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There is the step by step user guide for Clone2Go Video Converter: How to convert between video formats including AVI, WMV, FLV, MPG, 3GP, MKV, etc. After you get the output video clip downloaded and converted from YouTube, now you can begin to put it into your Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is a totally free program that comes with Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows XP Professional, and Windows Vista (also called Windows DVD Maker). Wirelessly transfer photos & videos among iOS devices as well as between computer and device.
Instantly turn photos & music into vivid slideshow movie with transitions, themes, artclips, and more.
Youtube Movie Maker is an application that allows you to easily create, design and publish clips to YouTube.
So, you can import video and image files by using the file browser or the "drag and drop" method. After you add audio and music, as well as a title and subtitle, you can preview the movie and publish it to YouTube.

In addition, you can add a watermark to each image file, disable sound, as well as arrange text on the video and configure font options.
Furthermore, you can record your monitor and use the clip in the movie, set the playback speed of the selected audio or video, as well as add effects (e.g. The tool requires a moderate amount of system resources, includes a brief and incomplete help file, and didn't freeze, crash or display popup errors during our tests.
The bottom line is that Youtube Movie Maker is a simple-to-use program for building and publishing clips to the well-known YouTube website, and we strongly recommend it to all users. In the pop up dialog of "Import Video from Internet", paste the URL of the YouTube video you copied just now.
I always use Clone2Go Video Converter Professional to convert between common video formats including AVI and WMV.
To skip this trouble, please select "Customized AVI Movie(*.avi)" profile and adjust "video codec" to "msmpeg4v2", "video size" to "Original" to get AVI video accepted by Windows Movie Maker. Once you initiate Youtube Movie Maker, you can use a wizard to easily obtain your desired results.

3D, blend, shift, wipe), set the start and end time, specify the image fill mode, choose the text transparency level, manage your YouTube account, and others. Apart from a video converter, this piece of software can also be used to download videos from YouTube. So, back to Part 1, if the size of the video you are going to download from YouTube is larger than 40 MB or if you failed to get a high Internet connection, you can just give this video converter a shot. In the window, navigate to the video clip you downloaded and converted from YouTube just now.

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