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Two weeks ago I reviewed Twitter’s “Vine” iPhone app that lets you film a 6 second movie and post it on Twitter and Facebook. After you launch the VideoBite app and give it access to the your iPhone Photos, tap on the yellow square at the bottom left hand side of the screen to bring up the app’s Menu. Regardless of whether you use VideoBite to shoot new video clips, the next step in assembling your VideoBite movie is to access the app’s menu and tap the “Select” icon to choose the video clips from the Camera Roll that you want to include in your finished film. If you tap the “Heart” icon during playback, the app will mark the section that is playing as a “Favorite.” You can have more than one “Favorite” section in each clip. Unlike apps like the iMovie app, VideoBite doesn’t let you easily move the “playhead” (the starting point for viewing the clip during playback) or set the beginning and ending points of a clip to shorten it. Unfortunately, while you’ll see video, the app doesn’t play back any audio recorded at the time you shot the video through the iPhone’s speaker. Your clips will be arranged, top to bottom, in the order in which you checked them off in the “Select” step.

You can play each clip in the “Arrange” step, too, giving you one last chance to preview it before it becomes integrated into your film. Hitting the “Play” button on the bottom of the screen will play all of the clips in the sequence in which you’ve arranged them. I found that if I only used two of the four clips I had selected, totaling only 36 seconds of video, I could share my VideoBite movie. I found this puzzling, since nothing I’ve read about VideoBite suggests that there is any limit on the length of the video that you can share. I’ll leave VideoBite on my iPhone for a while, just to see if Adobe updates it so sharing works reliably, and if other, more useful features are added.
Compared to the “micro-video production” app, Viddy, that creates 15 second long videos, Vine is a” micro-micro-video” product. You have to use the “Favoriting” process to do so, and that doesn’t let you pick the parts that you want very precisely.

So, if like me, you omitted a clip and added it later, it will be at the bottom, even if it was shot before the other clips in the list. Unfortunately, it runs in teeny-tiny window at the top of the iPhone screen rather than in “full screen” mode. I’ll stick with Apple’s iMovie app to produce longer, more “professional” movies which I can share on YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo. I kept getting the “Please wait” message, but the app never finalized my completed project for sharing.

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