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A market entry strategy is the planned method of delivering goods or services to a new target market and distributing them there.
When an organization makes a decision to enter an new market, there are  various issues that needs to be thought out.
Marketing – which markets, which segments, how to manage and implement marketing effort, how to enter – with intermediaries or directly, with what information?
Firms can follow the mentioned steps in sequence to create that successful blend of strategies while entering a new market. Planning these few steps in details would ensure that firms face less risk while entering a new market during expansion. Have you read our article on the Porter’s Five Forces analysis of industry competitiveness?
At DSXgroup, we look for emerging technologies and lucrative opportunities to apply them in innovative ways to drive engagement, conversion and customer acquisition to accelerate revenue generation. The power and value of gamification within direct selling may be more capable of delivering unprecedented impact on conversion and network velocity than any other traditional approach today. The first step in driving more engagement and conversion begins with increasing User Adoption and system Utilization. Gamification is the design process that integrates mechanics of behavior and reward modification. Of the approximate 24 stages of game mechanics, we focus on the five that have the greatest potential for fueling performance, conversion results and accelerating growth for direct selling companies. The value DSXgroup delivers to your organization is measured by the immediate and long-term benefits you realize through the adoption and execution of our expert advice, successful strategies, programs and processes improvements- focused and dedicated to achieving a single goal: Increasing Your Revenue.
Based upon all available information, in-depth exploratory discussions and DSXgroup's proprietary business development intelligence: DSXgroup will advise your executive team on your organization's current level of preparedness and effectiveness in reaching your overall revenue goals, sales objectives, target market penetration and industry awareness.
Our leadership and business development professionals are at the core of our knowledge development. Our approach promotes the adoption and effective integration of client-centric focused processes that enable key departments within an organization to concentrate productivity and resources in manners that contribute directly to growth.
Consequently, we utilize what we learn to advise management of our findings, recommend process changes if necessary and assist you in mapping a tactical strategy to ensure business-wide adoption and successful implementation of an effective, client-centric business development direction. DSXgroup will help business leaders create a clear picture of their marketplace, competition and the needs and buying processes of prospective customers to reaffirm strategic direction and define the tactical plan. Our knowledge efforts are primarily focused on all aspects of the business development process and go-to-market models, including how to create integrated business development processes throughout your organization to maximize revenue generating capabilities, increase lucrative market opportunities, accelerate qualified lead generation, and provide effective channel design. No area of marketing is changing more than the face of business development and sales management. With an effective business development, product positioning and up-sell strategy; Your company should be readily capable of expanding its client portfolio to include additional DSA member companies and increase revenue from existing clients by driving product utilization and integrating value-add ROI focused capabilities through strategic partnerships.
Establishing proper market position with credibility and a refined value proposition in a finite, niche marketplace will be invaluable to your company’s short and long term plan for success. Due to the various sales cycles, buying patterns and changing regimes in the executive ranks at prospective companies; it is prudent for your company to leverage professional sales resources with the critical expertise and zero learning curve necessary to infuse positive momentum and measureable results in the immediate business development process.
To maximize ROI and to realize your full potential for success, the business development initiative should be co-managed and led by a seasoned team with a proven record of market success and a highly accessible C-level network in place. At DSXgroup, Client Relationship Management is of paramount importance in all aspects of B2B client engagement. We create and evolve socially-driven engagement marketing solutions from a true customer-centric perspective by leveraging industry best practices, technology innovation and aligning them with key business drivers of our clients to maximize conversion.
SMA Solutions are specifically engineered to increase productivity and network growth by automating lead generation and capture of qualified prospects from anywhere in the social media universe that have high probability of conversion. PLM finds its origin in Automotive & Aerospace companies to manage the new product development for these industries. TouchBase 3PLM is an integrated Project, Process & Product Lifecycle Management Platform. TouchBase industry specific solutions are designed by the combined team of specialists in technology and industry operations. TouchBase-3PLM is designed specifically for small, medium & large sized companies and is priced to deliver maximum value and capabilities that can grow with your business. TouchBase-3PLM has been customized to suit the different industry verticals to deliver the maximum value to its customer in a particular vertical domain. DSXgroup executives have worked closely with many direct sales companies and organizations in various markets to design and implement effective lead generation, capture and conversion strategies. We work with executive leadership to develop and implement innovative solutions and programs built on direct selling & e-communication best practices- specifically designed to drive recruitment, retention, conversion and increased sales. At DSXgroup, we make it our business to learn what solutions are out there or currently being developed that may have a positive impact on your business. Additionally, we help you create and evolve socially-driven engagement marketing solutions from a true customer-centric perspective by leveraging industry best practices, technology innovation and aligning them with your key business drivers to maximize conversion. However, technology alone cannot be deployed or implemented to drive desired results successfully without program integration. Program integration is the process of developing and aligning uniquely engineered programs layered transparently over implemented solutions to infuse four critical factors for driving success: 1). While some companies are still focused on leveraging social media to build community; DSXgroup is helping clients leverage community to deliver a measurable positive impact on revenue, conversion and growth. We can help you navigate a path to a faster Time-to-Market and raise your probability of achieving success, market penetration and pipeline development by surgically focusing your business strategy and effectively leveraging our global network. Building business and penetrating the $120B Direct Selling Industry is exciting, rewarding and requires inside knowledge to succeed. Honesty, integrity, commitment and culture are all part of the chemistry that binds clients and partners.
Stuart is a senior executive with over 25 years of management experience, the last half of which have been in the Direct Selling Industry. Prior to joining DSXgroup, Stuart served as President of Canadian direct selling company, Immunotec. Stuart has worked in the United States and Canada and has spoken at events around the world including Europe, the Caribbean and South America. Cindy creates and implements cross-platform integrated social marketing strategies and key message communications designed to build social influence and attract consumers.
Prior to joining DSXgroup, Betty held executive leadership roles in several well-known global companies such as President N.A.
Her broad executive experience includes crafting well-defined actionable strategic plans, establishing operational and financial metrics to benchmark performance for start-up, midsize and large companies; and identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities for established organizations and private equity funded ventures capable of generating momentum and sustainable growth.
Betty is a skilled and engaging presenter and speaker at industry trade conferences and is a past member of the Direct Selling Association’s Board of Directors.
If you’re looking to enter new geographical markets, then market scoping research is a mandatory first step.

At Practical Logic we have first-hand knowledge of market entry approaches for China, the UK and Australia. Appointment as Official BPO Strategy Advisor to the Heilongjiang Government, officiated by Vice-Governor Liu, Zhen Shu, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, Peoples’ Republic of China, November 2006. It is a crucial decision for a startup to choose the markets it wants to expand into, and when to do so. Discussion on new market entry was one of the most hotly debated topics at RISE Conference in Hong Kong last weekend. A critical mistake many startups make when executing a new market entry strategy is not knowing the unique dynamics of the new market. Expecting the characteristics in a new market to mirror those at home is an easy and all-too-common mistake. Shobhit stressed the importance of senior management spending time overseas, to truly understand the fundamental changes that you will likely need to implement to appeal to the local market.
Shobhit explained that one of their biggest challenges has been finding the right local people to lead their market expansion. On a tight startup budget, companies still need to be very cautious of not stretching resources too thin. It is vital to have a clear understanding of differences in a new market, compared to at home. As a startup trying to find your next opportunity for growth, sometimes you don’t have a choice but to try new market entry. Ultimately, startups must try new things and take risks in order to flourish; that’s the nature of entrepreneurship.
Anton Eliasson is a SAAS marketer, contents grafter and analytics junkie based in South Korea. Of course both of these alternatives trigger specific choices for instance the buy choice will force insurers to choose between going for a best-of-breed or the package approach.
To me there is an important high-level analysis that needs to be performed by insurers prior to making any specific decisions around the implementation of a system when expanding abroad. Can our information system reduce the power of our business partners?: if we take the example of a UK online insurer targeting a continental European market (whose online insurance market is at an early development stage) for instance, considerations around the importance of aggregators play a crucial role. Can our system help us better compete versus target market rivals?: this question implies specific discussions around the benefits derived from a modern policy administration system for instance. Can our system contribute to reduce customer bargaining power?: are there features we can offer to our target segment of customers in the new market that would prevent them to switch to another insurer or help us acquire more easily new clients? Can our system contribute to reduce barriers to entry or increase them for potential new comers on the target market in the future?: often insurers expanding in a new geography try to replicate what has been successful in their domestic market without investigating how this success could become just more than a success but also a clear barrier for other competitors in the target market. The interesting thing with this model is it applies to different contexts and situations and I recommend insurers to use it in the frame of brainstorming sessions and high-level strategy discussions when planning an IT alignment programme related to an expansion in a new geography.
Breaking into a new market can be an effective way to grow your business and diversify revenue streams. Many entrepreneurs are driven by “gut feel”, but however well-honed your instincts, it’s essential that you systematically analyse and define your business proposition.
A key part of the decision to enter a new market will involve a deep analysis of your existing capabilities and evaluation of how closely these match the requirements of your target sector? So you’ve completed your market analysis, you’ve assessed your internal capabilities and defined your target customer segments. When importing or exporting services, it refers to establishing and managing contracts in a foreign country. These options vary with cost, risk and the degree of control which can be exercised over them. Although there is no absolute success mantra to enter a new market, these activities would significantly lower the risk exposure of the firm and create a winning scenario.
Our authors are educators from top QS ranked universities and practitioners from multinational enterprises. Simplification and intuitive design minimizes the learning curve and reduces the barrier to adoption by eliminating unnecessary complexities.
This is by far the most exciting and promising area of system and program design for direct selling and reinforces Adoption and Utilization by promoting Dependency and Replicability. Stages can be integrated independently or combined to drive NextGen levels of engagement, loyalty, influence and revenue. Specifically with regard to direct selling; Achievements can be applied to any recruitment, retention or sales programs to motivate progression toward personal and downline accomplishments.
The key here is to integrate Behavioral Momentum mechanics to ensure adoption of best practices, continuity of progression and institute a pattern of replicable success.
Another important aspect that has the capability of raising peer performance levels and motivating social networks comprised of customers and prospects to drive recruitment and sales activity.
We apply intelligence gathered from researching and analyzing markets, trends, competition, customers, and the intimate business objectives of your organization.
The result of this process is a plan and approach that can help ensure a company’s strategy can be turned into actions and accountabilities.
Organizations evaluating their current business environments are embracing the opportunity to transform, and revitalize, their sales and marketing processes to take advantage of new technologies, sales channels, and client-centric methodologies. Additionally, DSXgroup can assist with creative pricing model adjustments that have the potential to yield additional increases in overall revenue and new subscription revenues to further enhance your company’s bottom-line.
We will treat your issue as our own and will work with you expeditiously to plot a solution. However as the ProductDossier product management team to customers in different industries, it was becoming clear that other industries were looking for similar benefits and PLM strategy could be used by them as well. Increasingly Small and Medium Enterprises are taking on complex design, often in regulated environments, demanding speed and control over the New Product Development and Launch (NPDL) process. We can introduce your company to new and innovative business-driven solutions or execute a formal vendor and systems selection process to evaluate and identify the best-fit technology solution based on your defined needs and requirements to drive recruitment, retention, conversion and increased sales. Relationships are everything and honesty, integrity and client-centric UVPs are critical attributes for engaging leading companies in the business development process. If the chemistry is there; we promise to marshal our resources, thought leadership, expertise and our network to meet your objectives.
After a successful career in the telecommunications industry with companies such as Cantel (now Rogers Wireless), ACC TelEnterprises and Teleglobe, Stuart began a new chapter in his career with Dallas, Texas-based network marketing company, Excel Communications where he was responsible for its explosive international growth as President of Excel Communications Canada.
He also led Arbonne in its foray into International as the first Managing Director of Arbonne Canada, where the company set business records with unparalleled results. He is an articulate communicator that has experience representing firms externally to the media, investors and seasoned Boards of Directors.
Igor Ansoff’s four cornerstone strategies for growth*, market expansion is attractive in that it allows you to leverage all your product and services knowledge, all your supplier relationships and all your existing managerial talent. However we also have an extraordinary network of over 2,000 C-Level executives, located throughout 32 countries world-wide.

Let us leverage our knowledge of how to do this, our network of professional relationships and our own business acumen and apply some meaningful Practical Logic. Done right, new market expansion can expose new revenue streams, catalyse user acquisition and drive a startup forward towards profitability. Joining moderator Gwendolyn Regina Tan of Mashable, were three startup leaders who have experienced both success and failure with new market entry: Shobhit Shukla is the CRO of AdNear, Gerald Eder is CEO of Compare Asia Group, and David Lee is CEO and Founder of Shakr. David stressed that in places like Southeast Asia, where there are many small markets, an early move might be a smart choice. David agreed, citing Shakr’s experiences in successfully building a local, passionate community around the company vision. We’ve been able to build these overseas communities, by providing resources to get them started, but ultimately letting them lead the way,” David said. In the excitement of building big and building quickly, startups often fall short on resources.
New market entry is tough and you need the patience and stamina to weather the storm,” he added. You’re never going to be 100 per cent sure, but a smart CEO, backed by the right team, can minimise risk. If you break the daunting project of new market entry into a rational step-by-step process, it’s much easier to see the whole picture and avoid failure.
But in general insurers have a good view on these alternatives and tend to identify clearly which decisions imply specific considerations around PAS vendors or IT services vendors selection. Is it strategically sound to already use a system facilitating communication with aggregators in a market where there are almost none or where aggregators are not that powerful? A key related question would be whether time-to-market is as important in the target market as in the insurer’s domestic market. Even though some markets are not as mature as the UK market in terms of online insurance, there are some continental European countries where consumers just like using portals and have all their communications with their insurer streamlined on a single e-platform for instance.
Yet the harsh reality is that 4 out of 5 attempts to conquer a new marketplace end in failure, typically a result of a failure to follow some rather fundamental rules. That means analysing customer demographics, regional targets, product or service propositions and how these ties in with identified customer needs. It costs nothing to talk, and it will give you the opportunity to discover how an objective view of your target market and internal capabilities can inform your decision-making process.
Few companies successfully operate in a niche market without ever expanding into new markets but most businesses achieve increased sales, brand awareness and business stability by entering a new market.
The simplest form of entry strategy is often exporting, using a direct (agent) or indirect method (counter trade).
However, a little deeper understanding of other industries reveal that alone product lifecycle management (PLM) solution is not enough and a unified solution for Project, Process & Product Lifecycle management (3PLM) solution would be the most appropriate solution across the industries.
Competitive pressures, customer demand, and the need to cut operating expenses are driving the need for shorter product life cycles.
It grounds your business in the successful history of your past, while simultaneously opening up new trajectories for customers, market segments and sales that you couldn’t otherwise make. Done wrong, it can end up sinking huge amounts of human and financial capital into dead-end initiatives that may lead it directly into business failure. You also need to be able to answer the question: How are local consumers different from those in my ‘home market’? Gerald explained that awareness of cultural and demographic differences is critical to success in a new market. He went on to explain that locals know what their market needs and have helped Shakr build local knowledge and networks. With inadequate internal resources, whether human or financial, weathering these likely storms can become impossible. However, sometimes, startups get bogged down in the differences and become blind to the opportunities presented by the similarities. Start by gaining a thorough understanding of the new market, ensure that you have sufficient internal capabilities, and don’t be deterred by losing small battles along the way. On the other hand, I think a majority of insurers forget to consider the big picture prior to making a decision between the two generic alternatives mentioned above. Getting back to the example of a UK online insurer desiring to enter the online market in a continental European country, time-to-market might not be as important as it is in the UK. Banks try to sell insurance products that are marketed as investment products and insurers sell investment or saving-types of products that are marketed as insurance products. So if you’re considering expanding your business into a new sector, what steps should you take to maximise your chances of success?
Do you take an organic approach, expanding your existing product or service range and utilising existing routes to market? Developing a win-win market entry strategy involves a thorough analysis of  multiple factors, in a planned sequential manner. More complex forms include truly global operations which may involve joint ventures, or export processing zones.
Other ways of expanding your market ‘at home’ is to launch a new product locally, making something that already works, work better,” he added.
If startups are able to avoid setting up entities, hiring and getting expensive office space, costs can be manageable, even for an early stage business.
According to me, they just forget the primary value of IT, which consists in enabling insurers gain competitive advantages. Even though product types are often the same, the perceived value from customers tend to differ.
So once you’ve completed your market and customer analysis, decide which customer segments you should prioritise according to your operational capabilities, sales channels and customer proposition. Once we’ve helped them get set up on our platform and secure a few initial clients, they’ve taken the opportunity and run with it,” he added. Indeed, in many of my conversations with insurers I have noticed that the main elements taken into considerations in such a situation are internal technology issues and seldom related to the competitiveness of their business model. In this case, a flexible product configuration tool will be important in order to allow an insurer to create innovative products mixing different types of riders for instance in order to counter the bank offering. Starting small and delighting a few customers is better than trying to start out big then disappointing lots of customers.

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