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A fortunato depero futurist art image showing movie makers.See the picture in greater detail by moving the mouse pointer over it - this will display a magnification window showing the picture at full scale.
If the copyright of any image or wallpaper on this site belongs to you, contact us immediately and we will remove it. Le clou du spectacle de ces attaques de diligence d'un nouveau genre, une action whole train epique a la 58eme minute.
Regarding this text, it was written by Xplicit Grafx so it’s their opinion that art is art and graffiti is graffiti. Ouai pas mal, un peu repetitif les models, le debut bien motivant et mouvemiente, mais y?a un moment que les pannels et les models sont trop repetitif… mais ca reste du bon travail. En meme temps ils veulent peindre leure bou de train tranquil ce mettre au millieu c’est un peu les chercher non ? Entre ceux qui se defoncent aux amphets ou a la coke avant d’aller peindre, les bastons avec des quidams, des vigiles ou d’autres graffeurs, les chiens defonces ou empoisonnes, le vol generalise, les arnaques aux compagnies de trains, les effractions, les familles ruinees, les accidents mortels et les suicides… Ca fait longtemps que ca a « degenere ». In the most blatant act of symbolism, as Africa is now threatened by a President who touted the importance of his African roots four years ago, Obama reaffirmed his Presidential oath today on both Abraham Lincoln’s Bible – and that of Martin Luther King – on the day dedicated to Martin Luther King.

The man who swore on Martin Luther King Junior’s Bible today is reported as personally deciding, weekly, who will be dismembered-by-drone, carried out by a youth at a computer screen around six thousand miles away.
But assassinations are now the sickening norm, as also Osama bin Laden, then Colonel Quaddaffi, the latter after US Ambassador Christopher Stevens arrived in Libya with a cargo ship of munitions and mercenaries.
On Sunday, 20th January, as the President swore the solemn oath to “… preserve and protect …” nine Yemenis were summarily executed by a US Drone. As the New Year was celebrated two more election promises were reduced to dust.The President signed in to law the 2013 National Defence Authorisation Act, blocking any attempt to close Gulag Guantanamo. Barak Obama’s initial nomination to the Democratic convention was on the forty fifth anniversary of King’s “I have a dream” speech. The man whose words have rung down over four decades, encapsulating a non-violent demand for peace, equality and fairness: “I have a dream”, has again been resurrected as President Obama’s philosophical icon. There are more funds for war in Afghanistan – which might have a US presence until 2025 – or forever, depending on your view – and of course the inhuman sanctions on Iran with the risk of six million patients’ deaths due to lack of medical essentials, were tightened.
We must see that peace represents a sweeter music, a cosmic melody that is far superior to the discords of war.

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Ptin franchement, ok c’est bon de ce faire du mur et laisse sa trace partout et sur tout ce qui est a porte de cap.

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