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A thread in comments on a post from Michal Migurski got me thinking about the analogy of film making to software design and development. We can learn a lot by looking at parallels between film making and software, if only to recognize the issues we face around budgets, timelines, clarity of direction, conceptual and tactical authority are not unique.
To begin, let's establish a basic model that compares the film making process to the software making process.
Naturally, there are countless variations to this flow, with more or fewer steps, multiple feedback loops, things happening in parallel, and so on. I'll explore more of these in subsequent posts, but for now, I'm curious to know if this analogy seems useful. I think the relationships outlined here are a great start for comparing design to other fields to get understanding from the outside world. As far as some of the questions that fall out from the comparison, I think there are distinct comparisons on a high level. From my past experience in film, I think we can also draw lessons from the parallels between editing processes and design processes. When I try to explain this to my coworkers, I actually tend to use the TV Series metaphor, not the movie. A friend of mine recently mused, in fact, that the software discipline now is much like the filmmaking discipline before Eisenstein, and then went on to explain that before him, filmmakers would essentially point a camera at a theatre set and roll film.
One of the most compelling things I think the software discipline ought to borrow from the filmmaking discipline is the concept of the line, referring to a horizontal line scrawled across a ledger once upon a time. In his book "Sketching User Experiences" Bill Buxton mentions many comparisons and even goes further into the world of animation and choreography in search of similarities and finding inspirations when sketching to design for these worlds. What's puzzling, however, is that it took them a relatively short time to figure this out compared to the software industry (not the only thing apparently stunted about computers, come to think of it).
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Design has seen a drastic change from a linear process to the iterative method and this can be compared on many levels to the non-linear editing techniques provided by digital editing software.
Especially since many software people view the movie analogy as waterfall and they hate waterfall. Cooper himself made the comparison between the respective productions of software and film in Inmates. Work above the line is conceptual (screenwriting, production design), work below is implementation (sets, props, filming). I'm particularly interested for a couple reasons; one, I have a film degree but work as a ui designer, and two, I've recently used some film-specific documentation standards for planning, prepping and scoping a large-scale prototype demo for executives.
Both have a clear product owner (in film it's the Director), the backlog is well-structured as an epic with smaller stories, and reviewing the dailies is basically the same as a daily scrum.
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Having some exposure to film I concur; I find software acquisition to resemble film production probably more than anything else, despite that it gets routinely coerced into a construction metaphor. The end goal was, and I kid you not, a 254 slide deck that took 3 hours to present and we didn't lose the interest of a half-dozen executives and senior engineering staff members.
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