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Before getting into the mobile marketing trends for 2011, take a look at some of the data projections for mobile for this year.
Not surprisingly, the marketing world is falling over themselves to get at the vanguard of the mobile movement. Das Jahr 2015 ist erst wenige Wochen alt aber bereits jetzt ist klar, dass einer der wichtigsten Onlinemarketing-Trends 2015 hei?t: Mobile Only statt Mobile First.
Ein weiterer Trend, den Marketers und Unternehmen unbedingt nutzen sollten, ist das vermehrte Mobile Shopping, eine logische Konsequenz aus der stetig zunehmenden Nutzung mobiler Endgerate. In punkto Mobile Shopping hat neuerdings auch der Musik-Identifikationsdienst Shazam ein Wortchen mitzureden. Accessible in tons of colors, these kind of boots are actually one all kid’s wish list, and also their fathers and mothers. The long lasting suede wipes easily which has a simple brushing accompanied by a stiff-bristled brush and then the thick silicone sor high boots, which maintain your child’s feet, ankles, along with calf toasty and guaranteed. The long lasting suede wipes easily which has a simple brushing accompanied by a stiff-bristled brush and then the thick silicone soles will stay put on even the foremost slippery types of surface. Additionally, these boots presented in lots of different sizes as they are guaranteed to fit any young child. All kids will like the slip-on clogs which were perfectly designed for both in your own home and outside. Mobile marketing is evolving every day as new advances and apps continually change the mobile landscape. Mobile marketing has been evolving faster than ever in recent years and 2013 promises to bring new advances, applications and audiences for this thriving technology. MDG Advertising is a full-service advertising agency and one of Florida’s top creative ad agencies. This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 at 11:01 am and is filed under General, Mobile Marketing. Here are five trends for the current year that will help define 2011 as the year of mobile marketing.
All you need are two people with Bluetooth-enabled Smart Phones and the right application and you’ve got the potential for instant networking. Today, the majority of teenagers view their mobile phone as “the key to their social life” yet only 15% own a smart phone.
As marketing budgets continue to shift online because of factors like increased measurability and early buying cycle audiences, so too will mobile marketing budgets grow. These 2-dimensional bar-codes (pictured) were originally created to help Toyota track auto parts. Ob Beacons, Wearables oder Content Marketing: Die Trends standen ganz im Zeichen von Nutzerfreundlichkeit und Verbesserung der Lebensqualitat.

Demzufolge reicht es nicht mehr aus, dass sich Unternehmen, Marketers und Werbetreibende erst nach ihrer Desktop-Webseite um eine entsprechende mobile Variante bemuhen. Unternehmen und Handler, die auch in der mobilen Suche ein gutes Ranking erzielen wollen, mussen demzufolge ihre Inhalte und Performance an die Anspruche der mobilen Suche ausrichten. So startete Shazam bereits im November in Kooperation mit dem amerikanischen Handelsunternehmen Mood Media die App-Technologie Shazam In-Store, wonach Nutzern der Zugang auf zielgerichtete, interaktive Inhalte von Geschaften und Marken ermoglicht wird ohne vorhergehende Suche.
Fur Unternehmen und Marketer ist spatestens jetzt der Zeitpunkt gekommen, dem Mobile Marketing eine herausragende Rolle in ihren Marketingaktivitaten zuteilwerden zu lassen.
This can make it extremely challenging for marketers to stay on top of both the trends and the competition. Retargeting and Real-Time Bidding Get Better – Targeting is essential to every mobile marketing effort and 2013 will usher in the development of much more sophisticated retargeting technology. Tracking Takes Top Priority – Advertisers have been anxiously awaiting more comprehensive campaign tracking, optimization and reporting techniques for years. Big Data Dominates – The widespread corporate acceptance of Big Data today has led mobile marketers to finally realize its value. Mobile Expands to Everyone – As competition makes mobile devices increasingly accessible and affordable to a wider variety of audiences, the demographics of the mobile market will undergo major changes in 2013 by expanding to younger and less affluent consumers. By anticipating these four major mobile trends, marketers can take advantage of the modern mobile landscape and target their campaigns to reach contemporary consumers.
With offices in Boca Raton, FL and New York, NY, MDG’s core capabilities include branding, logo design, digital marketing, print advertising, mobile marketing, email marketing, media planning and buying, TV and radio, outdoor, newspaper, video marketing, Web design and development, content marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, and SEO. These are just a few of the upcoming social experiences on which mobile is at the cutting edge. Expect to see this explode at tradeshows, networking events, campuses and anywhere else people are making fast friends. Internetnutzer heutzutage sind stets und standig erreichbar, beinahe durchgangig vernetzt . Wie gut, dass auch Google auf die wachsende Bedeutung von mobile Search reagiert und angekundigt hat, kunftig mobil-freundliche Webseiten in der organischen Suche ausweisen zu wollen. Mit dieser standortbasierten Losung fur mobiles Marketing soll das Kundenerlebnis im Geschaft gesteigert werden. Wenn sie auf der „Erfolgswelle Mobile“ mitreiten wollen, mussen sie also „mittendrin statt nur dabei“ sein. These advanced systems will even be able to target only inactive users to help marketers reengage them. Fortunately, it looks like their wait will be over in 2013 with the development of more advanced systems that help marketers make their mobile campaigns as specific and successful as possible.
As a result, expect more and more marketers to start using Big Data to optimize their campaigns for maximum performance.

This will open up an abundance of opportunities to develop new mobile strategies geared to these markets.
To stay on top of the latest trends in marketing and advertising, contact MDG Advertising today at 561-338-7797. Expect both numbers to shoot up as web-enabled phones become not just mainstream, but the norm. Das verlangt, dass Unternehmen und Werbetreibende entsprechend reagieren und ihren Fokus auf Mobile Devices verlagern, denn die haben sich mittlerweile vom Second zum First Screen entwickelt.
Das belegen auch die Ergebnisse des ECC-Konjunkturindex Shopper, wonach knapp 30 Prozent der Befragten via Smartphone einkaufen, wahrend vier von zehn Befragten ihr Tablet zum Shoppen benutzen.
Nutzt ein Kunde die Shazam-App, erkennt diese eine Art nicht horbares Wasserzeichen im Song. Real-time bidding will also progress to enhance the quality of media buys, increase campaign ROI, and allow every online ad impression to be instantly evaluated. In addition, new technologies are using Big Data for in-depth consumer research and campaign tracking to help marketers optimize their efforts and increase overall ROI.
Also, the debut of new tablets will lead to a sharp rise in tablet ownership by the end of 2013. Click on “Mobile Messaging Apps Attract Youth and Offer Alternative Ways to Share” if you’d like to learn more about the momentum of mobile app marketing. When a mobile user takes a picture of the image (and has the right software installed) they’re brought to a mobile-optimized site. Auch interessant fur Unternehmen: Rund 20 Prozent der Online-Shopper kaufen vorwiegend unterwegs uber ihr Smartphone online ein, nur knapp elf Prozent von zu Hause aus. Die standortbasierte Plattform “Presence” von Mood Media ermoglicht dann wiederum das Versenden von lokal basierten Coupons. Mobile App Report von ComScore, wonach 60 Prozent der gesamten Internetnutzung von Mobile devices ausgeht, wahrend hierzulande die Studie der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online-Forschung (AGOF) fur das dritte Quartal 2014 belegt, dass 48,7 Prozent mobile Endgerate zur Internetnutzung verwenden. Das sind aber nicht nur interessante Zahlen und Fakten fur den Marketingbereich sondern auch nutzliche Infos fur den Bereich lokale Suche. Das untermauert nur die Tatsache, dass die stationaren Gerate langsam aber sicher ausgedient haben.

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