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The ultimate in convenience AND organization, the Online Marketing Content Planner is a down-loadable electronic calendar for creating your annual email, blog, video, and social media publishing schedule for the year. This easy-to-use, totally customizable content and message planner functions like an editorial calendar (see image above) for your online marketing messages and content. It is your central hub for brainstorming and recording the publication dates and topics of your articles, videos, announcements and status updates distributed and sent through your newsletter, email marketing, blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more.  Don’t be without it this year and in years to come! Align your messaging across different online channels – email, social media, YouTube, and more – are you being consistent and authentic? Wouldn’t it be great to get a helping hand creating your annual message plan right along with the perfect tool to do it? From the BlogUsing Machine Learning for Email Marketing Optimization13 May, 2016by Karen TalaveraPlanning Your 2016 Email Program?
Join the Email CommunitySign up for email and get new blog posts, breaking industry news, event discounts, the latest free email tools and more! One of the most common questions I receive from agents is, “How do you find content every day?” The issues they are experiencing come from both a lack of ideas as well as precious time. A 2007 graduate of the University of North Dakota, Ashley Kennedy began her career as an Account Manager with Flint Communications and received her MBA from North Dakota State in 2011.
This article is part of a series on The 8 Steps of an Effective Content Marketing System for Your Business.
What other pieces of content will be associated with this content?  For example, you might be writing a blog post on the benefits of using an editorial calendar.  An associated piece of content might be a step-by-step video on how to create an editorial calendar in Excel. What are the key metrics for this content?  What will determine the success of this piece of content?
If you are interested in receiving more articles, please subscribe to the Aspire ID blog via RSS or Email, or "Like" us on Facebook. If you are in need of online branding, website design, seo, or online marketing services, please contact us for a free consultation. If you are in a competitive market, you need to know what strategy your competition has (topics, places, frequency) and the amount of mind share they have earned. I blogged about the importance of being consistent with content in my post, Finding Your Blog Voice. If you need support creating and executing your content marketing program, contact New Incite today. Strategic marketing consulting, implementation, and results measurement services for (B2B) technology, manufacturing and green companies.
3034Planning your content out visually, using an online Editorial Calendar, helps with formulating your strategy to ensure a continuous flow of engaging content which will attract and convert your ideal customers.
When you use a colour-coded editorial calendar, with different colours relating to each content type, you can clearly see the distribution of content that you have planned for creation and publishing.

By applying different filters to your calendar you can drill down further to get a greater level of detail on your content. You could also filter your content by stages of the buyer cycle such as awareness, interest, purchase or support. Other options include viewing your calendar by author when you have multiple content creators working on a domain. While social media is becoming increasingly important to many agents, most wear multiple hats in the office and it is easy to let social channels fall behind.
I wanted to share what works for me so hopefully you can incorporate some of these tips when developing your own content plan.
At Tower Hill we have several different products and therefore several different target markets. A month is a long time to discuss one theme, so keep your followers interested by branching off into subtopics.
Understanding your audience, how to leverage your services and products, and how to execute content are key factors. This will give you important information from which you can develop your content marketing strategy and frequency, so that you can compete effectively and perhaps differentiate from your competitors.
Quality of content and consistency are the most important factors in setting up your schedule. It helps to set up structure to your content marketing schedule, and don’t deviate from your plan. We work with businesses to create and post custom content online that increases website traffic and qualified lead generation. It also lets you see the spread of content types you are going to create, so that you can provide your visitors with a variety of different media through which they can learn about your company and the solutions you provide.
A surplus of one colour, indicating a glut of a single content type, is instantly recognizable from an esthetic standpoint as problem which needs to be addressed. By viewing the target industries that your content has been created for you can monitor your composition goals for content directed at specific industries.
This will help you to maintain a mix of content which attracts visitors to your website, provides them with the information they need in order to make a purchasing decision, help them to use your product, retain them as customers once they make a purchase, and eventually recommend your solution to others. This helps you to evaluate how much work they have on their plate and when you should be expecting their first draft for review or editing. Our main customer is a homeowner in the state of Florida, so I’ll use that group for this example. Use an editorial calendar and color code the types of blogs and other content you will create. At a glance, you can assess the work that is due for completion over the coming weeks and months, helping you to manage your team more effectively and allocate additional resources where necessary.

Your content strategy may be focused on your blog, but providing some videos, ebooks and whitepapers will help to mix things up a little and add some life and variety to your website. Your content needs to address the information needs of each of your customer segments or buyer personas, and viewing your content plan like this will help you to adhere to your goals. For those managing multiple domains you can view all of your content items in aggregate or you can select one or more domains to view at a time. But I find that starting the year off with a plan really helps me curate content and also ensures the correct content is on our blogs at the time when it’s most relevant to our followers. I know that in March a common focus in their homes is spring cleaning, in May and June hurricane preparation begins, August means sending kids back to school and in November our customers are preparing their homes for the holidays. It’s a great opportunity to educate customers on ways to protect their homes from burglary while away. Other content can be less utilitarian and more fun, contributing to your brand awareness (and perhaps going viral). You can also view the spread of social media updates you are planning to promote your content, so that you can see how your various channels will be driving traffic.
Schedule the content in your calendar and share it with your team (if applicable) so you can be consistent throughout the year.
Using that information, I am able to develop overarching themes for each month of the year. Think of any and all topics that are related to your theme and write each idea on your calendar now. The goals we set at the beginning serve as a guide as to what types of content I should be focusing on for the entire year.
We alternate authors to lessen the burden and, thanks to the content calendar, our authors know when their content is due months in advance. Those blog posts serve double duty – improving our search engine optimization (SEO) while providing content for our social media channels.
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Focus on educating your customers on safer driving, car maintenance and home maintenance in an effort to lower claims throughout the year.

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