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If you want to convert WLMP footages to AVI or other formats, you have to use a general WLMP video converter to convert the imported files. WLMP, short for Windows Live Movie Maker, is a project file saved with Windows Live Movie Maker (the successor Windows Movie Maker).
As we know, Media players like VLC, QuickTime and so on can’t open and play WLMP file type.
Not only can this best WLMP Video Converter convert WLMP to AVI, but also it can convert any footage to any device and output format. Step 2: After that, launch WLMP to AVI Converter and click “Add video” or “Add from folder”. Step 4: The built-in editing function provided by WLMP to AVI Video Converter is something worth trying. Conclusion: Before you meet this wonderful WLMP Video Converter, converting WLMP files to AVI or some other format may be hard to you.
Top 10 Best AVCHD to AVI Converter You Need to Know: As there are countless software available for this purpose, choosing the right one gets a bit tricky. Top 5 Best Video Converter for Mac Reviewed 2015: When you are doing to watch some videos on Mac, have you met the trouble of ‘Error message’ appeared on the screen? Include Rankings, Reviews, Side-by-Side Comparisons, Articles, Hot Topic, User guides and more. Video cameras have been around for decades, but it's become increasingly common to have a video camera. First of all, we have strictly scaned and reviewed all the Video Editing Software with BitDefender Total Security and IObit Security 360, they all pass the test without any spyware and viruses warning, so you can download and use them safely, they will not ruin your computer at all.
When you are looking for the perfect video software there are three main aspects to consider: import abilities, editing features and export options.
Easy to Use - Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing an application that is difficult to use. Editing Tools - Editing tools include everything from changing the background lighting and color tones to clipping the video so you get the perfect segment for what you need.
Audio & Photo Editing - Not only can you have video within in your movie, but you can add photos and your own audio to the mix.
Help & Support - When working with any complex software, having manufacturer help and support can make or break an application. Video editing software can turn your raw video footage and photos into professional-quality masterpieces.
Many times while shooting a video, we keep the camera on and continue to record some events that may not be useful. Note that this single video is shown as one continuous icon in the storyboard on right side. Once the Vertical line is dragged till that 1st split point,  click on the ‘Split’ button in the Edit tab to get what’s shown below. The video can be previewed by clicking on the ‘Play’ button in the Preview pane on the left side. Before saving, if you still find some portions to be removed from start or end then you can make use of ‘Trim tool’. So we have seen how to remove the unwanted footages in between the video by using the ‘Split’ option by splitting the video into smaller video .
As you split the video into many smaller videos, you can rearrange the videos by just dragging them in any order you want if required in the Storyboard. Also keep an eye on the total time of video to get an idea as you use Trim option, your total length of video will be reduced once trimmed.

You can also make use of slider provided at bottom right of Windows Live Movie Maker for zooming the time scale in the Storyboard. So Enjoy shooting a Home Video and edit it to make it look like professional video very easily, in Windows Live Movie Maker. This article will show you how to convert WLMP files to AVI and virtually any format you want. That’s why so many people want to convert WLMP to AVI, a popular video format used for both online and offline video sharing. To trim the video, add artistic effects, adjust audio, add watermark, customize video parameters and so on.
With the help of internet, you can get innumerable suggestions, but to make the work easier for you, we bring you the top 10 recommended ones from the net.
Most cell phones come with video capabilities, giving you the perfect opportunity to capture the moment. Each of these elements is important for creating and sharing professional-looking videos, so we looked for products that include tools and features to address these needs. A good application will work with virtually any camera, camcorder or even VCR and let you pull the files you want directly from the device via your computer. We looked at the different features available for video editing and how simple it was to perform various tasks. This is the section where we evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each application's editing tools. With the export and production options you are able to save your movie to a variety of discs or locations. It is the nature of video editing software to be feature rich and if you run into a snag you should be able to contact someone for help. The applications we reviewed can provide you with the features you want in an easy-to-use interface. Consequently, we end up with a longish video which includes some unwanted footage or long pauses where no action is  taking place. Actually people just add photos, videos in Windows Live Movie Maker and create a final movie without editing. Before you start editing, watch the video and make a note of what you want and what you don’t in terms of time. For doing this, drag the ‘vertical line’ in the storyboard till the ‘Current location in the Movie’ shows 00:38. So click on the 2nd video to select it, now keeping the ctrl button pressed, also click on the 4th video to select it. Now, if everything is fine and you are getting what you wanted then you can save it in any format you want. These can be used to snip a video to a Single frame as pressing them moves the video by a frame. Once you understand it, it’ll be a very easy job that can be done very quickly in Windows Live Movie Maker. He is interested in anything technical and is committed to Microsoft technologies and products. Since Windows Live Movie Maker won’t let you publish movies in AVI format, a video converter is needed.
For some HD video formats which shot from HD camcorders such as MXF, XAVC videos, in this way we may need some MXF converting tips or XAVC video converter introduction to help us a lot in watching.
With these three steps in mind, we evaluated and reviewed a long list of products and narrowed it down to our top choices.

This section also includes the design of the user interface and how everything is organized in the application. We specifically look for whether the application includes a storyboard and timeline layout, a video stabilizer and the ability to add text to the video. Some applications are even set up for adding 3D effects to videos as well as working with HD. And, if you do happen to get stuck there is always the help and support offered by the manufacturer.
This doesn’t look professional and I have come across many users, though they wanted to remove some footage but find it bit confusing to do.
Apart from these options, explore various other options like transitions (there are lots of transitions provided), adding text, titles, audio etc. He is actively associated with various Microsoft online communities, forums, Newsgroups and has been actively involved in Beta testing various Microsoft products and bug submissions. It comprises of simple features which makes it highly suggested software program for the beginners. Of course, if you don’t think it’s a necessary to do, you can skip it and move onto the next step directly.
Our top three picks for video editing software are CyberLink PowerDirector, AVS Video Editor and Movavi Video Editor. Some applications have a choppy or disjointed playback so it is difficult to tell how your final product will look. There is no point in purchasing a program if it is going to make tasks more difficult than they should be. Not only do you have to worry about what disc to save your movie to, but it is also important to consider the format of the file, whether you want a MPEG or a MOV file. It is these transitions that really make your video unique so you will want to make sure that the application you choose has all of the options you want.
Another aspect this section covers is whether the software itself is capable of burning discs.
And with photo editing, you can have even more options when it comes to showcasing your latest adventure since you won't be limited by having only your video files. Now you can put those videos and photos to use when you make your own home movie to share with your friends and family. Video editing software is the perfect way to compile all of your videos and photos, edit professional home videos and distribute the movies to friends and family. If the video editing software can burn the discs you don't have to worry about finding another application to transfer the files from your computer to your Blu-ray Disc or DVD. If the software you select has good support options, you won't have to worry about getting stuck in an application; you can rest assured that you will receive the help you need.
And after that if you ‘Save trim’, you’ll get the video between those handles, trimming the start or end or both as you had done. The start and end point can also be adjusted by changing the values in the Start and End Point boxes, its kind of fine tune.

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