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Wishing to be the heir her father the king has always wanted, Princess Andrea trains to be a knight. In a desperate effort to end the war, Andrea puts her life at risk by taking don Julian back to his kingdom.
But when by mistake she returns to her kingdom and brings a Californian boy with her, war breaks out. Although her plan succeeds, and her courage gains her parents' respect, Andrea, haunted by the cruelties of the battle she has witnessed and her grief for don Julian's death, questions her wish to be a warrior and finally accepts her role as a lady.

Unfortunately, the publisher went out of business a year later so the book is no longer available to the public.
Movie maker software provides animation tools, color correction, theme, cutting, joining, overlapping  and more. But this time Andrea knows that leaving will not solve her problems, and refuses to run away. To make matters worse, the queen, offended by Andrea's behavior, forbids her to attend the ball that her sisters claim would have changed her mind.

Bound by her conscience to save his life, Andrea defies her father and swallowing her pride, asks her mother for help. Andrea has had enough, and when that very night she learns of the existence of a parallel universe, she happily leaves her parents' castle and crosses the door into the other world: present day California.

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