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Movie Edit Pro offers tons of professional video effects for optimizing images or making creative distortions. As soon as you are finished with your project, you can burn it directly to disc to be presented on a television. The effects in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro can be applied not only to entire images, but also to individual areas. For recordings with several locations, it is often important to communicate location changes. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. November 18, 2015 By Jay Garrett 2 CommentsMagix Movie Edit Pro 2016 is the latest incarnation of the capable video editing software from Magix. Movie Edit Pro’s list of features is certainly impressive and promises professional-level tools but through a consumer-level application.
Movie Edit Pro 2016 appears to offer everything you need to edit videos and create your own movie masterpieces. There’s support for all standard camcorders, high-quality editing tools, native 64-bit support, and the list goes on. Movie Edit Pro 2016 boasts a multitude of unique features, ranging from H.265 support and high-quality image stabilisation through to working with footage from 360° cameras and action cams. Also in the bundle are some impressive special effects, background music, and interactive menus.
The editing software can handle 99 tracks in this Premium version (33 in the Pro) and plays nice with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio mixing.
When you open up the Magix application a dialogue box appears offering choices for what you wish to do. The layout is pretty straightforward with tabs at the top of the screen covering each stage of the production process from Import though to Effects. In every other video editing application I’ve tinkered with, each kind of element has dedicated tracks on the timeline. This took me by surprise a little but, once I got used to the idea, I realised that this does seem to streamline the workflow and also means that 33 tracks, let alone the 99 offered in Premium, should be plenty for most users.
A neat function is that the software can automatically sync audio and video files that are taken on separate devices.
The audio editing felt very natural to use, me being from a more music background, and this element of the Movie Edit Pro suite seems to have everything I need.

The timeline-editing mode is where more experienced editors will find all the intricate granular tools that professionals use. You can even create impressive slow motion effects with smooth speed transitions should you want to emphasise some action sequences. When you’re finished building your video project, you have a number of options for sharing your creation with an audience.
Here’s the little video clip I created using one of the 16mm film look from the styles bank of effects and overlying some captions. Magix Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium is one of the easiest video editing applications I have used thus far and I am pretty sure that I have only just scratched the surface of what this editing suite is capable of. Being compatible with such a wide range of devices, including 360 cams should certainly prove useful and the support for AVCHD and H.265 brings it up above a lot of consumer tools. This video clips will show you everything you need to know about simulating tracking shots and zooms, image rotations, reflections and three dimensional molds. Image enhancements such as brightness or contrast can be used to create dynamic effects with Keyframes. This video will show you how you can remove disturbing noises and add your own recordings to the audio track.
You can save your video to your PC, transfer it to a mobile device, or present it on a popular Internet platform such as YouTube or Facebook. These types of clips can, for example, be published online as trailers for your movie, or you can send them to friends via email.
You can then later transfer the Movie Edit Touch project to Movie Edit Pro on your computer and continue editing it.
Having a game in your library, for free, is a fantastic way to see what our site is all about.
I have been playing around with this kit for a while, so let’s dive in and see how it performs. This year’s Premium version builds on that with special attention paid to usability and stability.
The new technology delivers twice as many full frames as before which means you get smoother moving objects and even more detailed pictures. You can either start a new project and set the preferences right there, open an existing project or select a movie template if you want to use the wizard system. For example, if you’ve captured video footage with a camera that can’t take a shotgun mic, for instance, and supplemented audio with a HD audio recorder, you’ll have two files of the same audio.

Creating a stand-alone video file is as simple as selecting the quality and size of your video.
I have to admit that I didn’t try the disc burning side of things as I simply made a video to be posted on websites and social platforms. Then we'll show you the most important edits and spend some time talking about export and burning functions. Here you'll see the best way to import videos and other media, or how you can record from connected devices. All you have to do is replace the placeholders in the movie template with your own video footage and change the title. We'll show you how you can create a small clip with your personal travel route in no time at all. Simply import the AVCHD material with one click, edit video, burn to Blu-ray Disc complete with animated menu all ready for your big screen TV. The tracks in this application does things differently in that you can put any kind of media on any track and, if there’s space, use different media on the same track.
Usually you would have to synchronise these elements up by comparing waveforms and lining them up manually. But you also have granular controls that allow you to fine-tune aspects of your video such as frame rate, aspect ratio and resolution. It also allows you to upload videos directly to online sharing sites such as Facebook and YouTube.
This video editing program will analyse the waveforms for you and automatically synchronise the audio. This is different from the more traditional timeline in that each element is given equal room in the workspace, regardless of how long they run. This makes it much easier for you to rearrange your footage, effects and transitions in the order you want them to appear.

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