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Send us emailEmail correspondence must come from a Palomar College email address for identity verification purposes. Here is a screen video that demonstrates the various techniques appropriate to using background music and controlling soundtrack audio in Windows Live Movie Maker. Among the various programs that Microsoft offers for free to its customers of Windows, Movie Maker and Photo Gallery are two widely used and highly appreciated applications. The Photo Gallery now allows you to create beautiful panoramas, fuse multiple images together, and automatically create collages. Like the Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker has also received its fair share of new features and updates. Other than music, the narration feature has also been polished and given a lot of new controls to manage the voice levels. Text effects are enhanced and let you add outlines to the words to make the text more prominent and not let it mix with the background.
As always, Windows Photo Gallery and Movie Maker both come packaged as part of Windows Live Essentials, which can be grabbed at the link below. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
Imate Windows 10, a ova stranica je posvecena prethodnoj verziji operativnog sistema Windows.
About twenty years later, I received a much more practical gift: a digital video (DV) camera.
After shooting some test footage of family and friends, then importing it onto my PC running Windows Vista, I was surprised to find that all the equipment I needed to edit a movie was now right in front of me, in a hassle-free feature called Windows Movie Maker. The hardest part about making a movie isn’t the editing—programs like Movie Maker make that easy—it’s getting good footage to work with. I opened Windows Movie Maker, clicked the File menu, and then clicked Import from Digital Video Camera. For more information about importing, see Import video from a videotape and Troubleshoot importing video problems.
In Windows Movie Maker, it’s surprisingly easy to move a clip around, copy it, change its length, add effects to it, and much more. Split lengthy clips: If a video clip or a sound clip is too long, you can split it into multiple clips. Fade in and out between clips: An easy way to avoid abrupt-looking edits is to right-click a video or audio clip, and then click Fade In or Fade Out.
Tweak title text: When adding overlay text to my movie, I found that I could press the SPACEBAR and ENTER keys to enter extra spaces and returns in the text field to tweak the position of the text in my video. Once I had the basic visual structure of my movie laid out, I imported my live audio WAV file by clicking the Import Media button and following the instructions. Once I was satisfied with the way my movie looked in the Windows Movie Maker preview monitor, I clicked Publish Movie on the File menu, and then followed the simple instructions to publish a file. After a crash course in Windows Movie Maker and a four-minute movie under my belt, I must say I'm pleasantly surprised with the software. Both of these applications allow users to work with their photos and videos, applying effects, adding narration, and creating beautiful slideshows. Usually, you need more than one, and sometimes, very expensive software, to perform all these operations.

These days, you might have noticed a lot of videos on YouTube with either their audio track removed, or completely taken down, because there is a copyrighted audio track in the video that is being used without proper permissions from the author. Now, the programs deals separately with the sound coming from the video, an audio track (music) and narration. A very interesting feature, Video Stabilization, was mentioned on the official Windows Team blog, but during testing, we were unable to find any option similar to what has been demoed. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. On my tenth birthday, my parents fueled my passion for the silver screen by giving me a cheap black-and-white video camera called a PXL-2000, which recorded video onto cassette tapes. I decided it was time to take another stab at that long-forgotten childhood dream: it was time to make a movie!
For my music video, I knew that good footage would begin with a good subject, and Damien Jurado, a singer-songwriter from Seattle (and old friend), was kind enough to play the part.
I wanted live footage to be at the heart of my music video, which presented an obstacle: recording high-quality live sound to go with it. With plenty of footage to play with, and a separate audio recording of the show, I packed up my gear and went home. Using an IEEE 1394 cable (also known as a FireWire, i.Link, or Lynx cable), I connected my DV camera to an IEEE 1394 port on the back of my computer. I have a fairly large hard disk, so I chose a high-resolution file type called AVI, and then clicked Import the entire video tape to my computer. Many features are intuitive (see Getting started with Windows Movie Maker for an overview), but like any program, Movie Maker has its nuances. I switched to timeline view by clicking Timeline on the View menu, then expanded the video track by clicking the plus sign (+).
I clicked the Split button located in the lower-right corner of the preview pane to do this.
This was incredibly useful for finding the exact moment I wanted to split a clip, or to transition from it. For more information about on-screen text, see Add movie titles and credits in Windows Movie Maker. I lined up the music file with the video clips, being careful to mute the filmed audio that was embedded in the video clips where appropriate. Depending on how you plan to distribute your movie, you’ll probably want to experiment with quality settings—for me, it’s all about the web. If you want to see the results of my moviemaking experiment, you can go online to watch my music video featuring Damien Jurado on YouTube.
For a hobbyist video editing program, it has some impressive capabilities—sometimes you just have to dig to find them. He comes from the video game industry where he has worked as a magazine journalist and an author of strategy books. The main focus of these applications has not been on piling up a lot of features; instead, providing users with simple controls to perform basic image and video editing functions is what Microsoft aimed for. The latest Windows Photo Gallery allows you to perform all these functions all from a unified interface without actually putting any effort in. While creating a collage, you can choose different modes for the final image, including Large Portrait (1200 x 1500 pixels), Large Landscape (1500 x 1200 pixels), Medium Portrait (750 x 1050 pixels) Medium Landscape (1050 x 750 pixels) and Fit to Desktop.

Movie Maker is aiming to help its users avoid that embarrassing situation when they create a video by providing them free music from AudioMicro, Free Music Archive and Vimeo Music. The Emphasize function lets you choose any of the sources, from narration, video and music, to put the emphasis on during playback. If anyone finds it in their copy of the software, let us know in the comments section below. With my DV camera in hand, I followed Damien and his band around for an entire day, filming anything that looked interesting. I brought along a handheld audio recording device called a Roland Edirol R-09 (these run around 400 bucks), which is capable of recording high-quality sound on the go.
Within the hour, all the footage from my MiniDV tape was imported to my computer, and neatly organized into clips (based on when I started and stopped the camera during filming). This allowed me to view my transitions (such as fades and sweeps) in the timeline, and change each one the same way I would a clip. Yesterday, a new version of Windows Photo Gallery and Movie Maker came was announced for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Now, other than the local tracks found on your hard drive, you can also select music from these three services to use in your project. Waveform visualizations help you to decide where to edit the video and audio streams and control their levels. But after a three-day horror-movie shoot involving my brother, a kitchen knife, and a can of chocolate syrup, my project came to a screeching halt.
The nice thing about digital footage (as opposed to film) is that you can capture a lot of it without investing much money. I used the device to capture the live sound into the WAV file format, completely separate from the video footage.
Everyone with Windows Vista has access to professional video-editing tools that, twenty years ago, were reserved for the elite. Some very useful new features are introduced in the latest version, such as Text Effects, Audio Emphasize, Auto Collage, Photo Fuse. However, while trying to create a panorama or fuse images together, make sure that you select similar images shot with the same scenery and lightning.
As fun as movies were to watch and even film, the idea of editing analog tape was just too daunting a task for a ten-year-old kid.
I easily filled a standard MiniDV tape with a wide variety of footage, from conversations to passing cars. Moreover, Vimeo is the new publish partner of Microsoft, allowing you to share videos directly to Vimeo from Photo Gallery and Movie Maker. And so sadly, I retired prematurely from moviemaking and my first video camera ended up gathering dust in a closet.

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