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To all my passionate friends in mobile space, this is my point of view and any new insights are always welcome. The most pressing challenge is for mobile advertisers is to learn more about their customer. Also, the quality of the users has improved with video ads – since users gets a sneak peak into the game or app and only if it is appealing they download it. So, here is what I think developers need to keep in mind as they plan for launches in 2014. With a passion for Business Development, Mobile, Social and Gaming, Deepika is also an avid blogger and entrepreneur. Amazon has made a major move in the connected home space with the announcement of AWS IoT, a new platform from its Amazon Web Services division designed to make it easy for anything from a light bulb to a turbine to connect to AWS services so that companies can store, process, analyze, and act on the volumes of data generated by connected devices on a global scale. Devices connect to AWS IoT’s Device Gateway, and manufacturers can set rules for how AWS IoT handles the data they send, and the actions they take when various conditions are met (such as sending an alert when a pressure sensor reports an unusually high reading or a motion detector is triggered). Connected devices are usually operated via applications that communicate with them using APIs, but since devices may not always be available to respond to API calls because of connectivity dropouts or power constraints. AWS IoT provides an SDK that enables developers to use the AWS IoT functionality from connected devices, and from mobile and web apps. The mobile marketing industry is ever-changing, and that applies to the people as much as the technology. With the popularity of smartphones, mobile marketing becomes more important for online marketers all over the world. The campaign is aimed to help LG reach a younger female audience for its L-series handset campaign. Globally, the Ikea Catalog app was the number one downloaded marketing app for a brand in 2012and the catalogue received three times the attention of the 2011 catalogue.
The brand was ahead of the curve on mobile payments, a segment that is still in its infancy in the U.S. To fight these issues, the destination website created mobile versions of the: Homepage, Category pages and Hotel room search tool with special functionality to improve the mobile customer experience.

The distribution and discovery gets harder even though we have more ad networks and attribution sources and more opportunities to optimize campaigns. There are device makers, platform developers, ad networks and exchanges and analytics providers that sit between the advertiser and the customer. This is very helpful since low quality or incentivized users have there place but mostly can’t be retained to become paying users. People are transcending cultures and geographies and are embracing diversity in their experiences and interactions with others. AWS IoT creates a virtual version, or “shadow” of each connected device that includes all of the information about the device’s state and is always available. A Twitter-based mobile game called LG Ticket Hunter was created in order to create buzz, and demonstrate what the LG brand is about. The use of a mobile app aimed to re-inject inspiration into the world’s oldest direct marketing campaign: the IKEA catalogue, transforming it into an interactive platform. 7 million users utilize the Starbucks payment app because it is an efficient way to pay and engages customers in a unique way. 46% of mobile users say they are unlikely to return to a website they had trouble accessing from their phone.
An improved mobile experience resulted in a 22% lower bounce rate and a double digit lift in conversions. The issue is that it is still hinged to the fact that mobile advertisers need to shell a lot of money to get found between millions of apps on the Appstores. So, the advertiser needs to rely on all these middle men to build any meaningful relationship with their customer. One can segment users based on their age, their likes and preferences, geographies and gender.
Most importantly, this book is a thought provoking resource for managers and those who work with a diverse group of people, be it in the workforce, community projects, team building assignments, social gatherings, or business meetings.
This enables the applications to check the device’s status and take actions that are automatically sent to the device once it reconnects.

These two factors should make it easier for developers less experience in developing for the IoT to produce solutions.
It should be combined with social, analytics, and cloud technologies to achieve maximum effectiveness.
Users spent an average eight minutes with the app compared to three minutes with just the catalogue. There is a certain novelty to mobile marketing campaigns because it gives customers a new and exciting way to use their phone. Visitors to mobile site could access general information, but couldn’t perform basic transactions such as booking hotel rooms or show tickets.
This concluded that mobile web optimisation is important for any brand to retain and grow their customer base. To me, it is like if I wanted to have a relationship with my husband, find out what he likes and what he does not like, I have to rely on all on the middle-men than going straight to him. If you know your target user, then you have a better chance of acquiring a targeted audience. Various mobile channels can expand your customer base and increase brand equity if utilised properly.
When Starbucks introduced a program that made it easier for customers to buy coffee it was met with tremendous success. The companies featured below are all at different stages of mobile maturity but they have shown a big improvement.

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