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Of all the components in a conversion funnel, the landing page plays the most instrumental role. You can have really great ads, good marketing copy and even a great product or service, but if your landing page sucks, it can cause issues with your activities online. When we make web pages for products, services or to get some kind of information from someone, we often have a tendency to cram as much information on the page as we can. Another thing marketers forget is that people browsing online are impatient and used to instant gratification. Make sure the messaging on your landing page is consistent with ads, emails, links or other methods by which a visitor arrived at your page.
This is another area where your visitors will put up with a lot before they give up, especially if they are interested in your value proposition. Your value proposition, which may have been promised in an ad, or whatever drove the person to the page should also be present. Much of landing page success has to do with messaging and layout; however, the technical details can also trip you up.
A good rule of thumb is to reduce the amount of Flash and Javascript you use in your landing page.
When you are online trying to accomplish something, there are few things worse than a web page that will not work or that is confusing. It is the piece that serves as the function by which people become customers or leads, and it also must give that additional push for someone in the sales or lead-generation process.

This post will show you how to make an amazing landing page by highlighting best practices.
We also have a tendency to forget about why the person came to the page in the first place. They have arrived instantaneously and are now looking for the thing that caused them to come to the page in the first place. It is true that most people will muddle through a process even if it’s hard and confusing. You can think of the process by which people follow conversion funnels as a series of directions. Like other elements of poor landing page construction, people will put up with a little headache, but not a lot. Anything slower than a few seconds and you should use their recommendations to make it better. Many of the best practices above all contribute to making your visitors’ time on your landing page pain-free and productive. For tasks that cannot be done anywhere else, we just get furious at the creators and try to find some other method.
For instance, don’t get creative at the last second by putting the word “find” next to a search box. Don’t distract visitors with other elements or detract from an area on the page where the action is.

If you used keywords in your ad or link that lead to your landing page, use those on the page as well.
The Internet is a virtual world where it’s easy to get lost and think you’ve taken a wrong turn. If the relationship between your prospect and your value proposition is fragile to begin with (i.e. If there is important data not showing up because the browser cannot interpret it, you might be missing out on opportunities. If you have to use these technologies, it’s ok as long as you try not to use them for information that is more critical to your landing page success. For companies whose products or services we could potentially do without (or find elsewhere), we move on to the next website.
If they don’t see it, they become confused, and if they still don’t see it, they get irritated and leave. Just saying that doesn’t seem like a lot of time but if you are the driver behind the person who doesn’t noticed the light has changed, it seems like 3 minutes.

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