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Shaping the brand of your website is, in principle, much the same as it would be for a regular company.
Know Your Audience – Figure out who your customer base is, and then consider what that particular type of person tends to like. Create a Logo – Can you think of a successful company that doesn’t have an easily identifiable logo or mascot? Colors – Like in the baby clothes example, you need to choose appropriate colors for your website.
Voice – You probably don’t have enough money yet to start producing commercials for your website, so you’ll have to get the tone of your brand across through non-verbal communication. Social Media – Also known as today’s best way to spread a brand’s name around the Internet. Each company works to carve out its own individual identity in order to appeal to a set demographic or type of customer which is most likely to want to buy their product or service. People spend their entire lives figuring out who they are, and a big part of that is identifying what kinds of things they like.

If you’re selling baby clothes, your customers will probably be young parents or grandparents and will both want and expect soft colors and cutesy imagery. There probably is one somewhere, but the point is that logos are an effective part of branding. Having an About Us blurb lets people know that there’s an actual person behind the website, which builds trust. You can customize most social media profiles with your logo and colors, and connect to your customers by posting funny pictures, useful advice, and links to related videos and articles.
The company name, logo, slogan, colors, mascot – all of these things go into shaping a business brand. Someone will identify himself as a Pepsi person or an Apple fan, and this brand loyalty says something about who they are depending on the personality of the brand. You could pay a fee for a designer to come up with a logo for you, or if you don’t have the money, it could be as simple as the name of your company in a fancy but readable font. Consistency is key for branding – the more you reinforce the brand, the more your identity stands out in your customer’s minds.

The more aware your customers are of your presence online, the more likely they will be to develop loyalty to your brand. This is where you can expand your brand’s personality some, by connecting with and sharing the content of websites related to your company. You’ll instantly recognize the Twitter bird, and Facebook will forever be associated with the color blue.
The more clear and consistent your brand is and the better targeted to your customer base, the better you’ll be able to appeal to their own identities, and the more likely they’ll use your brand to further shape it.
Whatever you decide, it needs to be simple and it needs to remain the same and be plastered everywhere.
You can go wild with your writing voice here, as well as including fun photos (perhaps of babies).

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