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Windows Live Movie Maker : Windows Live Movie Maker is the one-minute way to turn photos and videos into great-looking movies that are easy to share -- for free. Supported image and video files include: Windows Media Video (WMV), Windows Media, DV-AVI, Microsoft Recorded TV Show, 3GP, 3GPP, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Motion JPEG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, Bitmap, PNG. Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 has a user-friendly interface that’s intuitive and hassle-free.
In addition to excellent codec and file format support, Avidemux is also quite good at automating your work flow with its scripting tools and capabilities.
All the cool kids nowadays seem to be using Blender for their more intensive multimedia projects.
Used for years in Hollywood to edit such blockbusters as Pulp Fiction and The Departed, Lightworks is making some serious waves with average Windows users as of late.
Featuring advanced, GPU-accelerated layers, color correction, and video capture, Lightworks gets the job done right without feeling like it’s working too hard. If simplicity and ease of use are your primary concerns, Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 or Avidemux are probably your best bet.
The newest generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, have been officially announced!. If you want to edit your videos easily and with professional results, these programs will float your boat. Sony Vegas Pro is the creme of the creme in terms publishers refers to and combines a powerful audio editing and video into a single, comprehensive development platform. The key features of Sony Vegas Pro are its many video editing tools, and it's GPU accelerated performance, which greatly optimizes the management of resources, capabilities to create 3D content and fantastic audio control. VideoPad Video Editor can cut fragments of a film, change the order and add frames or simple transitions, a simple and convenient way, since the program divides the video scenes to facilitate our work. VideoPad Video Editor also takes care of the saving process as it provides the ability to convert a video file to the ideal format for your mobile phone, your iPod or PSP, Mac and even your DVD player.
Adobe Premiere Pro has become, from their latest versions, an alternative to traditional editing programs like Avid or Final Cut.
In Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 have added new tools and features to make it more affordable editing and video editing.
In short, Adobe After Effects Photoshop is the audiovisual world, similar in substance and tools adapted to the environment. Intuitive and powerful editor, CyberLink PowerDirector is the best choice for home video editing. Corel VideoStudio (formerly Ulead) is a powerful set of video editing in which anyone can easily edit.
Corel VideoStudio is an excellent tool to transform your videos of cameras and video capture systems into exciting movies. Pinnacle Studio combines the ease of use of property Studio applications with a higher power at work and an optimized all functions of the program, in order to obtain optimum results control. Lightworks is a true heavyweight digital video editing: with him were mounted commercial films winning Oscars. When working with Lightworks You can create a new project or continue with any of the ones you've created.

Windows Live Movie Maker application is designed to help you turn your videos and photos into movies, so you can share your favorite digital memories with family and friends, or the whole world if you want. Windows Live Movie Maker is a new offering that allows you to easily turn photos and videos into great-looking movies to share with family and friends across a TV, PC or mobile device using the most popular camera types and file formats on the market today.
Powerful and inexpensive computer hardware allows anyone to produce professional-looking movies and video clips nowadays, provided they have the right program. Simply put, Movie Maker is one of the easiest video editors to use for home or office projects that you’re going to find anywhere. It also supports a large number of add-on modules to extend the functionality of the base program.
Its functionality covers all the basic tasks you’d expect, as well as more complex operations beyond simple cutting and pasting.
While Avidemux is easy to work with, fairly powerful, and generally quite effective, it’s not without its flaws.
Much more than a simple cut-and-paste video editor, Blender supports 3D graphics and animation. If you need a more full-featured and comprehensive digital editing suite and don’t mind a bit of added complexity, Blender is the way to go. Doing so will allow you to make posts, submit and view fan art and fan fiction, download fan-made games, and much more. Check out our Pokken Tournament forum's feedback and league discussion thread to throw in your suggestions! Share a funny YouTube video or meme, discover the latest useful apps, or just get some free tech support. New features in this version provide soundtrack downloads, which can be downloaded from Audiomicro or Vimeo, and video stabilization. It offers a wealth of resources to improve your movies, transitions, special effects, text and color correction are some of them. In it collaborates various 3D modeling programs, but also other specific retouching and special effects; between them stands as the Adobe After Effects Professional market benchmark. For example, one of his additions, Rotobrush brush acts like a magic wand silhouette smart dialing, which will serve to place a character on any background you want without chroma. Complexity out of Premiere or Vegas, CyberLink PowerDirector greatly simplifies capturing, editing and production of home videos.
The interface is intuitive and well designed, with views of the edit panel full of useful aids. Proof of this is an intuitive user interface that summarizes the entire process of creating video in three simple steps: capturing, editing and burning.
Import and timeline allow you to work effectively, and configuring multiple workspaces facilitate the daunting task of assembling and enhancement.
You can also add more services like SmugMug, Picasa, Pixelpipe and Multiply through these plugins. Every app has that much integration with jump lists thanks to the super bar design to show MRU items.
Fortunately, there are a slew of free video editors available online that can produce stunning results without costing a penny.

Its primary strength is the sheer number of formats and codecs that it can work with natively.
It sometimes suffers from the occasional bug here and there, but patches are often quite quick to roll out. In addition, it can be used for 3D modeling, retouching raw video footage in post-production, and even interactive video games.
Aside from being free, the main advantage to using Lightworks is its well-formed UI and seamless work flow.
We’re a group of Pokemon fans dedicated to providing the best place on the Internet for discussing ideas and sharing fan-made content.
With the latest enhancements, Windows Movie Maker 2012 stands as the best free video editing application for Windows, an outstanding achievement. Capture, edit and burn your movie are the three steps, but the chances of MAGIX Video Deluxe Plus are huge. Of note, all can be previewed, something really useful to see what can be achieved with MAGIX Video Deluxe.
Made with love; use with special care.Special thanks to Ikikurumi of deviantART for contributing their artwork! Microsoft has finally released a workable version of Windows Live Movie Maker for Windows 7, just in time before it hits the shelves in October. In addition, Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 integrates with other Live Essentials products like SkyDrive so that you can share your work easily with friends and colleagues. Whether you need to splice DVD images, AVI files, or ASF clips, Avidemux is up to the challenge. For your everyday encoding, filtering, and splicing needs, Avidemux is your go-to software tool.
Blender is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, giving anybody on any platform the ability to do some serious editing regardless of the operating system they prefer. While novices can certainly get the hang of some of the simpler features Blender has to offer, it’s really geared more towards experienced amateurs and professionals. Lightworks feels a lot leaner than you’d expect in everyday operation, considering its capabilities. In any event, all of the aforementioned programs are more than capable of handling basic movie editing needs.
Windows Movie Maker along with Windows Mail and other apps of Vista’s era were dropped from Windows 7 in favor of these Windows Live branded apps which are now part of Windows Live Essentials package. Regardless, Blender has a lot to offer if you have the time and energy to devote to learning how to use it.
Despite its polish and power, this slick video editor doesn’t come off as overly complicated.

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