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61% of consumers have a higher opinion of a brand if they have designed a good mobile experience for users (Latitude).
Whether you’re developing a new website for your business or converting your existing website to mobile, iWebXpert can help. Have you ever looked at your website on a desktop computer, then looked at it on a mobile device?
In addition to building clear and effective mobile websites, iWebXpert also offers a wonderful mobile app development service. Homeowners with expired listings are often worn out by the selling experience and disillusioned with their Realtor®. The great news with older expireds is that you won’t be competing with dozens of other agents to get the listing.
Make sure your expired listing letters address the homeowners emotions about not selling the home, but don’t place any blame on them for failing. Expired listings are a great source of listing leads, but if you’re looking to beat the rush, try a new technique.
Although this real estate marketing strategy requires time to work, the returns are amazing. Research the area, including sports team affiliations, where the residents tend to work (do they commute downtown?), family profile (lots of children? Once you know the area well, consider sending an introduction letter with some materials about your brokerage and practice. Sharing the success of your real estate practice is a great way to get attention from other homeowners in the area.
The key with any marketing material is to make sure it’s relevant to the person receiving it. Expired listings are an amazing real estate marketing opportunity for any agent, but some Realtors® feel uncomfortable approaching them.
No matter how you contact an expired listing, as part of your real estate marketing strategy be sure to get the most out of it by focusing on the homeowner. In most areas of the country, the seasons are a very significant part of how and when homes are bought and sold. As a Realtor®, you can use these concerns to your advantage as you plan your real estate marketing strategies.
Information about standing out as one of few listings in the winter can boost business during a slow time. Choosing your real estate marketing strategies can seem overwhelming, but sticking to the basics can make it much easier.
Considering that 52.5% of consumers read postcards (compared to 33% who read sales letters), there’s no reason for real estate agents not to be involved in real estate postcard marketing. Some Realtors® avoid it because they think it’s expensive or they aren’t sure how to use postcards. There are so many different types of postcard marketing available to Realtors® that it can be hard to know where to start.
Expired listing postcards are perfect for putting yourself in front of homeowners who haven’t been able to sell their homes with their current real estate agent.
Short sale postcards are a great way to reach out to struggling homeowners and help them avoid foreclosure. Just Sold postcards are a great way to celebrate your successes and show your skills to a neighborhood or farming area. While all real estate postcard marketing can be considered farming, there are specific postcard options that allow you to advertise that you available to buyers and sellers.
Using real estate postcard marketing is a cost-effective way to build name recognition and gain leads. When many sellers get ready to sell their homes, the first question many consider is, “Can I get away with not using a Realtor®?” With all of the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) websites popping up, it’s easy for a homeowner to think they can save money by listing the property themselves and not paying your commission. As a seller, you would still end up paying the buyer’s agent commission if you sell your own home.
You can certainly list your own home online, but it isn’t free – sites with Multi-Listing Service (MLS) access charge anything from a $395 flat fee to $199 for a 6 month listing. A Realtor® will take care of all of these listings for you, so you don’t have to worry about which sites to use, how long they take to set up, or how much they cost.
When you use an agent, they receive all of the calls and weed out the ‘just curious’ lookers or others who would not be able to qualify to buy your house.
An agent will have the experience to be able to tell right away if someone isn’t going to be able to complete a purchase.
Real estate agents belong to a close-knit community and know how to build buzz about your property with other agents. In addition, agents have a lot of experience setting up open houses and creating interest in their events. If you do find a buyer on your own, you’ll quickly realize the mountain of paperwork that it takes to complete a sale. If you do sell on your own, the sales paperwork is an area where you can’t afford to go it alone. I highly recommend taking a look at the expired listing letters available here as a good place to start. It’s the perfect solution for every Realtor® out there looking to execute great marketing campaigns, which requires a good quality database.
When you contact Cole, make sure to mention either Real Estate Marketing Magazine or PrinterBees to get your 25% discount, without it you’re looking at full retail and who wants to pay full retail!
It’s an amazing time to be a Realtor® IF you have good real estate marketing in place to feed your business and exploit the opportunity out there.
Starting an SMS Text Marketing or Mobile Marketing campaign can really pay good dividends in many different ways. Our Mobile Marketing strategy included a mobile optimized website, sms text marketing and mobile video placed on YouTube. Google analytics also shows that 30% of the traffic is repeat traffic this past month, this again shows there is interest in the site via mobile devices. We sent an informational message last week announcing that the my client and his products would be at the marketplace that weekend and informing the subscribers this was the marketplace’s last open weekend.
The SMS Text Marketing performed really well and my client is managing that part of the campaign himself with some coaching from me.
The Mobile Website does not seem like much to some business people but I do have the Google Analytics to prove them wrong. That is an old gambling saying but in this instance my client and I were not gambling at all. Why You Need Good SEO Tools Should you use premium SEO tools and just wing it with some free items? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Kinsh Technologies provides Mobile App Marketing services based on client's specific requirements. This is a guest post by Dawn Collea Stark from Aimee Mobile Marketing, a mobile communication company and leading experts in the field of mobile and online marketing. Today over 90% of America has a cell phone and 60% of them have phones that allow them to use the internet. Most successful businesses have implemented an email database to send out monthly newsletters. To help clear up some misconceptions and give business owners a simple understanding of Mobile Marketing and how it can grow your business, I will answer some FAQ here.
Think of Mobile Marketing as an exchange!  You are giving something away to receive something in return.
The same rules of soft selling that apply to Facebook or social media marketing apply here.  It is not hard core sell message! Do you want to increase your sales?  Do you want more customers?  How about drive traffic to your social media sites?
No.  Although some Mobile Marketing companies may require a contract, most companies will allow month to month payment method. There is an opt out option on every message for anyone who may not want to continue receiving messages in the future.  Unless you are abusing your message blast frequency or are hard selling with all your messages, you will find only a 1%-2% opt out rate.
Here is a short list of some examples of the services you can receive from a mobile marketing company. Text 2 Win- This is hands down the best way to go if you are having a contest or giveaway.  Never again give anything away without getting a phone number in return.  Offer a text 2 win campaign and watch your data base grow rapidly! Text 2 Screen- Share results of a poll or input from a large group and see it on the big screen.
Appointment Reminders- Great idea for any industry that has set appointments for their customers.  Health care is a big one for this option and so is the auto industry with service reminders.
Mobile Websites- You website was never meant to be viewed on a small cell phone or handheld device.
It’s always best to work with a professional and someone who really cares about their business and clients.
I’ve found my area to be a bit disconnected, and it has been hard to convince business owners to get involved. When you say ‘you keep that number in your data base,’ Are you saying this phone number is automatically stored in my phone? Genevieve Lachance is a web marketing consultant who has a passion for social media and technology based in Montreal, Canada. Revolution Marketing Strategies is a Vancouver internet marketing company specializing in Search Engine Marketing,Social Media Marketing, Video and Mobile marketing and custom iPhone applications.We help set you apart from your competition by branding you as an expert and authority in your field.

Regular more traditional websites have lots of images and videos and are slow to load on mobile devices which have much slower processors than computers. Regular websites are designed to fit on screens that are anywhere from 12 inches and up and when loaded onto the smaller screen of a smartphone, they require the visitor to pinch and expand the screen or scroll around the page looking for the the right place to click to find the information they are looking for. With 40% of people leaving your website if it isn’t mobile friendly, you can now plug your leaky bucket and retain all those lost sales opportunities.
Potential customers who are looking for products and services just like yours are walking or driving around your city looking for you.
They have tap to call buttons and large maps so people on the go can easily call you or find directions to get to your place of business. Make it easy for your customer and they will reward you with more sales and more profits in your cash register. You know that you need to touch your prospects an average on seven times before they buy from you. The key is to stay in touch with your prospects and your customers. More and more statistics are being released illustrating just how vital mobile marketing has become for business owners to get higher sales conversions. If you haven’t developed a mobile version of your website, you may notice that the appearance has changed. A mobile app is software that users can download and interact with on their mobile devices. This is especially true because you’re hardly the only agent calling – a new expired could get over a dozen calls offering new representation.
In addition, after failing to sell the first time, they may be more ready to hear suggestions about repairs, staging, and price. Wait a few months, then follow up with expired listing letters or expired listing postcards. Include some key real estate information about the area, like market reports and a neighborhood profile. Consider sending weekly materials for a couple of months, followed by an ongoing monthly newsletter, postcard, or other information.
In addition to mailings, make yourself physically present in the neighborhood as much as you can. Remember that these are homeowners that need additional help selling their home, and don’t be afraid to offer that help. You can call them directly and ask them about the experience they had and what struggles occurred with the listing.
Whether people move in the summer to avoid disrupting their child’s school year, or decide not to list in the winter because the house is less attractive, seasonal concerns are in the forefront of real estate. By using postcard marketing, email marketing, or social media posts, you can acknowledge each season and tie it in to your real estate message.
Notes about spring cleaning, home staging, and taking advantage of prime listing season can help kick off the spring. Sometimes a fun word search or an invitation to a fall ‘Harvest Party’ at your brokerage is all you need to recognize the season while keeping your real estate business front-of-mind for residents.
By farming neighborhoods, using just sold and just listed flyers, contacting expired listings, and using seasonal outreach, you can keep it simple and still become one of the top performing Realtors® in your area.
We’re always here for you and would be delighted to help you implement any or all of the above strategies. In this post you’ll get an overview of the various types of real estate marketing postcards and how to get started with them.
Use your postcard to express empathy to the homeowner and offer yourself as someone who has a new idea on how to position the home on the market. By showing that you understand their situation and can offer them a way out, you will win business and the goodwill of the community. By bringing your name to the forefront as a successful selling agent, you’ll be likely to gain even more listings in the area. These farming postcards point out the opportunity in listing with you as a Realtor®, and also keep your name front-of-mind for those looking to buy. Postcards even have a lower cost-per-lead than email marketing – and that’s saying something! They do this not only locally, but also on the internet, where 90% of home buyers look before purchasing a home.
When you list the home for sale on your own, you have to take ALL the calls and emails yourself. And, if a potential buyer does end up wasting their time, that’s part of what you’re paying them to handle. In doing this, they are exposing your home to a market you wouldn’t have access to on your own. An agent isn’t going to want to waste time or money on an open house that isn’t attended, so they will put their network and advertising skills to good use on your behalf. Unfortunately, a real estate agent can offer significant expertise in setting a price-point for your property. Some homeowners love their house so much they price it inappropriately highly, resulting in it sitting on the market unsold for months. Not only did he gain a lot of money in the price – even after the commission – the property sold quickly. It takes a lot of time to understand all the legal and financial forms you need to make available and sign with the buyer. Make sure you do your research and perhaps even consult a real estate lawyer to help you draft the correct forms and disclosures so that you don’t find yourself in significant trouble later.
Unfortunately, you will also spend a significant amount of time, in addition to your current professional and personal obligations, to do so.
LOL (A little Arizona humor…I do love it here!)  With expired listing marketing being a hot topic in real estate, it seems like a good topic for discussion and answering some of the frequently asked questions we get on how to market them.
For marketing to expired listings, FSBO’s and door-knocking, the mobile app is amazing! The client also wanted to expand his business into more retail outlets but wanted to grow at a controlled pace.
The mobile optimized website is getting consistent visitor traffic, it is nothing off the charts but I feel that it is pulling it’s weight.
The main website was launched in early July 2011 and is  producing new and repeat visitor traffic.
We spent the first 2.5 months building the opt-in list and sending informational messages and product news to the subscribers. My client reported to me that at least 20+ people mentioned to him that the reason they showed up was because of the SMS Text Marketing they received. My client came into this with no expiernece in marketing let alone mobile marketing or sms text message marketing. It is producing sales, creating customer loyalty, generating repeat sales and helping several of the Tulsa community small businesses with extra advertising that sends traffic to their shops.
The mobile website draws traffic on it’s own, most of it is from search engines and Youtube. Actually the deck is stacked in my clients favor when they implement a sound strategy like this.
There was a time when all you had to do was use a couple of keywords on your webpages and name your files correctly and it was considered good SEO. The same premise holds true here, only the vehicle has changed from email to text message.  I am not saying get rid of your email marketing program, but I am strongly suggesting you add mobile to it.  In fact, adding mobile marketing can double your email database? I love the satisfaction I receive from customers that call and tell me it really works and how excited they are. You give an offer to be redeemed via text message and when the customer texts in, we collect their number in a database.  Then we will “touch” them in the future, once a week or once every two weeks or once a month with a text message right to their phone. Within the first 30-60 days business owners can not only re-coup what they paid into the package, they can also begin to see double and triple the ROI. You would not want to run a mobile campaign without a mobile website or mobile landing page.
Whatever your industry is, there is a simple solution for your needs and HUGE results can be generated. It sounds like it can be simple when you work with a professional willing to take the time to make it so. Too, it seems the bleed of technologies from the coasts hasn’t quite met up with optimal possibility yet. If you’re lucky enough that they find you before they click on your competitors, the last thing you want is for them to wait forever for your site to fully load or get frustrated and leave your site immediately. It seems lately like it’s every other day that the Big G is releasing some major update. 58% of United States consumers own smartphones (comScore), and over 1.2 billion people get online using their mobile devices (Trinity Digital Marketing). In addition, the deluge of calls and visits they get right after their listing fails is likely to irritate them rather than encourage them. By reaching out with expired listing postcards or expired listing letters after three or four months, you’ll be able to connect with homeowners more easily. You can keep it especially simply by sending an expired listing postcard inviting them to contact you.
First, with cell phones being everywhere it’s easier for a call to catch people at a bad time, resulting in a “no” based more on convenience than actual consideration of your offer.
Fortunately, there are some that are tried-and-true real estate marketing strategies that you can employ simply and consistently. A “Just Sold” flyer – focused on the customer and home more than on you – can be a great way to point out that you are a successful agent with a great track record.

For a “Just Sold” flyer, lead with “Moving on Up”, and then provide information about the home and sale. Feature a testimonial from the homeowners that have benefited from your expertise, or highlight the features of the new listing that could benefit the reader. Summer and fall likewise offer their own holidays and advantages that can be highlighted in your marketing. In some cases, you can send a mailing to a specific group, such as recently expired listings.
Consider sending these to an entire neighborhood where you know some homes have more owed than they are worth. Postcard marketing is very effective if it is done consistently over time – it builds awareness of your brand and allows people to see your successes. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to farm your target area and gain exposure through postcard marketing.
This way, you can spend time on your own commitments and let your agent handle the curious and the serious buyers.
When a Realtor® can call up a professional contact and recommend they bring a client by, you have an immediate prospect that is actually ready to buy.
They have experience in the area, so they know what price to ask for that will bring good value while also selling your property quickly. Others are unsure of themselves and need to move quickly, so they underprice their homes and cost themselves a lot more financially than they would have saved in commissions. A mistake in the paperwork and proper disclosures can open you up to serious liability or financial loss. You may also misprice your home, and you’ll need a lot of help with the final paperwork once you find a buyer.
Databases become stale in as little as a few months depending on neighborhood turnover, and when a database is the slightest bit outdated, you’re wasting time and money on ineffective marketing. These marketing channels also increase a you bottom line and the ROI beats all print, e-mail and direct mail marketing methods. With that background here are the results of 3 months using SMS Text Marketing and Mobile Marketing together.
This site had a 34% increase in traffic in the last 30 days with 78 visits and 367 page views.
The new retailers signed on because they were aware of his product and because he uses SMS Text Marketing. He wanted to achieve expansion and controlled growth, penetrate and brand himself in the local markets, increase his sales, and not break the bank. I honestly expected everything to work the way it did because of my previous mobile marketing experiences. It is becoming the main way we communicate and furthermore, text message is the number one most used data service in the world. However, I talk to a lot of business owners that find the topic of Mobile Marketing intimidating and a bit overwhelming.  The simple truth is that Mobile Marketing is one of the easiest ways to market to your target audience. I have some non profit work that I would love to organize a mobile campaign with just not sure about the logistics of a campaign like that. I’m sure many will feel more confident about trying out mobile marketing now thanks to your article. In an attempt to socialize search even further, they have over night converted While it doesn’t appear to be fully functional yet in Canada, it is indeed coming.
In addition, mobile searches make up a quarter of all searches performed (The Search Agency).
The goal is to impress your audience right off the bat with sharp branding and attractive images.
Some are created to help customers keep track of the pricing and availability of products, some are created as an extension of an event.
When you use expired listing letters to mine the old expireds, after other agents have already moved on to a new batch, you’ll not only hit the homeowners at a better time – you’ll have almost no competition doing so.
Any Realtor® who approaches them at that time may well get a firm “no” for no reason other than overwhelm. Here are the four most effective real estate marketing strategies and how to implement them to your best advantage. The more they get to know and trust you, the more likely you are to be their agent of choice when they buy or sell. In that way, you’ll hold attention while still building a strong awareness of your practice. In other cases, you can choose a neighborhood or area in which to focus your farming efforts, without having to mail postcards to every neighborhood nearby. Real estate postcard marketing also puts your name in their mailbox where there is little competition for Realtors®. While that may still sound like a significant amount of money, think about the amount of work you’ll do to get the word out. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending two weeks going back and forth with a potential buyer only to find out they never had financing. Today I am releasing the third and final report of a 3 month SMS Text Marketing and Mobile Marketing case study of one of my clients. Using Google Map Overlay tool shows 52% of this months visitors were local visitors (within a 20 mile radius of the local markets).
The last month they produced 15 visits via the links placed on YouTube which 93% were marked as absolute new visitors. If SMS Text Marketing was not part of the mobile marketing solution my client would have missed $350 + in sales that day.
Every week when a messages are sent my client always lets his subscribers know who his retailers are. The purpose of the mobile website is to have a mobile internet presence and to help brand the client, his products and company. My client and I have both heard from people that the videos are something they like about the sites. Again every business and business owner is different, but when you plan your goals, design a good marketing solution and stick with a sound strategy your efforts will pay off and succeed. I guarantee you that if there is a way, I will craft a Mobile Marketing Solution for you that works. Then provide a convenient way for them to learn more about your services and get in touch with you directly. When a mobile user clicks on a site like this, the likely scenario is that they click right back to search results and find a mobile site instead.
Mobile app development should be in sync with your branding and offer features that your target audience will find useful.
A mailing will be more likely to get attention, be able to say more for you, and faces less competition than calls or emails.
My personal preference is the phone call, simply because you can direct the flow of the conversation and get specific questions answered as you offer your services. Trust your gut – some listings expire because the homeowner isn’t ready to sell at an appropriate price or has some other difficult attitude. The search pattern shows that 33% of the visits came from search engine traffic and the remainder was from redirection thru the online website.
This list was built by displaying a single flyer at the marketplace booth over 10 weekends, 4 hours at a time. It’s your turn to comment and remember Mobile Marketing and SMS Text Marketing solutions work.
You’ll also need to consider how you’re being found, and ensure you’re taking advantage of the mobile services that meet the needs of those web users.
When you work with us on your mobile development project, we’ll consider who your target audience is and design the look and feel of your site to deliver a message that will resonate with that audience. When you go with iWebXpert’s mobile web services, we work to keep the look of your branding consistent between desktop and mobile, while ensuring that your mobile site is streamlined, engaging, and built to deliver results. Whatever your needs, we can help you create a beautiful, user-friendly app that will be compatible over a wide array of mobile devices. Reading these reports you will see the analysis of the business, the goals of the owner and the mobile marketing strategy I  developed and implemented.
The redirected traffic and search engine traffic show there is interest in the mobile website via mobile device.
His retail outlets are selling more because once a week he sends an SMS text message out to the list letting them know where they can purchase his products when the markets are closed. The last step is to include an effective call-to-action that will convert those potential customers to sales!
Contact us today and discover how our mobile web services keep you ahead of your competition! It means our targeted market is visiting the site, they actually read the content, they return to the site, and must like it because they spend more 9 minutes per visit on the site. With some strategic placement of more videos on other media sites the traffic should increase even more. This is really, really good in my opinion since we are not even selling the product from the site at this time.

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