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Each of these sites in the list help you promote your Kindle books during those free promotion days – and even after.
This list will help you promote your Kindle books during their Free promotion period on Amazon. This site is more of a club for authors but they do allow you several free and paid ways to promote your books, as well as lots of useful info and training for authors.
For this site, you’ll need to contact the blogger directly and ask her to review the book.
GoodKindles is the only site on this list that requires a donation ($5+) but I highly recommend it because it’s also the only site that gives you a permanent listing for your book. Me, an unknown, self published author who published his first book 8 months ago now sells more Business & Investing Kindle ebooks than Suze Orman. Suze has had a talk show for 11 years and done hundreds if not thousands of interviews on national TV and radio.

Suze Orman is at #90 in the Business & Investing Author Rank category for Kindle books. Makeup Marketing TrainingClick on the image to learn more about Makeup Marketing Online training for Avon Representatives by Emily Seagren. Other sites will often remove your listing when your free promo is over, but with GoodKindles, your listing is permanent and you can list your book even you’re not doing a KDP Select free promotion. On the same page at #90 is Suze Orman, a celebrity personal finance author who published her first book in 1995. From building a website to getting leads, we created 10 videos to help you get started. A website is one of the most important marketing tools for your law firm.
In addition to the main Avon Brochure, there are usually 3 – 5 insert catalogs to go along with each campaign including: the Avon Outlet, meet mark, and often other jewelry, skin care, bundle and specialty flyers. Just some 25 year old kid who figured out how to sell ebooks on Amazon (it’s a lot easier than you think!).

You don’t need a huge PR firm or to do hundreds of interviews on national TV or radio. The Avon Outlet Books feature mark and Avon products that are out of season or marked as “while supplies last.” Because many of the items featured in the Avon Outlet book are being discontinued, you can find great clearance prices, sales, and deals in the outlet but be sure to order as soon as possible as many of the featured items sell out and become unavailable due to the unbeatable, low prices. Click on the images and see the dates below as the Avon Outlet Books become available online.

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