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It happens many a times that you would have recorded a video using handy cam keeping it in front and realized it was upside down or inverted when viewed on TV or your computer.  Recording the video again is not possible all the time so here is an easy and free solution to rotate your videos either by 90 degree to either left or right. Windows Live Movie makes is a free solution from Microsoft which lets you edit and create movies. Once done, select the movie and you will see an option which says Rotate Left, Rotate Right in the Ribbon menu.
A Professional Tech blogger, Editor and Writer who talks about solving day to day problems of people who use computer. HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. If you’ve ever recorded a video on your smartphone, only to find it sideways or upside down, then you know how frustrating it can be to watch it later.
Many people recommend the free VLC video player to watch the video in the correct orientation, but the finished product isn’t permanent. Unless you’re interested in the other applications in this package, then go ahead and deselect everything except Photo Gallery and Movie Maker. Once Movie Maker is installed, go ahead and start it and you will see the following window. There’s quite a bit going on here, but for our purposes, the rotation process is really quite painless. If you’re unsure which way to rotate your movie, then go ahead and play it for a few seconds to give you an idea. If you’re not pleased with the results, then you can go back and save it again using different settings. As we mentioned in the beginning, there are other ways to rotate videos on Windows, VLC being the one that is mentioned most often. We now see that our video is oriented correctly and we can watch it without needing to stand on our heads. You can now open your new movie file in any video application you choose and it should play at the correct orientation.
We should note however, that you will need to go back into the VLC preferences and revert the options back to their defaults.

If you’ve ever recorded a video on your smartphone, only to find it sideways or upside down, then you know how frustrating it can be to watch it later.
For earlier versions of Windows hold down the Ctrl key and orient the screen using the arrow keys.
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Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. After converting Gopro video to Windows Movie Maker AVI, MPG, WMV, you are now ready to go.
Microsoft’s freeware Windows Movie Maker is becoming easier and more simplified with each rendition of the software. Girar um video no Windows Movie Maker e uma opcao de edicao para usuarios que tenham filmado um video com a camera de lado ou de cabeca para baixo. Os comentarios sao de responsabilidade exclusiva de seus autores e nao representam a opiniao deste site. It comes with many great features including rotating videos  permanently which also helps you make a landscape video into a portrait video. This is the second drawback as it takes time to process the video and there is no way to skip this. This method isn’t nearly as easy and the only way to make the change permanent is to jump through a bunch of hoops.
Like we said, it’s kind of a pain, which is why we feel Windows Movie Maker is the best way to go about quickly rotating and saving videos. For Windows 8.1 and 10 Right click on the desktop and select Graphics Properties, select Display and use the Rotate. GoPro is a big family including Helmet hero, Motorsports hero, Surf Hero, Hero Naked and Hero 960.
Hell, many of us can’t even figure out how to use the video camera on our cell phone, let alone capture video footage using a real camcorder. Alternatively, click the Windows movie maker icon from your dock or desktop (it resembles a film strip adorned with bright orange flowers). Alternatively, you can click the blue project menu icon in the upper-right hand corner of the WMM and select Save movie from the drop-down menu.

Importe o video para o Movie Maker e arraste-o para a linha do tempo na parte inferior da tela.
Na versao do Windows XP e Vista, no menu lateral esquerdo, va em Editar Filme e clique em Exibir efeitos de video.
Uma vez importado o video girado, no menu Pagina Inicial ha a opcao girar 90° para esquerda ou para direita. Nao precisa baixar programa nenhum, pois alem de rodar todos os formatos de videos ele tambem faz esse servico facil, com rapidez e eficacia. Otherwise you could downgrade or possibly erase an invaluable memory that you can never retrieve.
Simpson murder trial verdict in 1995, the day the verdict was announced long distance phone call traffic decreased 58 percent and trading volume on the New York Stock Exchange decreased by 41 percent. Things we should take into account – lighting, focus, and shutter speed – sometimes fall to the wayside when trying to capture that quintessential concert footage or panning landscape portrait of the great outdoors. Here’s our guide on how to rotate a video using free, standalone programs like Windows Movie Maker and iMovie.
Isso e porque o aspect ratio (proporcao entre a altura e a largura dos pixels que compoem uma imagem digital) foi alterado. It will convert Gopro video.MP4 to AVI, WMV, MPG for Windows Movie Maker on Windows 8, Windows 7, xp, Vista system are compatible and supports batch load and batch convert Gopro video file. Unfortunately, orientation is often another forgettable pitfall, one that will likely lead to kink in your neck when you try to watch your precious video at home on another device. We can’t guarantee your video is going to look any better, but at least your neck will thank you for it.
Selecione Girar 90? (se estiver em ingles, rotate 90?), segure e arraste para cima do video que esta na linha de tempo.

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