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How significant a role can the public relations strategy for a new product launch play in mitigating other launch-related issues? And what can a public relations professional do to play a more active, strategic role to contribute toward new product launch success even if problems surface in other support areas?
These questions are all part of a talk I’m presenting at the PR Consultants Group annual conference in Kansas City.
And in what has become a typical presentation technique for me, the strategic thinking exercises for PR consultants we’ll cover during the session will ALL be chosen by the group as the presentation progresses. Yes, that means when the presentation starts, I’ll have no idea what specific topics we’ll cover!
I’ve been using this presentation technique more frequently since a “you decide what matters to you and we’ll go there” presentation strategy tracks with the Brainzooming brand promise of being highly flexible and interactive when developing successful market strategies. The presentation draws on ideas about why product launches fail from a Harvard Business Review article titled, naturally enough, “Why Most Product Launches Fail.” I’ve reshaped the article’s list of forty reasons for why most product launches fail to a manageable list of twelve reasons with ties to public relations. In that spirit, here are links to numerous Brainzooming articles on how being more strategic, creative, and innovative can help address the reasons for why new product launches fail. If you’re facing a challenging organizational situation and are struggling to maintain forward progress because of it, The Brainzooming Group can provide a strategic sounding-board for you.
Mike BrownFounder of The Brainzooming Group, and an expert on strategy, creativity, and innovation. LAUNCH Distribution is proud to announce the arrival of Lazer Star Lights to our vastly growing lighting inventory. Lazer Star lights are available for Cars, Trucks, Off-Road, Marine, ATV, Motorcyles, and more. Speak with our experienced sales staff about Lazer Star lights pricing and available applications at (626) 839-7150. Effective, successful new product launches have become more important than ever, but are one of the highest risk business investments. Chaired by good friend, Alex Greenwood, of AlexG PR, the session will focus on how public relations professionals can hone their strategic, creative, and innovation-oriented skill sets to be more effective with product launches. Even though the audience is comprised of all public relations consultants, the presentation topics will be valuable to anyone involved in developing successful product launches. We will apply our strategic thinking and implementation tools on a one-on-one basis to help you create greater organizational success. Lazer Star offers a wide range of lighting that include LED light bars, HID, and Halogen lights with an array of colors.
It's free and you'll be able to see how much money you'd be saving by utilizing LAUNCH Distribution for your inventory purchases.

You can, however, increase your chances of success with these new product launch best practices.
Successful new product launches require that the sales organization, marketing and customer service are well aligned and work together to create more opportunities and win customers.
Ensure there is a detailed, formal launch plan that includes: sales objectives, sales channel strategy, promotional plan, contingency plans, and schedule with key milestones. Most new products need to be quickly established in the marketplace before the competition can respond with an imitation. Establish a process to track, monitor and review launch progress against financial and schedule goals throughout the entire process. This post is the final installment of a three-part series about product parts management that we call “Reveal, Reuse, Reduce”. Lazer Star Billet Lights are the pinnacle of small, attractive, functional lighting systems for the Harley-Davidson and cruiser motorcycles, along with ATV’s, Sand Rails, and Street Rods. If everyone is working together, your company will gain new customers more effectively and improve lead generation, prospecting, and conversion rates.
Successful new product launches usually are managed by teams solely responsible for building the market for the new product or service.
Look for a team leader and for team members who have successfully launched new products in the past. Plus, make sure the entire executive team is on board with the plan before the launch starts.
After the launch is well underway, you can easily downsize without disrupting your organization. Lazer Star Billet Lights have set the standard to which many have tried to imitate, but none can duplicate. If your company has experience gaps, hire or contract with people who have a proven track record.
Many new product launches fail because there was a lack of time for pre-launch planning or inadequate resources to properly introduce the product and pre-empt the competition.
Lazer Star products are manufactured in our facility in Paso Robles, California, then packaged and shipped to points all over the world.
The original Bullet, for instance, has been upgraded and improved many times since its introduction, with the latest being the development of LED technology. While conducting the search, the user may come across two or more parts that are pretty much the same. The Shorty, Micro B and XS designs have all developed from the original Bullet design and are constantly improved on.

With access to all related metadata, the determination of which part to keep and modify or reuse, and which obsolete parts, and their attendant costs, to rework or recycle over time, is more obvious.
All our lamps, halogen and LED are specifically manufactured to our specifications, including our 100 watt spot lamp, which was designed exclusively for us.
Let’s see how this process can be automated.Going One Step FurtherClearly, when a company’s part numbers are in the thousands or the millions, or when faced with a merger or acquisition that will multiply the number of parts, finding and winnowing down duplicate parts can be an overwhelming proposition.
The power of EXALEAD OnePart simplifies the task by grouping and recategorizing parts, at which time the decision to reuse, modify, or eliminate can be rapidly made.OnePart introduces a new way to work, focused on defining the existing stock of parts according to their metadata and shape. It does not come with pre-defined groupings; the company chooses how to categorize its parts and OnePart adapts in consequence. These unlimited categories are then entered into the PDM and ERP systems so that parts can be better managed in the future, saving time and money.How does it work?First, quality and method engineers define the kinds of “universes” that exist within the company’s legacy parts. For example, a part that has been created in copper and purchased externally could make up one universe.
As an example, masters could be those parts with the most recent (less than six months) and active history in the ERP system with REACH Directive approval.When all the parts in the cluster are determined to be either the master, alternate, or obsolete, then the result is massively propagated into OnePart and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. A workflow of acceptance can be used to propagate into the stock through the ERP.Because the parts catalog is narrowed down, engineers and designers have more time available to be more creative than they would by simply creating (or recreating) required parts. And the discovery of a broad selection of existing possibilities can lead to further creativity and innovation.A New Paradigm to Directly Optimize Working CapitalA less obvious beneficiary of reducing duplicate parts is the Purchasing department. Purchasing personnel are able to search the ERP and associate its contents with documentation found in other systems. They can go one step further and benefit from the results of using OnePart to pare down duplicate parts. This simplifies the system and the responsibilities of the Procurement team, as they can better negotiate with vendors based on volume. Reducing the number of parts in progress is an expenditure analysis application for the financial controller that directly impacts the balance sheet, lowering inventory and ultimately working capital.Here the benefits of OnePart are obvious. Implementing it as part of an ongoing parts management program adds significant value over time. By continually improving their success rate of market launch, they will drive their markets in a way that others will not easily challenge.The figure below depicts the market dynamics of firms competing with a tightly integrated and repeatable launch process over traditionally managed firms that do not establish PLM as an enterprise backbone.

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