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Here is aA series of practical tips on tactics that marketers can use to complement their content-focused online marketing efforts. A lot of the information on content marketing that we promote here on TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog offers process, strategy and models of approach. We’ll be going through the list in alphabetical order and following a fairly consistent format.
Content CurationA – As an art gallery employs a curator to find, organize and manage the best art, a content curator does something similar with information. Digital Newsletters – Newsletters provide a consistent source of useful information, advertorial and links to web pages that further engage the reader. Earned Media (PR)A – Media Relations often results in contributed articles from a brand placed in industry publications or contributions of content excerpts to a larger story published by online and offline news sites. Email MarketingA – From timed sequences of articles to special promotions, messages via email continue to provide the highest conversion rates of any online marketing tactic.
GamificationA -From frequent flyer programs to unlocking badges in Foursquare, gamification is permanently embedded in our cultural DNA.
Infographics – A picture is worth a thousand words and an infographic might be worth a few thousand eyeballs and nearly as many links, tweets and shares. Interactive Tools – Tools that allow user input and that publish customized output as content can be very effective but tools can also simply answer questions or facilitate a process. Mobile Applications – The popular web is increasingly mobile, so apps that provide information and experience can be very effective as part of a content marketing program. Mobile Content –A Content specifically written and formatted for mobile consumption is also a worthwhile consideration and for some markets, essential right now. News ReleasesA – Press releases are certainly content, although the format, application and distribution has evolved. Podcasts – iTunes provides an effective distribution and promotion platform for many popular podcasts which can be audio or video.
Print Magazines – While the print world has experienced substantial changes, print is very much alive for certain markets. Print Newsletters – One of the oldest forms of content marketing, printed newsletters that arrive via snail mail can provide an effective compliment to online promotions or serve niche markets where print is a preferred format. Real-Time Video – Livestreaming video taps into all of the immediacy needs of both content consumers and consumers and there are now more tools than ever to make real time video a part of your content marketing. Real-World Events – The content opportunities around an industry conference or trades show are abundant, from pre-event storytelling through interviews and advance articles from speakers to liveblogging during the event.
Social Content – Content created specifically for social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn may be a different format, but can have significant impact on awareness and engagement when planned and implemented using best practices. Virtual Conferences – An online conference aggregates a variety of content and incorporates many of the content tactics included in this list from promotions to presentations to the social exchanges inspired by the event. Webinars – Audio combined with presentation slides, Q and A and chat provide a content experience that can also be replayed when stored in an online archive. White Papers – In digital format, a deep dive into a specific topic can be very effective for educating and persuading B2B prospects. To help make this series as useful as possible, feel free to share any specific questions that you have on the above list of tactics in the comments below. Of course, if you have need of a content marketing strategy and discovering the right mix of content for your marketing, check out TopRank Marketing’s content marketing services. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The quest to survive in the uncertain labour market has pitched female bank marketers between meeting their targets and immoral activities. She was introduced to a consortium that offered her a contract job in one of the latter generation banks as a marketer. But after two years on the job, the zeal and enthusiasm seem to have disappeared, and she is desperate for another job.

Pretending not to understand her plight, this reporter probed further the reason Ogechi, who obviously works with a reputable bank, going by her corporate appearance and posturing, would want to abandon certainty for uncertainty. According to her, she was given a huge target to meet in terms of customers, whose accounts she was expected to attract to the bank, a situation she says always puts her on her toes; and which has also made a lot of men to see her as a sex object. More frustrating, Ogechi said, is the fact that some of her contemporaries on the job, who ‘know their ways’ have exceeded their targets and have been given permanent employment status in the bank on the recognition that they ‘are hard working’, not minding what they have gone through. Said one of the regulatory officers in her bank, “She can penetrate any corporate world and come out with a good result.”  Her success is so unprecedented that many of her colleagues and superiors have concluded that there certainly is more to her success story than she’s telling. A dependable source within the bank told this reporter that she was even promoted twice within a year, a situation that has turned her into an object of jealousy and envy among her marketing colleagues. To Uche Okoro, a marketer with an old generation bank in Ikeja, Lagos however, the argument that successful bank marketers are into corporate prostitution is neither here nor there.
She however does not rule out the fact that most of the banks deliberately recruit pretty ladies to attract customers.
Against this backdrop, she vowed to work aggressively hard and make sure she met up with the expectation of her employers. Speaking in an emotion-laden voice, the pretty ex-marketer said she got the shock of her life on the field because virtually all the targeted clients, who were mostly oil magnates, wanted to sleep with her before having anything to do with her bank. Obiano who is now a teacher in one of the private secondary schools in Lagos pointed out that it was a turning point in her life and an experience that will remain green in her memory for life. The above are just a few of the unsavoury experiences of female bank marketers whose task it is to market their banks’ products and services and attract customers or get sacked with ignominy for under-performance. The Nation’s investigation also revealed that some commercial banks deliberately sent marketers, mostly females after the newly-elected senators and members of the House of Representatives in Abuja during last year’s induction of the 8th National Assembly, a situation that had majority of them flooding the International Conference Centre, venue of the ceremony. Most of them were smartly dressed and offered loan opportunities which their bank can guaranteed with minimal interest. The Nation gathered that over 290 members of the House are newcomers, out of the total of 360.
Some of the marketers had arrived Abuja even before the lawmakers, with specific instructions to get as many lawmakers as possible onto their list of clientele, since some of them would need soft loans from any quarters to sort out their logistic problems before accessing their allowances.
A legislator who spoke to The Nation on condition of anonymity said the marketers did not give the lawmakers any breathing space, as they were all over the Congress Hall of the hotel for quick business. One supervisor in one of the new generation banks, who simply identified himself as Tony, said the banks are not doing anything unusual, because some of the lawmakers have a duration of four years to spend in the nation’s capital.
Tony pointed out that banks are only strategising, not only to have new customers but to catch in on the fact that some of the new lawmakers might have spent a lot of money in the process of their electioneering campaign and “therefore are likely to have accommodation challenges before their official quarters are ready.
Perhaps irked by the dangerous trend the situation was attaining, the House of Representatives late last year accused banks in the country of encouraging prostitution by setting unrealistic targets for their female marketers. Gbajabiamila, who expressed disappointment that top female bankers equally raised objections to the bill, noted that some of the international affiliates of the local banks wouldn’t attempt to send their staff out to solicit for funds in their home countries. Citing Section 34 of the constitution which protects Nigerians from inhuman and downgrading treatment, he said the motion was timely, as it would draw attention to the undignified treatment bankers are being put through.
Speaking in the same vein, Senator Suleiman Nazif who represents Bauchi North in the senate regretted that the economic adversity in the country has turned female bankers into chippies just to survive, adding that these have resorted to numerous unethical practices in a desperate bid to enhance their capital base. Nazif pointed out that there is an urgent need to unleash an earthquake of unprecedented stringent policies from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on the banking industry, to mandate commercial banks to stop this immoral marketing strategy and also impose fines on banks that default. Corroborating the fear of the lawmakers, a director in one of the latter generation banks who spoke to The Nation on condition of anonymity, regretted that the banking sector has degenerated to such a level.
Nazif also said “Both married women and single ladies were forced into this corporate prostitution. If the lawmakers are worried about the ugly trend, human rights activists are in sober reflection.
She pointed out that all hands should be on deck to salvage the ugly trend, adding that likes minds should provide a panacea to preserve the woman from losing her dignity on the platform of employment.
Stakeholders however believe that the situation on ground can be salvaged if all hands were on deck.

She argued that “The loss of moral values in the society has led to erosion of our cherished culture that protects our women in all ramifications.
This series makes the bold assumption that the reader has already considered goals, audience, strategy and measurement and is looking for tips on tactics that fit within their planned digitalA marketing mix. A Below is the list of tactics I’ve decided on and as the posts are published, links will be added below so this page will serve as an index. Annotated with descriptive text and repurposed, infographics that are well planned and executed are high impact for social sharing.
A Press releases can still reach journalists, but are also effective as direct to consumer content as well. A Like newsletters, podcasts are often published according to a schedule and provide regular, useful information.
Print magazines may be based on a subscription model on topics related to the brand, such as a lifestyle magazine. Reports co-authored with marketing partners or industry analysts can boost credibility and reach.
Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing. We respect your privacy.PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Naturally, she was full of hope of getting a good job after her youth service, having attended one of the best universities in the country, but after staying at home for about three years, reality dawned on her.
At first, she was happy; at least she would no longer be a burden on her relations, whom she was leaving with in Lagos. Tall, fair skinned and a paragon of beauty, this reporter leant that Adeola uses her assets maximally to her advantage, hence the bank cannot afford to lose her. With the aura of luxury around her and the sleek, exotic automobiles at Adeola’s possession, many simply conclude that the Business Administration graduate of Delta State University is deep into corporate prostitution. He took his time after more pressure from me to agree to move one of his accounts to our bank. To make matters worse, l could not get him on phone and by the time l got back to his hotel, he had given a standing order that I should not be allowed in, that l was one of those disturbing him. Segun Alexander Adekola, who sponsored the motion entitled, “Urgent Need to Curb Unwholesome Practices of Banks in Nigeria,” said staffers who don’t meet the largely unrealistic targets are summarily dismissed.
Rita Orji said in some cases, bankers who failed to meet targets were sacked through text messages. Omolewa Ahmed who condemned the act regretted that the aim of recruiting these female marketers is to serve the selfish interest of their employers. At a recent seminar organised by the section on Legal practice of the Nigerian Bar Association, in Lagos on the theme, “The Reality of Women’s Rights in Nigeria’, the conference agreed that women should wake up from their slumber and confront the ugly trend holistically. Titi Osuntoki argued that there is no bank that would go all out to recruit marketers for prostitution. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing.
Before l knew it, l was warming his bed for almost a week, with a promise that as soon as he was off shore, he would give me a cheque to open a new account with my bank. These bank staff, especially the ladies turned the whole business into a personal affair and ‘business-love’ relationship as they sleep with one client after the other.
She added that there are lots of organisations that do not have a clear-cut policy on sexual harassment of their female workers.
They were all given financial targets to meet individually; failure in which they lose their job.

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