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We provide Multimedia services with value to website development as well as endorsement services for the same.
Second, iZaap Technologies brings in to use the finest multimedia expertise for development of promotional operation for its clients. Unique first- of- its- kind website empowers users to design and customize their own EcoCertified binders, boxes, folders, and scrapbooks with no minimum quantity.
Individuals, businesses and organizations can now create their own eye- catching custom binders, boxes, and packaging containing their own personalized designs, images, logos and text. ThePaperWorker will be a game changer because it enables individuals and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the planet, and it fills a dimensional packaging niche that has been neglected by the large online print superstores,” said Anson. Baltimore, MD, March 7, 2011 – Pack Appeal, a division of Bindagraphics, proudly announces four new sales hires – Ron Schilling, Sean FitzPatrick, Mike Stevenson, and Laura Lee. Pack Appeal, formerly known as Quality Information Packaging, has provided high quality binders, slipcases, tabs, and media holders for more than 25 years.
Baltimore, MD, February 28, 2009 – Pack Appeal, a division of Bindagraphics, announced today it has completed installation of an Emmeci MC 2004 MEB rigid set-up box production line.
Rigid set-up boxes feature a non-collapsible chipboard base and lid in either a hinged or two-piece design. With the Emmeci slipcase and rigid set-up box production lines now complete, Pack Appeal has successfully expanded its end-to-end custom packaging production services. Baltimore, MD, February 12, 2009 – Pack Appeal, a division of Bindagraphics, introduced today its new name and product offering. Pack Appeal has moved aggressively to upgrade its capabilities to meet the high-volume, quick-turnaround demands of its customers.
Baltimore, MD, January 19, 2009 – Pack Appeal, a division of Bindagraphics, proudly announces the phase one installation of a high-speed Emmeci slipcase manufacturing production line.
Scheduled for completion in February 2009, phase two of the Emmeci installation will give Pack Appeal the ability to manufacture “Godiva™ style” rigid set-up boxes. Under consideration since Drupa 2008, installation of the fully automated slipcase maker was completed in January 2009. Give effortless presentations right at the fingertips with a wireless presenter that comes with an integrated laser pointer and backlit buttons. The Targus Multimedia Presentation Remote features a simplistic button layout, making it easy to give presentations. Cursor control for remote access to programs; controls the volume for music and videos remotely. Offers a built-in laser pointer to help emphasize or bring attention to important points during presentations.

Includes multimedia buttons, useful for controlling video playback and volume controls during a presentation. A hidden compartment or dock that conveniently stores your USB receiver along with your presenter to keep you on point when you reach your destination. Wireless technology operates up to 50 feet away for added flexibility; USB receiver stores in presenter. This wireless presenter features a built-in laser pointer that allows users to navigate and control presentations with ease. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Tracy Boyer created this presentation on all the elements needed and the organizational structure for creating a multimedia piece for news. Today, uses of multimedia channels in the website and for promotional reason have become essential for any business. The use of multimedia in the appearance of video, picture gallery, sound files, and presentation has answered in the improvement of website comfortable and presentation.
Multimedia improves the user interactivity on a website and support in escalating a two-way flow of in order for better communication and response method.
Users have access to 1000s of graphics, millions of images, real- time 3D proofing, and easy online design tools. Customizable packaging offered on ThePaperWorker includes three ring binders, reinforced paper binders, gift boxes, 3 ring scrapbooks, and presentation folders.
Each customizable product has all the attributes that have earned Colad a strong reputation over the past 60 years: high- quality materials, beautiful photo- quality printing, durable construction, and great design coupled with affordable pricing. ThePaperWorker merges our custom product offerings with our digital packaging capabilities and allows users to create their own Eco- Certified personalized custom packaging with no minimum quantity requirements. Only ThePaperWorker offers a turnkey solution for completely customizable turned- edge three ring binders or scrapbooks, or for fully personalized boxes. Colad’s strengths have earned it a customer base that not only loves the company’s products but also truly enjoys working with Colad from design through delivery. This highly automated equipment allows Pack Appeal to provide fast turnaround times on a wide variety of rigid set-up box applications. Additional capabilities include an in-house design team, 360° rotating 3D CAD proofing system, decorated prototypes and complete fulfillment and shipping solutions.
Formerly Quality Information Packaging or “QIP”, Pack Appeal also launched its new website detailing its full range of custom packaging solutions. Pack Appeal’s talented in-house design team can provide custom-designed prototypes and interactive 3-D virtual proofs.

The company’s Eco-Appeal line of folders, boxes, binders and tabs are constructed of recycled paper and board, as well as FSC-certified and SFI-certified materials, to the customer’s request.
In January, the company began installation of a high-speed, fully-automated Emmeci slipcase manufacturing production line. Pack Appeal is now competitive in high volume and quick turnaround slipcase design and production. The KeyLock™ Technology locks non-essential buttons when not needed to help eliminate accidental button presses. Laser pointer makes it easy to highlight presentation content while the backlit buttons make it easy to present in rooms with low lighting. Colad is Eco- Certified by FSC® and SFI® and is an EPA Green Power® Partner for its use of renewable Wind energy.
Lucas, where they acquired over 100 years of combined experience in providing multimedia packaging and fulfillment solutions. Boxes and lids can be wrapped with printed litho paper or one of many specialty wrap materials. Vegetable-based inks and biodegradable film laminate allow buyers to design their own customized eco-friendly packaging solution.
Now complete, this top-shelf equipment enables Pack Appeal customers to enjoy quick turnarounds and competitive pricing on long or short run projects. Slipcases are often companion pieces for a wide variety of book, magazine and loose-leaf binder projects. The integrated laser pointer allows the presenter to highlight important content while the backlit buttons provide visibility in environments with low lighting.
A built-in cursor control let's you control the mouse functions directly from your presenter.
Decoration options at Pack Appeal, including film laminate, UV coating, foil stamping and debossing, give designers plenty of choices for customizing rigid set-up boxes to meet the demands of their brand and customer base. The latest RF 2.4GHz cordless technology works from up to 50ft away, providing flexibility while presenting in large conference rooms or classrooms. The remote also features volume and cursor controls so you can listen to music or access other programs wirelessly. Both stylish and functional, the Targus Presentation Remote is easy to operate for seamless presentations at work or school.

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