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Advertising Agency, Marketing Company, Brand Consultants, Website, Graphic Design, Internet Marketing Firm. Today, wea€™re excited to launch Upsight Geo a€“ a new solution to help mobile marketers discover where their users are in the real world and engage them with relevant marketing campaigns. Learn Where Users Interact with an App - Use custom heat maps to identify where users are interacting with an app at important app events. Target by User Actions and Characteristics- Engage users based on who they are and what theya€™ve done inside an app. Automate Marketing Campaigns a€“ Schedule follow-up marketing campaigns based on user behavior. With the shortlist announced, the countdown to our 2015 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards has begun. As the UK’s leading cab firm, Addison Lee has had great success in the b2b market, but was facing fierce competition from the likes of Uber in the consumer-facing space. Using rich customer journey data to segment and define its target audience, an omnichannel fully-integrated campaign was planned that delivered across display, search, social, press and digital out-of-home, resulting in a 48 per cent increase in app downloads. Scotts’ My Lawn app provides users with an individualised lawn care plan along with guidance and advice, so Fiksu focused on a seasonal campaign, aiming to drive high volumes of installs in the short spring time-frame when the app would be most relevant to users and could drive product sales the highest.

Using leading programmatic channels, Fiksu and Scotts aimed to accumulate a larger mobile customer base, but the main focus was driving consumers to complete lawn care plans, as this would ultimately lead to higher sales for the brand. The John Lewis App is a key sales channel for the business, and in December 2014 the firm launched a six month app promotion initiative across a variety of mobile media sources using display and video formats, aimed at obtaining customers matching the profile of their existing app user base. Working with M&C Saatchi Mobile and Google, the campaign used audience and placement insights to continually improve campaign install efficiency in an automated, scalable way, enabling the team to focus on developing strategy rather than refining performance. Knowing that consumers would be using Shazam during the TV ad, app installs ads for an eBook were delivered via the platform. Turning a viral hit into a sustained success can be difficult, and it was the challenge that the maker of Trivia Crack had to face when its game became the most downloaded app in the world, with 100m users.
Vungle Creative Labs designed high-impact video ad experiences with interactive end cards that mimicked the apps gameplay, giving consumers a taste of what they could expect.
At Mobile Marketing we're proud to help tech companies showcase their cutting-edge solutions, whether it's on our website, in our magazine or at our Mobile Marketing Summits. Even schedule push notifications to automatically re-engage users with content tailored to them. We will showcase our newest platform tools and participate in a fireside chat with Upsight customer Grindr.

In order to appeal to and capture more of this market, the firm launched a rebrand campaign and a significant app refresh. Thanks to precise interest targeting, the campaign beat all its targets, with over 60 per cent of users completing a lawn care plan. By the end of the campaign, it was delivering the lowest CPA and highest ROI compared to all other media suppliers. For 2014, the company wanted to not only create a great TV ad, but put consumers at the heart of the campaign via engaging experiences.
In addition, the campaign targeted conversations on mobile-first social platforms with video units, and created a virtual reality version of the app which could be accessed using Google Cardboard units at John Lewis stores.
To continue that momentum, the key was creating an ad format that conveyed the interactive and engaging personality of the game.

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