screens can be toggled with smaller screens and dynamically updated ticker feeds can be run along the base of the mobile video ad itself.
Ujjal Kohli, CEO and co-founder of premium mobile video advertising company Rhythm NewMedia Inc. Whatever the industry think however, it will be the consumers themselves that ultimately decide the fate of mobile video advertising and how eagerly it eats into other digital channel budgets. If the nascent evolution of mobile video advertising in the last 3 years is anything to go by however I’m putting my money on David.
Chris Baillie is publisher of Tablet Advertising News and also runs the LinkedIn Mobile Video Advertising Group. Get more articles like this sent direct to your inbox by signing up for free membership to the Guardian Media Network – brought to you by Guardian Professional. Today, I’m giving one of the opening keynotes at the Gilbane Conference, making the case for why marketing technologists are amazing, Neo-like characters in the marketing world equivalent of The Matrix.
I could have given you a hint that he previously worked at SapientNitro, a leading interactive agency. Marketing automation, CRM, analytics, social media, data management platforms, demand-side ad platforms, search optimization, e-commerce, web sites, landing pages, mobile landing pages, content marketing workflow, gamification — the list goes on. Assembled in 2012, that diagram is also woefully out of date (it’s grown since then). Here’s the secret for mastering marketing in this digital world — the secret that will give you magical powers like Neo in The Matrix. Marketing must be able to wield technology as a native capability in its strategy and tactics. So, imagine a new technical management role in the marketing department that would own this mission — say a chief marketing technologist. This marketing technology leader would report up to the CMO, because this is a marketing mission.
This role takes responsibility for the technology capabilities of the marketing team: technical people, processes, and platforms. The sweet spot is a marketing department that is growing its technology expertise and is given an appropriate level of tech authority to match. Technical talent must become native to marketing because to deliver customer experiences in a digital world requires fluency not just with art and copy, but also with code and data.
It’s inspiring a new generation of professionals who blend both of these disciplines. These are now many of the hottest positions in business today — they’re in tremendous demand.
Marketing technologists help marketing regain control of a world that has exploded with complexity and accelerating change. Scott – how might one tweak the CMT job description to fit a search for such a beast in city government? In this step of the series there is going to be a pop quizz, but don’t worry, there are no wrong answers.
A recent study has come up with the following statistics as to how much exposure people have to different mediums and where the average company spends its advertising dollar.
We recommend starting with a $10 a day budget and track performance for a month and make any alterations to help improve performance and ROI. If you would like to find out more about Pay Per Click and how it can benefit your business, give Andrew, Chris or Simon a call on 08 9745 9170. Read more- >Say hello to the City Of Wanju, and their new logo and website!Posted: 19 Apr 2016 Wanju will be a city like no other. We want your business to succeedBrandicoot is committed to providing you with the right tools to market your business effectively.
Epic Worldwide helps companies win more sales and market share by effectively utilizing their valuable truck media assets.
Our mission is to provide the worlda€™s best fleet media solution to help our clients significantly increase their sales and market share globally. In 1997, Shelley Smith and Marvin Smith were asked by a Fortune 100 Company to advise them on their truck advertising program.
Realizing a huge void in the marketplace for truckside advertising and that no acceptable system existed to place changeable truck graphics on the sides of trailers, they founded Epic Worldwide with Shelley assuming the duties as President and Marvin as CEO. After a few months of extensive research, they came up with a detailed list of criteria for the system.
Companies could now fully utilize their own trucks for mobile billboard advertising or use the space on other fleets of trucks to reach target audience accross the country. Utilizing the KWIK ZIP Changeable Graphic System, Epic Worldwide has marked the fleets of dozens of Fortune 500 Companies, including Dunkin Donuts, Disney, Mercedes-Benz, Bridgestone, Subway, Dean Foods, Walgreens and Honda.
Prior to co-founding EPIC, Marvin founded and operated his own real estate development company and for 20 years developed properties in Southern California.

Marvina€™s company inhabited a unique market niche with a specific focus on High and Ultra-High net worth individuals.
Shelley Smith co-founded Epic Worldwide in 1997 with her partner and eventual husband, Marvin Smith.
Her area of expertise, indeed her passion, is helping EPICa€™s clients fully utilize their valuable Fleet Media space to its fullest potential and thereby adding significant revenue and value to each clienta€™s bottom line. Before co-founding EPIC, Shelley had significant involvement in the retail food industry as a marketing consultant, assisting clients in obtaining desired product placement.
If we manage to break down the whole picture, we will be able to understand our consumers journey engaging them by statistics, devices and context. As this looks more like a utopia than anything else, it is now part of our reality, and the sooner we embrace it, the sooner we will get the expected results. Mobile Ad Prices Up 50 Percent In The Fourth Quarter (MoPub via Mashable)Mobile advertising prices rose dramatically in the fourth quarter of 2012. Click-through rates during the holiday season not only performed well in December, but remained high on both iOS and Android platforms well into January, even surpassing click-through rates in December. Much like previous studies, the overall traffic distribution between iOS and Android has changed little over this long time period, with no noticeable long-term trend emerging. At the same time, the percentage planning to buy a Samsung smartphone in the next 90 days has soared from 13 percent to 21 percent, an unprecedented eight percentage point gain.
The big surprise is that users of Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system (53 percent) now rank it higher in terms of customer satisfaction than do users of the Android mobile operating system (48 percent), a clear sign of strong user satisfaction with Windows Phone 8.
The highest priority, as per most marketing objectives, were sales conversion and revenue (63 percent), followed by lead generation (55 percent), engagement (50 percent) and brand awareness (49 percent).
Mobile Was Huge At CES This Year (Digitas and Brandwatch)Digitas and Brandwatch released new research that reveals what truly resonated at CES.
While true, if one market has had unpredictable growth it has been mobile advertising, and this is in part due to the sheer diversity and complexity of mobile technology and mobile advertising technology, and the competition from other media markets. The market is young and many advertising companies are still finding their feet, and despite operating losses, the attention these companies are getting (such as the recent acquisition of Amobee) show that the future is bright.
As if to reinforce their market-leading status, Amobee recently won an award for the best “mobile marketing & advertising agency of the year”. A 2012 Q1 total revenue of $51.8 million presents a 75% growth in comparison to 2011 Q1 results, with growth (albeit less) reported for mobile advertising and mobile marketing.
It is responsible for ‘pushing’ advertisements into the notification space at the top of the screen, and you know it is Airpush when you see a red star icon with the advert.
In a recent advertisement network study by AppBrain, Airpush were placed at number 2 for advertising performance.
If you consider that and budgets spent on mobile video advertising are forecast to grow fivefold in the U.S. It’s the combination of their talents — increasingly blended into hybrid roles such as marketing technologists, creative technologists, growth hackers, and data scientists — that represents the vanguard of modern marketing.
But before any agency stereotypes colored your perceptions, I wanted to emphasize his technical credentials.
Let me emphasize: this is just sample of a few hundred, from a marketing technology ecosystem of thousands of products. Primarily because the world is changing so rapidly, and it’s changing marketing with it. And these days, more people can create software — faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before. So many of the experiences we have, so many of the communications we share, are entirely digital.
How different analytics packages measure events, relate them to each other, and visualize trends and exceptions will color how you perceive your audience.
The way your marketing automation software was designed, its capabilities, its user interface — what is easy or hard to do — will shape your operations.
Your choice of social media listening software will influence who and what you pay attention to and how your engage with your audience in different situations. The creative capabilities of your content management and landing page software will determine what kinds of customer experiences you can deliver across devices. CRM software impacts how you manage your relationships, offering different ways to structure and harness all the data you collect on your audience. But it also coordinates with IT fully and takes responsibility for adhering to proper IT governance. According to Gartner, over 70% of large high-tech companies already have someone in this role (although the titles vary). And the marketing teams who can create the best experiences will rule this marketing matrix. But technology must entwined into marketing’s DNA, along with storytelling, design, and customer affinity.
As someone who works on the IT and marketing side, it’s wonderful to see this being highlighted.
I always felt I was a kind of hybrid monster because either you are a marketeer, either you are an IT. It articulates what I think is an unheard voice in both the engineering circles and marketing circles.
If I am a traditional marketer, what can I do to gain the same level of experience (or at least understand how to work most effectively) as a marketing technologist? By developing the KWIK ZIP Changeable Graphic System, EPIC has revolutionized truck advertising. The company wanted to use their fleet for advertising not only their own products, but also their current vendor products. His company was involved in all essential areas of the real estate development process and included, land acquisition, entitlements, parcel maps and subdivisions, earthwork, civil and structural engineering, architectural, interior and landscape design, construction and the marketing of completed projects. His development projects and homes were built exclusively in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, and the Mulholland Corridor.
In addition to sourcing products globally, her firm was involved in all areas of product development, packaging, design, sales support and after placement marketing. From a very young age she exhibited the core spirit of entrepreneurship, starting her own business at age 7. As a result of this we see providers, developers, marketers and advertisers working together to create that data access to consumers.
In fact, you probably have a laptop and a tablet to go with it, according to Forrester Research. The metric for effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPMs) was up 50 percent, new data suggests.

As of early January, Chitika Insights took a look at how Web usage shares compared between the two systems, spanning from May 27, 2012 to Jan. That's down from 71 percent in last quarter’s survey, conducted just as the iPhone 5 was being released.
This hasn’t stopped many companies from making the most of the general upward trend – let’s take a look at 3 mobile advertising companies that are making the most of this growing market. Losses in these companies are also mainly due to the costs of rapid expansion, which will be good in the long term, and good for the tech job market in the short term. The Singapore telecommunications giant SingTel acquired Amobee in March of this year, purchasing the company at over 10 times operating revenue. Mobile Marketer awarded them with “Mobile Service Provider of the Year” and their subsidiary Hipcricket was named “Mobile Marketing & Advertising Agency of the Year” along with 2 other companies, a considerable feat given that there were 600 entrants in total. The reasons?Airpush state that it is firstly the correct timing of adverts to make the most of times when users are most open to discover new things. The possibilities and expectations of customer experience are blossoming around us — disruptive innovation that is now at the very center of marketing.
And even those that happen in the physical world are within reach of digital influence in a matter of seconds — in some cases, even milliseconds. And by living in marketing, this role helps other marketers get the most out of technology. But the real revolution in marketing is a shift from producing communications to delivering customer experiences. Marketing technologists — especially the role of a chief marketing technologist — can help marketing ride this wave of change, instead of being swept beneath it. Ive watched the evolution take place over the last few years and the organizations who embrace this, excel rapidly.
We’ve just identified the need for a CIO for a more holistic approach to technology integration across various business processes including marketing. Truck graphics are easily replaced and companies can change their mobile advertising campaigns in less than 30 minutes. She was directly responsible for the creation of over 75 successful private label products. Shelley received a BS in Marketing and Management from Minot State University in North Dakota. On the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, (MWC 2015) there was plenty of things to discuss. With this aspiration in our minds and souls, we will have the tools to fill the mobile data gap where industries work together in innovation for the sake the human kind. Generation Y (defined as 24 to 32-year-olds) are at the pinnacle of Internet adoption and activity.
A new report from real-time bidding exchange MoPub tracked its network of 30 billion ad impressions in the fourth quarter of 2012 to reveal spikes in mobile ad prices.
They have also recently partnered with AccuWeather, the leading global weather information service, so we can definitely expect more good things to come. I believe that the scale and diversity of this landscape will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Marketing has more software solutions available to it today than any other business function in the entire history of computing. Within the blink of a click, a customer can jump from reading an ad or an email to interacting with us in a digital channel. After moving to Los Angeles, she later received an MBA from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Starting form from 5G and big data, to the Internet of Things and next-generation handsets the digital madness caught everyone. If we follow this path, we can be close to change the way how advertisers and marketers deal with the so-called “mobile data problem.” As we could determine and have a clear mind about, according to the insights discussed at MWC. They are the most likely to own multiple connected devices (like smartphones, tablets and PCs), and are increasingly mobile. He rose to become a Technical Director, with significant influence and authority over the technology of the business. And the experience they have — good or bad — may be instantly shared, resonating in search and social circles for all time. Generation Y has a 72 percent adoption rate for smartphones and uses them for all varieties of interaction with information and communication and commerce.
You might not like spam advertisement services, but they are certainly lucrative, and certainly here to stay. About a quarter of the denizens of Generation Y have tablet computers, like iPads, or Android slates. Walmart announced that it will sell the iPhone 5 off-contract for a plan that costs just $45 a month with unlimited data, text, and voice, and another that gives you unlimited international calls for more than 1,000 destinations in a bunch of countries for just $60. That creates a whole new opportunity for developers to reach a part of the world that is only just waking up to a reality of always-on and always-there Internet.
It's worth noting that native applications are no better than HTML5 applications when it comes to the network. There are three key problems in mobile networking to consider: high latency, unreliable networks and switching network conditions and battery life. Your application still needs to work and this is where the HTML5 networking APIs fall short.
To make this work for users, we need to tell the user that everything is done, while decoupling the user interaction from the state of the network request. One day there will be a HTML5 based API which take these problems into account and solves them universally. This is the second time in the past three years that Starbucks has received this prestigious award, which is an impressive feat in the competitive world of mobile advertising. In recent years, the company has implemented a mobile-first strategy never before seen in the mobile marketing arena.
Their approach spans the spectrum from the advanced technology of augmented reality and QR codes, to the more traditional channels of mobile apps and SMS. Facebook is still in the early stages of developing ads for users who access the social network via mobile devices instead of desktops. Features such as Facebook Exchange, which helps companies target ads based on users’ past Web activities, will help boost sales this year.

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