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Contact UsAnte cualquier consulta no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros a la siguiente direccion de email. Little by little and without realizing it, we use more and more apps, to communicate, to inform, to entertain us, to find a place, to know the weather, etc, etc. And the truth is a dynamic market, which is very important to have the right partner who every day is living to this context to get the best out of our app.
Mobile users are showing their keen interests towards mobile applications, where small to midsize businesses and enterprises may grab the benefits of this by targeting their maximum audiences through having an engaging mobile presence.
This service offers templates for only iOS applications, where you can create an application for free of cost but on a condition of allowing in-app advertisement. Tagged perfectly for small to medium scale businesses that are looking to create mobile applications for either Android or iOS on the various categories like messaging, appointment scheduling, marketing without coupons, invoice handing and payment acceptance applications.
This is a great resource that offers application template to get started with simple as well as customized native mobile application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. Released in 2010 and since then there is a huge popularity of iBuildApp among mobile app development aspirants. This is a great platform for developing mobile applications for Apple (including desktop apps) and Android operating system.
The small to midsize businesses can obtain this mobile app creator to engaging apps using images, text, feedback form, RSS Feeds and even click-to-call features. This platform renders mobile application services for diverse platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. The Company serving this tool service promises to assist you in building a mobile application in just five minutes. This platform is only focused for Android or iOS app development support featuring audio file distribution, RSS Feeds, lists and photo galleries. Suren · A perfect enthusiast PRO-Blogger on TechMagz site and writing professional tech blogging contents!
Below are all the best upcoming Boston-area events for you to get engaged with the Boston-area startup, mobile app development, marketing and technology communities!
See events in May and beyond in our next roundup of the Best Boston Startup, Mobile App, Tech and Marketing Events.
Fur 2014 haben sich App Tracking Tools noch weiter entwickelt und mittlerweile gibt es auch eine Vielzahl an verschiedenen Tools.
MobileAppTracking war eines der ersten Tracking Tools und ist auch im Jahr 2014 einer der besten Anbieter. MobileAppTracking hat bekannten Werbenetzwerken und Publishern ihr SDK nahergebracht, sodass die Arbeit erleichtert werden kann. Wenn Sie gleichzeitig auf mehreren Werbe- und Publisher-Plattformen prasent sind, dann ist AppsFlyer wahrscheinlich die beste Alternative fur Sie. Zudem wird auf deren Entwicklerseite gezeigt, wozu deren SDK in der Lage ist und wie Anwender das Beste aus ihrer Seite ziehen konnen. Apsalar hat ein sehr fokussiertes System, um Entwicklern bei der Akquise von Usern zu helfen und an deren Customer Lifetime Value durch verhaltensbezogene Marketing-Kampagnen zu arbeiten. Wie andere App Tracking Tools in dieser Liste auch, benutzt auch Apsalar nur eine einfache SDK mit der so gut wie alle anderen bisher genutzten SDKs ersetzt werden konnen. Wenn Sie eine gro?e Nutzerbasis haben, kann es zunehmend schwieriger werden Probleme und Fehler zu lokalisieren.
Crittercism ist vielleicht nicht das beste SDK zur Verfolgung der Benutzerinformationen fur Marketingzwecke, aber sicherlich ein wertvolles Instrument, um Fehler in Ihrer App zu korrigieren.
Wenn Ihre App sich auf mobile Zahlungen konzentriert, dann konnte Bango perfekt fur Sie sein. Kunden werden aufgefordert ihre eigene Identitat anzugeben, wodurch es fur Sie einfach wird, diese zu verfolgen und Analysen aufzustellen.
This is how I use push notification messages plus content marketing in my iOS and Android mobile apps.
Anyway, the idea behind the app was to integrate as many IP cameras as possible so that we have thousands of people using the iPhone app to view their cameras remotely. Well, to make a long story short, instead of developing a one-off camera viewer app for CCTV Camera Pros, we decided to build a platform to develop content marketing apps for other companies.
Here is how the content produced at CCTV Camera Pros naturally flows into the company's mobile apps (iOS and Android) without any additional work. These are both just your typical blog posts containing a title, body, images, and a featured image.
Here is what the blog section of the app looks like on iPhone (it looks about the same on iPad and Android). The left image shows the blog list of articles and the right shows the article view for my "iPhone App with PTZ Camera Controls" article. I use a content rollout process where I share new blog posts and videos on social media websites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. So, yesterday after I created the two blog posts, I sent out segmented push notifications to my app users. The team at AppBurst is currently building a reporting engine that will allow myself and other AppBurst customers to track the click through rate (actually tap through rate) for push message campaigns.
For me, building an app user base and push message subscriber list is just as valuable as an email list and is an essential part of a mobile marketing strategy for modern businesses. If you would like to see how I use content marketing and push notifications in my apps, please download one or both of them. Learn how AppBurst co-founder Mike Haldas uses push notification messages plus blog content marketing in iOS and Android mobile apps. A mobile app has immense potential to increase the visibility of a brand and it doesn’t come as a surprise that every business (whether small or enterprise) wants to foray into this territory today. At AppVirality, we are huge suckers for personalized stories that sing ‘what, when and how of app marketing’ and we often turn back to Medium for our daily dose of inspiration. Most articles that are published on Medium, irrespective of the genre, are usually first-hand experiences.
These articles have a personal connect and a voice that is extremally identifiable and simple. We sincerely hope that the pointers as mentioned above have been able to justify our intent clearly. Note: Though this post deals with app marketing as a whole, we have tried to categorize it under the most relative keyword for our ease.
This article written by Steve P Young enlists ideas that he incorporated before releasing his app OSnap. We are also sharing an enjoyable read by Charlyn Keating, where she openly discusses the lessons she learned during her products launch, albeit the hard way. RecordBird is a web and mobile-based app that notifies registered users about new and upcoming records from their favourite bands or users. Out of the many different challenges that are faced by app marketers today, app promotion seems to top the chart. App marketers have to reach out to select journalists, bloggers and other eminent people in the industry to set the initial ball rolling.
How I tricked TechCrunch into writing about my startup- written by Marc Kohlbrugge, the founder of Betalist. But a lot of promotion techniques can be executed within your own garage and here’s an interesting read that can help you to get started. One of our team favourites (within Product Hunt category) is this article written by Bram Kanstein, who is the force behind the hugely popular Startup Stash. A successful app launch is a moment of jubilation but is also accompanied by pangs of anxiety for the app marketer. For new app marketers, this may pose a few challenges since they may not have been fully exposed to the process or the metrics. If you have been keeping a count, we have shared with you 14 valuable app marketing stories till now, and we wanted to take a moment and understand how are you keeping up with it? Learning and understanding a subject can take a considerable amount of time, and quite often, every experience is a lesson in itself, at least that’s what we believe.
In the meanwhile we’ve  also gathered a few exciting Medium stories that are clubbed and aptly named – The Big App Marketing Stash.
There’s no doubt that mobile has gone mainstream with consumers increasingly on the move and companies seeking more ways to stay in front of their eyes and right at their fingertips.

First, the infographic details the important differences between mobile websites and mobile applications on issues such as user access and digital accessibility. Then, usage becomes the focus with graphic evidence showing the amount of time users spend on both mobile means.
In terms of reach and engagement, the lines become more blurred as research reveals mobile websites having much higher numbers of impressions and visits.
Finally, content usage comes into play since this is a determining factor for many businesses. The decision between building a mobile website or a mobile application is ultimately a decision unique to your business. If possible, companies should develop both in order to leverage these two powerful platforms. This entry was posted on Monday, June 4th, 2012 at 8:59 am and is filed under Content Development, Content Marketing, Copywriter Services, General, Infographics, Mobile Marketing, Website Design and Development. A recent report says that in the USA the users of smartphones  already spend more than 1 hour a day using apps. First I have to understand that I need to have the app in iOS (iphones and ipods, Apple) and Android (Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.) mainly, also for Blackberry and Windows phone, but certainly for tablets (Android and iOS). Given the huge number of brands of phones that use Android, and while we know that it is the operating system par excellence, who buy more apps are Apple users. Because I will be seen, and of course I will have more downloads than if you do not see my app. I’m a Bank and I want my clients to use the app and it is the new way to communicate with the Bank. I am a tourism company and I want they have an app on hand with prices of hotels, tickets, cars, and which they can buy. The other interesting fact reveals that 18% to 20% people out of 2260 adults download six to ten apps throughout an average week while 30% of them download three to five per week as an average.
More than 100,000 businesses have used this platform to create wonderful applications for Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian and Win Mobile platforms. You can obtain this do-it-yourself platform service at $399 (one-time development) plus the hosting service of $29. Have a good exposure on technology news, the latest release of gadgets, experienced WordPress designer and lovely DAD for two adorable children. Experience the passion on stage and the innovation community on the ground – come meet the next breakout ventures from the Harvard Innovation Labs and the Yale Entrepreneurship Institute.. Includes free office hours with business experts, info tables showcasing groups that support entrepreneurs, workshops and expert speakers.
Join 1,500 of Boston tech’s entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and philanthropists to celebrate 10 years of innovation, collaboration, and community.
Celebrating the achievements of young entrepreneurs and leaders who are starting to make a difference in the Hispanic Community in the Commonwealth. Connect with the data community and hear from those who have survived, thrived, or died in a data-driven world.
Helping entrepreneurs find co-founders, advisers, and interns, and to build strong, core startup teams.
Have an interesting product to showcase, or interested in seeing what others at CIC are working on? Students from across Harvard to come up with creative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.
Meet and learn about dozens of the most innovative businesses around Boston, as they open their doors to the public! Die aktuelle Losung liegt in integrierten App Tracking Tools, die Uberflussiges beseitigen, sich auf die Anzahl der Publisher mit denen kommuniziert wird fokussieren und hilft, sich auf ein SDK und Schnittstelle zu konzentrieren.
Wir haben die unserer Meinung nach funf besten App Tracking Tools fur Sie herausgesucht und werden diese nun vorstellen.
Zusatzlich haben sie an vielen Techniken gearbeitet, um nutzliche Informationen aus den App Usern zu bekommen. AppsFlyer ist einer der wenigen, der versucht, mit so vielen verschieden Publisher wie moglich zusammenzuarbeiten. Crittercism bietet eine Killer-Benutzeroberflache, die Sie mit Informationen bezuglich Wartezeiten und Absturzen, mit denen Ihre User zu kampfen haben, versorgt. Bango verwendet Daten, um Nutzer zu verfolgen und ein reibungsloses Zahlungssystem zu erstellen. Au?erdem liefert Bango eine ordentliche Ubersicht, die Ihnen alle Informationen anzeigt, die zur Verbesserung des eigenen Mobile Stores notig sind. Naturlich gibt es neben dieser Auswahl weitere verschiedene Tools, aber testen Sie selber, welches Tool das richtige fur Ihr Business ist. Feel free to skip ahead, but I think that this background will help explain how and why we have built one of the best mobile application platforms in the world for content marketing.
Back in 2008, I had a vision to create the first free security camera viewer app for iPhone.
The app would also contain CCTV Camera Pros product catalog, blog articles, videos, images galleries, and information about us (basically all of the content from our website).
This made sense being that only one section in the app was specific to the surveillance industry (camera viewer module)  and the rest of the sections were generic and apply to any business that uses content to market their products and services.
CCTV Camera Pros creates a lot of video content on YouTube and also publishes blog posts using Wordpress. I created two blog posts at CCTV Camera Pros: one was geared towards iOS users and the other for Android users. I am able to include a deep link with the push message to either of these sections on the app (actually any section that I want) so that users that tap on the push message are brought directly to the content that they were notified about. I entered the text of the push notification in the first field, the URL of the deep link in the second field, and I specified to only include iOS users in this particular push (I did the same thing again for Android users with a deep link directly to the Android article). The screenshot on the left shows the push message when it first arrived on my device with my screen locked. Both of these apps automatically receive all of the blog content from CCTV Camera Pros blog. Just as marketing professionals carefully track the open and click through rates of email campaigns, AppBurst is building this same type of reporting for push message campaigns. Actually, I think that building an app user base is even more powerful that a mailing list because there are no limits to the type of content that can be contained in a native mobile app.
I do not send push messages too often, but if you keep them installed for a few weeks, I am sure that you will see one or two.
Push subscribers are just like an email list and do not think many marketers are thinking in this way.
This means that a post is not only about writing for the purpose of revenue, but also to  share a viewpoint that has been tried and tested by the writer.
Therefore, we have reasons to believe that it will resonate in a much better manner with our readers as well. Not only does it offer individual writers a platform, but also to brands that want to reach out to its readers in an informative and precise manner through company posts and publications. However, for some reason, if you aren’t with us on this, do let us know more about it in the comments section, which is at the end of this article. By doing this, you are making an attempt to excite your users even before you product hits the app store. In this article, Steve has elaborated on various tested parameters that helped his app to generate the initial buzz.
These lessons include aspects like product testing, limited press outreach, not creating enough buzz etc.
With millions of apps to their disposal, an app marketer needs to tick the right boxes to be popular within their target audience.
To many it may not come naturally and therefore, we are listing two stories, that may provide some insights that may make this process ‘ideal’.
In this article, Bram has discussed how he launched the #1 most upvoted product of all time on Product Hunt.
Once an app is launched, an app marketer has to closely watch its growth, measure KPI’s and monitor app ratings and reviews.
This stash consists of articles on app download, app building, tips for indie developers, links to guides, online courses and product management lessons and much more! As a result, businesses are realizing the importance of maintaining a mobile presence, yet many are uncertain whether a mobile application or mobile website is the best way to go to reach consumers on the go.

A side-by-side comparison shows that mobile apps provide faster speed, while mobile websites are more affordable.
There’s clearly no contest with mobile apps gaining digital dominance over desktops within the last two years.
Yet the data also shows that mobile app users are more engaged and consume an average of 2.4 times more impressions. Once again, both mobile application development and mobile website development have their unique strengths for specific tasks.
If only one can be chosen, business must first assess their goals and resources, then closely consider the differences detailed in the infographic and the audience they want to reach. It is also known that there are strategies to position the app in the Apple appstore though Googleplay is to be seen. The appstores are categorized by paid and free apps (also are highlights, news, recommended the most downloaded, etc.). There’s no single way, there are many and here it is important to understand everything that what can be done and what is the best strategy for myself.
CPC (cost per Click) or CPI (cost per installation), and this decision is based if I test device or not. With the means of this blog you may find really helpful do-it-yourself resources focusing on the development of mobile applications. By using this resource you can get your applications directly submitted to the respective mobile app marketplace such as an Android app to Google Play Market, IOS app to iTunes App Store and Windows based app to the Windows Phone Marketplace. The DIV (do-it-yourself) app development resource also lets you to update the respective mobile applications using the cloud management platform. With viewing the immense popularity of business enthusiasts, the iBuildApp company has launched this platform remotely in late March, where the content can be deleted or updated conveniently. For using commercial version of this software for Android & iOS platform, you have to deposit a price of $499.
This cross-platform application is a perfect mode to distribute mobile apps through social media add-on, QR code, app store or even email.
Learn the about programming, data, data structures, functions & JavaScript, do hands-on exercises, and enjoy food and drinks, while meeting new people. Annual 10-day celebration of science, technology, engineering, art and math in Cambridge and New England and the global impact of those endeavors. Fusion 360 is the a unique 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE cloud-based platform that can be used to take design from concept to fabrication! The audience finds out what’s coming up in the market and what VC’s are really looking for! Absturze konnen je nach Gerat und Version des Betriebssystems analysiert und kategorisiert werden, wodurch schnell gesehen wird, was schief lauft und welche Gerate nicht gut funktionieren. Vielleicht ist es eines dieser eben beschriebenen oder Sie haben mit einem anderen Tool deutlich besser arbeiten konnen. I have used the AppBurst mobile app platform to create several apps for a video surveillance company that I also co-founded, CCTV Camera Pros. At the time, there were several apps already in the app store that did this, but none were free. The idea is that a certain number of users would also browse the content contained in the other sections of the app, and a certain number of those users would convert to customers by buying something one day.
CCTV Camera Pros eventually launched another app on the platform that acted purely as a companion app to our website and eventually we launched an iPad and Android version. These apps are distributed through the app stores and respond on those platforms as you would expect a well designed native app to respond. AppBurst has created a framework that lets users bring content from YouTube (channels and playlists) and Wordpress into their apps using RSS and JSON data feeds. I mention this because I also segmented the push notifications by device (I will explain shortly). AppBurst has developed a Wordpress plugin so that my data in Wordpress gets fed into the AppBurst content management system and uses the featured image for the thumbnail in the article list view. In addition to rolling out new content on social media websites, I also have an additional step in my rollout process, which is to notify my mobile app user base that a new article exists to read in the app. In the mean time, all of the content that I create stays in there forever so you can check that out now. There’s a considerable knowledge pool that surrounds app marketing, and we believe that every app marketer would have their own favourite stack of bookmarked articles, that they turn to in case of their app marketing ordeals. What this means is that while you have an opportunity to learn from experiences of fellow app marketers in terms of strategy and otherwise, you have the ability to leverage from your competitor’s experiences as well.
But if your are (which is a moment of much yay!), gear yourself for some epic awesomeness on app marketing. Though his was a separate product category, this article is full of takeaway that can be easily applied while launching a mobile app as well. This process runs parallel with other aspects such as handling marketing budgets to further boost app downloads. Mobile websites are preferred for the popular pursuits of online shopping, search, and entertainment. Only then can a business truly tell which mobile method will provide more value, advantages, and opportunities with the massive mobile market. But the important thing is in my category (there are about 20 in each) to be well positioned (between the top 10 o top 25) of the country having as market-objective.
I have listed the best 10 DIY resources that you should ponder upon, for acquiring a huge amount of experience to lay dynamic start for mobile app development. The latest JamPot plans also let you to incorporate WordPress integration, in-app advertisem4ent and HTML5. To create an account for publishing a mobile apple (Apple Store) with iBuildApp, you will have to pay $299, which can even vary. Every spring, the Cambridge Science Festival makes science accessible, engaging and fun for everyone through multifaceted, multicultural events!
Actually, if I remember correctly there were only 2 or 3 and one of them cost something like $900 at the time. The website companion app is called CCTV Camera Pros Mobile and the original camera viewer app is called iCamViewer. I send the app users this notification via a push message that I create in the AppBurst dashboard.
I only want iOS app users to receive the push message about the iPhone-related blog post and only Android app users to get the Android-related post. If I tap on the message in either location, the CCTV Camera Pros app will open and I will be brought to the location in the deep link (in this case the iPhone PTZ article). Mobile apps are favored for their superior connectivity, navigation, and ability to inform. The class is being taught by MakerSquare, which runs some of the top coding schools in the country. Enjoy unscripted, insightful conversations and learn first-hand about how Boston’s best-and-brightest drive purposeful transformation in their communities.
Building a mobile app user base and push subscriber list is a lot like building an email marketing list. The dashboard is basically the mobile CMS and app configuration interface that AppBurst customers get access to. While this article may seem of less relevance to a mobile app developer, it surely is an insightful read on how branding can give  app developers with a competitive edge. It outlines the options and opportunities behind both mobile methods, along with the facts and figures regarding reach and response to help companies make the right move to mobile. Once these modules are configured, the data just naturally flows into the app without any additional work and I can easily notify my app users via push notification that a new video or article is available in the app.

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