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It is obvious: the more apps are available for download in the stores, the higher the competition for customers installing the apps. W3i has now updated this information again and analysed its customer base to find that the average cost-per-install (of CPI) increased by 70% for mobile apps on Android and around 56% for iOS apps. One main reason for the explosion in cost might be that more and more big companies go into the app business and advertise with relatively large budgets to get downloading users.
Ideally, you will need to partner with a proven app marketing company to develop a solid app marketing plan and apply this to your app sales strategy to generate downloads and sales.
Because at the end of the day, it's your app marketing strategy that will determine whether your app will take off, or become another fly-by-night venture like many of the tens of thousands of quality apps out there that have never made a sale.
Since the launch of Apple’s app store, App Media has been studying and developing mobile marketing techniques that ensure app success. Marketing for iPhone or smartphone apps is similar to marketing other online software products, although the marketing tools available have expanded in recent years, especially in the area of social media and the various mobile marketing channels. App Media understands that mobile app marketing is a process that incorporates these fundamental steps and we have an expert team able to perform them to increase sales success for your iPhone, iPad or Android app. Whether you are just starting out as a first time developer or have created and posted a number of apps for sale, you’ll want to take a closer look at our app marketing strategies if you desire to move beyond being a casual developer and seller of apps, to achieving your own best-selling brand.
Or if you have questions and you'd just like to talk to someone before you get started, we're happy to talk to you and take you through the first couple of steps. Our Mobile App Marketing and Promotion strategies will bring your brand directly to your target market to generate new downloads and users. According to TechCrunch mobile app marketing costs have hit an all time high at $2.25 but we can reduce these costs but targeting new users in public locations. The standard term for promotional staff is “Brand Ambassador” which, covers all types of event staff including street teams, promotion staff, event staff, college campus teams, trade show hosts and more.

They are the people on the front lines promoting your service or product plus engaging and entertaining your consumer on the benefits of your brand. Common traits of any great Brand Ambassador include being easy to talk to, friendly and adaptable. Our promotion teams are thoroughly trained on mobile app marketing and how to seek out targeted users and engage in conversation with them.
During training we reinforce the importance of being enthusiastic and energetic, engagement tactics, what NOT to do and much more. If your considering mobile app marketing through street team promotions keep this things in mind. Nobody will remember more than a few key talking points so focus on what you really want your potential customer to learn about your brand or app.
To sum it up, if somebody is talking about your brand or service at an event you can consider them brand ambassadors.
Unser Ziel ist es Appentwickler und Unternehmen in der erfolgreichen Vermarktung der App zu unterstutzen.
Wir liefern Reichweite, Leads oder Downloads mit allen gangigen Abrechnungsmodellen unter Berucksichtigungen der marketspezifischen Besonderheiten. Analyse ist ein integraler Teil unserer App-Vermarktung und Technologie das Vehikel fur die Marketing-Strategie. In our first projects back in 2012 the focus was primarily generating downloads to get into the rankings and lists and hence generate new download again form there. Today, you need an effective app marketing strategy that attracts the buzz and app downloads necessary to make your app a success.
The steps however are still the same: develop a product that your customers want and need (iPhone app), create and promote compelling marketing messages that attracts your ideal customer, and continue to refine your product, your messaging and your marketing to retain loyal users and generate referral sales.

Contact us to begin the process of developing an app marketing plan, or to view plans and pricing on several of our core app marketing strategies. We are also able to highlight the features of the app with real people in the community you target.
ATN has a pre-event test built into our system to ensure that any brand ambassador we put into the field has absorbed the information you provided and is able to communicate your brand messaging effectively. App Strategie, App Marketing und Monetarisierung und zahlen zu den Pionieren in dieser Branche.
Unsere Leistungen zielen darauf ab die Sichtbarkeit der App zu erhohen, die Umsatze zu optimieren sowie die beste Positionierung fur den App-Erfolg zu erreichen.
Um die volle Durchschlagskraft der mobilen Werbung zu gewahrleisten bieten wir alle im Marketing-Prozess notwendigen Leistungen als One-Stop-Shop.
Customer Lifetime Value oder Engagementanalyse), Lebenszyklus oder Zielgruppen und deren Targeting bedingen den individuellen Einsatz von neuester mobiler Werbe-Technologie sowie daten-gestutzter Analyse-Modelle. Today’s project are much more ROI driven and not only relate back to downloads as single measure of success. It goes without saying that we are extremely grateful for the work you have done and I am more than happy to recommend you." ~ Director, GMBTR. In einem extrem dynamischen sowie komplexen Market, in dem selten niedrige Eintrittsbarrieren eine hochgradige Konkurrenz erzeugen, behalten wir die Ubersicht und sind immer auf dem letzten Stand.
Von der mobilen Strategie und Branding zum App-Launch, zur Generierung der Creatives und Entwicklung von mobile Landing Pages zur effektiven User-Generierung zu Review- und PR-Aktivitaten bis zur Analyse und Optimierung der Ergebnisse – wir sind am langfristigen Erfolg der App orientiert.

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