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Why on earth microsoft can’t make things easy and just include an mp-4 extension for media player automaticly is baffling! Divx is an option would it not be that you get all in Chinese because they link you to it at the divx webpage ( why nobody can tell or knows ).. To solve this issue, download Elecard MPEG-4 Codec Pack or try Faasoft Video Converter to change MP4 to WMP supported formats.
Just google search Step by Step Guide to Convert MP4 to Windows Media Player with iDealshare VideoGo, you will find a detailed guide. There is another chance that you can play .mp4 files directly on your computer and no extra plugins needed. Windows Media Player must be the most popular media playback application for computer users. Press the “Update” button, a pop-up will appear and ask your confirmation if you want to download it. There are some players that can support MP4 files, for example VLC Player, DVD X Player, etc. How to Download Media Player Codec Pack Free for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 to Solve "Media Player Not Support Codec" Error? Tips: When play an UHD 4K video (MKV) on Windows 7 using Windows Media Player, the easiest way to solve missing codec error without downloading media player codec pack, is to convert MKV to WMP compatible formats with HD video converter software.
Normally when you get stuck in incompatible codec issues, click Web Help in Windows Media Player's pop-up box and you will find the exact codec you lack. Step 4: Select a compatible video codec for WMP on Windows 10 in the Output Profile center. When setting up the media player for the first time it gives you a list of file extensions to play and nowhere in there is mp-4.
Most phones only have mp-4 extenions, how the heck are you suppose to play them on your computer?? If it doesn’t work in Windows Media Player though I recommend you just download and use VLC for those files. Why not try Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player for free, which can Play any videos or audios like MP4, MOV and RMVB, etc.

Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player is a versatile media player dealing with almost all the media formats including Blu-ray. In the search box, where it says “Download Center”, click it and type “codec” in the search box on the upper part of the page, and press “Enter”. Choose “Code Installation Package” which is compatible with Windows Media Player 7.1 or later, and supports the current WMP 10 and 11.
Just use a video converter to convert MP4 to WMV or AVI first, and then play the WMV or AVI files in WMP. People who enjoy video and audio streaming will notice that only certain media players can play MP4 files. It can only play Windows media audio and video files extensions with aiff, asf, au, avi, midi, mp3, mpeg, wav, wmv and wma. Simply download any version of the codec pack from a free codecs website and save it on your desktop. The data reveals that WMP users are so loyal that they would rather download media player codec pack for Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP, etc to make up for incompatible codecs and perfect the Player software.
Windows Media Player incompatible codec problem can be settled by downloading media player codec pack as well as by converting video codec to WMP supported file formats, which is much easier to some extent.
Choose MP4, AVI and WMV in "General Profiles", or AVC, HEVC, Matroska, 3GP in "PC Genral Video". When it's done, your 8K video will be playable on Windows 10 without downloading any media player codec pack.
In fact, a recent survey on a technology site showed just as many users using this pack as the official Microsoft pack. VLC is widely known as a player that plays everything and it’s invaluable on any computer because of that. It has some cool gadgets like sticky notes, weathe.Microsoft formally launched Windows 8 at a press event held Thursday in New York City. You probably need to run a validation tool, get the validation code and enter the code in the blank box as the indications. After the codec is installed in your computer, the so-called mp4 media player can now be used.

XP users will need a MP4 codec for Windows Media Player to view or listen to the MP4 file format.
Microsoft holds different versions that are especially suitable for Windows, Mac, Solaris, etc. This powerful video converter not only can convert MP4 to AVI or WMV but also convert between all other popular video formats.
You will receive an error message that the selected file has an extension that is not recognized by Windows Media Player with an option to continue to play, but you'll receive another error message that Windows Media Player cannot play the file due to a corrupted file or because the player does not support the format. I have tried using the codec provided by Microsoft, but there's no luck in playing MP4 files after a successful installation on a XP computer. But be cautious and choose carefully, for wrong codec pack or free ones with virus may cause serious playback errors or system crash. Below, you'll find the steps for how to play MP4 files in Windows Media Player for XP, Vista and Windows 7.
Fortunately, there is K-Lite Codec Pack, a third-party code package that you can install for XP so that you can play MP4 files without downloading another media player program.
Check via the next steps: Open Windows Media Player -> Help -> About Windows Media Player -> Technical Support Information. Here we leave you the link of a Windows media player codec pack, which has achieved 13 million download on CNET. Without downloading Windows Media Player codec pack, you can freely play H.265, MP4, MKV and DVD files. If you Windows Media Player fail to play MP4 files, I’m afraid you need to install media player MP4 codec in your computer.

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