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Businesses that have been successful with their initial product offering often look to expand their product line either by adopting a multi-brand strategy or a multi-product branding strategy to gain more market share to grow their business.
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MULTI BRAND STRATEGY: Multi-brand strategy, as defined in the Business Directory[1] is the marketing of two or more similar and competing products by the same firm under different and unrelated brands. While these brands eat into each others' sales, multi-brand strategy does have some advantages as a means of: 1.
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By adopting the trick of Multi Brand Strategy, a company can serve effectively to these Brand Switchers.
Facilitates the acceptance of new products by the retailer that is already stocking your other product(s).
When consumers see the brand name everywhere on many different types of products, they may not necessarily put the same faith in the brand as they once did. This can lead to lower sales in all of the different product categories a brand encompasses. By sticking to related products in a brand, you often can grab more market share of that particular niche. Difficulty managing: when you put your brand name on many different types of products, you eventually may have a hard time managing them all.

If you restrict your brand name to items that are similar to one other, such as soap, shampoo and conditioner, it is typically easier to manage them. If you start dealing with products that are completely unrelated to one another, such as soap and automobiles, you may have a hard time effectively managing your resources.

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