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Navigational attribute is like any other master data attribute except that we can navigate (filter, drill down and selection) in reports on this characteristic. A For starters, you should either do a lookup in BW or enhance the extractor on ECC side to add new characteristic to infocube, this is cumbersome and delta on the new fields may not work and most important the history data will not have this field populated. Caution: Transport of master data object might take long time when you switch on navigation attributes in cases where master data volume is high.
MyNOAACharts, a mobile app beta test for Android tablets, can easily integrate the user's location, the nautical chart, and all the navigational information from the U.S. As recreational boaters gear up for a summer of fun on coastal waters and the Great Lakes, NOAA is testing MyNOAACharts, a new mobile application that allows users to download NOAA nautical charts and editions of the U.S. MyNOAACharts, which can be used on land and on the water, has GPS built-in capabilities that allow users find their positions on a NOAA nautical chart. A whale of an app is about to make a splash on iPhones and iPads, providing a hand-held tool for those who need to know if right whales are swimming through their shipping lanes and what to do in such an event. The Transportation Department is launching a free app for iPhones and iPods that gives real-time vehicle safety information.
A little more than a week after being released, Facebook's new interface for Android smartphones, Facebook Home, has crossed the 500,000 mark for downloads on the Google Play application store.
Apple on Thursday announced that the number of mini-programs downloaded from its App Store has blasted past the 50 billion milestone, and celebrated the moment with a $10,000 prize. One of the most effective methods for capturing carbon from the atmosphere in the tropics of Latin America requires doing very little.

The importance of forest conservation and forest regrowth in climate mitigation and carbon sequestration - capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere - has long been recognized by climate scientists. A survey of 2,501 members of the public has revealed that just one in five people in Britain are aware of ocean acidification - a consequence of carbon emissions that poses serious risks to sea-life. Cities face harsher, more concentrated rainfall as climate change not only intensifies storms, but draws them into narrower bands of more intense downpours, UNSW engineers have found. Disclaimer: Should only be used on salt water resistant apparatus or where paper charts and other navigational aids are available. Wallpapers for "navigational compass"Click images to view full size and download wallpaper.
To help mariners safely navigate in the Gulf region following the Deepwater BP incident, the Office of Coast Survey is producing daily updates to nautical chart products that display the spill zone forecast based on current spill projections. These electronic and raster charts alert ship captains to the location of the forecasted spill area, so that captains can take efforts to avoid the spill.
However there are many scenarios where you want users to navigate in the reports based on a master data attribute because it is not always possible to have every required field as a characteristic for many reasons. So we donot maintain display attributes in infocube.Why navigational attributes means- a nav. They can zoom in any specific location with a touch of the finger, or zoom out for the big picture to plan their day of sailing.
The Office of Coast Survey provides free BookletCharts, which are 8 A?" x 11" PDF versions of NOAA nautical charts that can be downloaded and printed at home.

The charts depict the 48-hour forecast for oil location, juxtaposed against the standard safety fairways that lead to port approaches.
The nautical chart is one of the most fundamental tools available to mariners, who use charts to plan voyages and navigate ships using the shortest, safest, and most economical routes.
After this you need to switch them on in required infocubes and multproviders under navigational attributes section. The app, which is only designed for Android tablets for the testing period, will be released on May 20. The Coast Pilot has "geotagged" some of the major locationsa€”embedding geographical information, such as latitude and longitude, directly into the chart so it is readable in the appa€”and provides links to appropriate federal regulations. Coast Survey will then evaluate usage and user feedback to decide whether to release a finished version of the app. Coast Guard is also using the chart information to develop instructions for vessels transiting U.S. Grain market participants and Midwestern farmers need efficient port operations to export product. And that is just one example—all segments of our economy rely on timely exports and imports.

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