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Ira Kalb is assistant professor of clinical marketing at the Marshall School of Business of the University of Southern California and president of Kalb & Associates.
In its early years, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, now known as 3M, was a dismal failure.
When Steve Jobs returned to Apple after his twelve years of wandering, the company needed a controversial $150 million investment from a€?arch rivala€? Microsoft to stay afloat. What is the ingredient that brought 3M and Apple from the brink of failure to achieve such an amazing record of success? If innovation has this potential, how can you use it as a tool to power your companya€™s success? To create an innovative culture, managers need to make sure that all employees know that innovation is a job requirement. Innovative companies recognize that failure is an important step in the process of success. The Lexus slogan the Passionate Pursuit of Perfection embodies the TQM (total quality management) mantra of continual improvement, or kaizen. While Dell is not recognized as a product innovator, the company was very innovative in its factory processes, supply-chain management, and make-to-order e-commerce systems. Companies such as 3M and Apple chose innovation at a point in their histories when they did not have much choice. We should be most concerned about companies that are currently successful that do not have innovation ingrained in the fabric of their businesses.
The innovations do not have to be revolutionary or the exclusive domain of new or improved products.
Wherever innovations come from, however they are done, and in whatever part of the business they occur, companies need to continuously innovate or risk dying.
I have no experience with running a restaurant, a high-end retail shop or owning a franchise so I'll hold comment on those and focus on the other models on this list. Of the four web-based options, Direct Sales and Online Retail require a higher initial investment. Direct Sales - I agree with the authors that it is the Top % that performs well in direct sales. The fact is, direct sales companies attract people who aren't willing to invest time and energy with their marketing message of "get rich quick". From my point of view, most direct sales companies don't offer a high enough quality product, at a reasonable enough price. Online Retail - The article focuses on selling retail product through popular marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. That said, there is still room to take advantage of these marketplaces - or at least, the amount of traffic they pull as household names. If you want a sneak peek into how Affiliate Marketing works, see these videos by Rosalind Gardner. Okay, so trying to be the next Facebook or Twitter is shooting high for your first internet-based business model. None of my web properties get a million page views per day, and I make a very nice living online. Independent Consulting - The small business ideas for people who have a particular in-demand expertise could fall under titles like consulting, coaching, mentoring, training, etc. Overall the article had a very negative and discouraging slant, which I assume was the intention.
Obviously I disagree with much of their reasoning for why these 7 small business ideas are overrated, or most likely to fail. About Lynn TerryLynn Terry is a full-time Internet Marketer with over 17 years experience in online business. Great post Lynn, very informative I must say, the more i visit and learn from you the closer I feel to fulfilling my dreams. I hate mindless cheer leading, but it's true that this whole thing depends on your own attitude and desire. 2) consistent work ethic (just because you are working from home doesn't mean you can sit around all day and dream of money. I think most people fail in small business because they don't have enough desire and they don't have a good understanding of what is involved in the process. Maybe you should auction off that half baked business plan Would make a nice ebay auction. So much easier to write about what will probably fail, no doubt, and people love hearing that it's too hard to succeed so they have an excuse not to try.
People do not understand the online business and they think you are so dumb to think you can make anything out of it.
I noticed that some of what the writers based their article on was information provided to them by entrepreneurial professors. Anyway, I couldn't help but be reminded of the statement "Those who can DO", and "Those who can't TEACH". Apparently, the writers needed to talk with people who are actually walking the walk and then talking the talk.

If you think about, thought, they'll only discourage those that aren't willing to put the time in and LEARN everything they need to know. I have to disagree with the statement that traffic driven websites are most likely to fail.
We saw this article, too, via Ben Settle's post on Facebook, and thought that this was THE most small-minded thinking we've seen in a long time.
Just because a majority of folks will not succeed in those business models mentioned in the article; doesn't mean the business models themselves are bad.
Failure to plan = planning to fail; and without action, you'll never get off the starting line. There's never any shortage of people who will try to discourage you from going into business for yourself. Yes Lynn, it would be interesting to see which industries prove to be most profitable; then again it would also be interesting to see where these conclusions of the least profitable businesses came from.
I think a lot of the failure is a result of the person not truly knowing what they are getting into and the resources and effort needed to make the business a success.
Home Based business and internet marketing are great models to start earning passive income as a derivative of hard work. I think desire is a very powerful force which can overcome laziness and bring about tenacity – a workhorse of success. Lynn Terry is a Professional Blogger, Super Affiliate, and full-time Internet Marketer with over 18 years experience in online business. New Business Ideas Promotional Gift Mini Bottle Flutes Sippers, View Mini Bottle Flutes Sippers, winwinworld Product Details from Hangzhou YingMaoDe Housewares Co., Ltd. After years of mining losses and red ink, company founders and investors came to a crossroads. Even worse, when asked what he would do if he were in Jobsa€™s shoes, Michael Dell said, a€?Ia€™d shut it (the company) down, and give the money back to shareholders.a€? Rather than give up, Jobs was able to use these a€?indignitiesa€? to fuel an amazing comeback.
While there are several candidates, the one that both companies clearly had in common is innovation. It should be woven into the fabric of the business and given a prominent place in job descriptions, procedures, and performance evaluations. Once employees believe they have a worthy invention, they can a€?run it up the flagpolea€? using 3Ma€™s a€?Championa€? new product development system.
To be successful, you need a system that continuously monitors the marketplace, collects feedback in real time, analyzes the feedback, reports the unvarnished truth to decision makers, and takes corrective action. This guiding philosophy has propelled Toyota to regaining its lead in global automotive sales in spite of self-destructive missteps and problems caused by the devastating Tsunami of 2011. Its efficiency strategies worked quite well for a number of years a€“ giving Dell cost and quality advantages over its a€?IBM-PC compatiblea€? rivals and Fortune 500 status.
They are the ones that need to avoid the FDH (fat, dumb, and happy) syndrome, try new things and not rest on their laurels.
The improvements can be incremental as they are at Toyota, or they can be in business systems and processes as they were at Dell.
Small Business this morning, 3 of the 7 small business ideas mentioned were work-at-home or web-based.
My first business was a service-based company that I originally started as a home business and quickly moved to a 5000 sq ft showroom in a commercial building - but not what I would consider any of those 3 models. Consulting and Traffic-Driven Websites have a lower level entry and are very inexpensive start-ups. To some extent the model itself supports this, because as the company grows the top tier stands to profit most. I agree that was highly profitable back in the late 90's, however most merchants are now selling below retail or even at wholesale in these marketplaces, making it difficult to break in with a decent profit margin. They key is to set up an online store outside of eBay or Amazon, and then use creative and strategic means to funnel traffic from there to your own website. It's also a very active business model which would ultimately require employees to avoid 80 hour work-weeks for marketing, customer service, inventory management and product delivery.
The article knocks it as a viable idea because independent consultants have to spend far too much of their time scouting for new clients or marketing their services.
I'd be curious what these two authors consider to be small business ideas that do hold high profit potential. Personally I feel the biggest reason for failure has more to do with lack of planning, and lack of follow-through - along with the mistake of working hard, instead of working smart. I was working 40-50 hours a week and still fell below the poverty level in terms of annual income. If you would like to brainstorm small business ideas, or are interested in starting your own successful online business, join us at my Internet Marketing Forum. I started my first business on a half baked business plan I wrote on a legal pad at my kitchen table - with zero biz experience.
Unfortunately bad news pulls more views and that is why all standard media always jumps like a pack of jackals on anything like that. I wonder how many people felt 'validated' by that article, and their choice to quit - or not even start.

Yeah, it's pretty discouraging for people who are thinking to start in those "7 types" of business. Just goes to show that we need to be careful of what sources we're reading for information, especially if we're seeking validation in our choices. Like you said Lynn, it's all in the action taken with planning beforehand that determines success or failure. I think that people frequently believe that they can throw up a site and see a stream of money come fluttering over to them. The cold hard fact is that 95% of people who attempt to make a livable income through IM or WAH businesses will fail. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
The Post-It-Note was created by a couple of employees that used their 15% time to generate the idea and champion it through the 3M System. What worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow, and the information about tomorrow is often available today.
I say this from my experience with 3 different direct sales companies that I worked with in the 90's. Online Retail is alive and thriving, but you can tap into the billion dollar industry more easily by becoming an affiliate for popular online retailers.
But you do not need a million page views a day to earn a nice living from home with "traffic driven websites". Let them find you at the point that they need you most and are actively searching for your services and you'll never hunt for work again. I was feeling major burn-out, didn't have enough time to spend with my family, and was getting nowhere fast.
And here I am, almost 13 years later, making more money and having more fun than I ever could have imagined - in a business I absolutely love! I walked into it clueless, flew by the seat of my pants and figured everything out as I went, and the business did 6-figures the first full year. And if it helps any, people I've known for years STILL start a conversation with "so, are you still doing that internet thing?" - of course, with a strange tone in their voice.
It seems as if their point was to send out a cautionary message to those interested in starting a business for the wrong reasons, and ended up stereotyping industries such as traffic driven web sites and online retail as sure fail options. The truth is that you have to really understand the market that you want to enter and then target a suitable niche. I think a good chunk of the failed businesses (regardless of what type of business) are due to laziness and impatience more than anything - this is what gets us looking for the “get rich quick” button. In a Harvard Business Review interview, Katsuaki Watanabe of Toyota said, a€?There is no genius in our company. Google has adopted a similar system as part of their innovation framework since it pays employees for spending 20% of their time on whatever projects they want. For example, if a successful product brings in $1 billion in sales, and it takes 9 failures to achieve each success, each step in the process (including the 9 failures) can be viewed as bringing the company $100 million in additional business a€“ a positive way to look at failure. Companies need the right telescopes and microscopes to see what is going on and react swiftly once the information is properly analyzed and triangulated. They should know that survival today requires more than treading water, and that many of the companies that were once great are now gone or on their way out largely because they stopped innovating. This cuts out the need for inventory, shipping, and customer service - and allows you to simply focus on the market.
In addition it is so easy to undercut a retail business so you have to develop a strong customer base by offering a unique selling point that brings visitors back to your site for repeat purchases. Affiliate marketing is great but its all about traffic and conversion at the end of the day and it takes hard work and effort to build a successful web presence. We just do whatever we believe is right, trying every day to improve every little bit and piece. In fact, according to Forbes, the average lifespan of a successful S&P 500 Company was 67 years in the 1920a€™s.
As Allen says before me, I think the majority of businesses fail because the business owners simply don't put the effort in. It certainly isn't the tone you get from the happy self-employed type of folks that I know! Today, the company generates nearly $30 billion in revenue selling over 55,000 products and employing roughly 84,000 people.
It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose.a€? To be innovative, you cannot be afraid to obsolete your own products.

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