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The PC industry transforms constantly to adapt to the needs of an audience used with the versatility and portability of smartphones and tablets. These devices are improving from one generation to the next and in the future, there is a possibility to even see variants of Intel Compute Stick ideal for gaming.What type of users would need a Compute Stick?These new types of PCs are designed for both home and Office.
Quality Assurance Tester at Electronic Arts (EA), Game Advisor at Electronic Arts (EA) .Strongly motivated person who wishes to develop a career in the gaming industry and aims to work closely with the Developers and Product Managers in order to understand each feature and make sure the end product is in line with the initial plan.
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Thanks to Intel’s reference design we now have ultrabooks and HTPCs, devices that have become very popular in a very short time.
Intel Compute Stick turns any TV or monitor with HDMI to a computer, which allows users to always have the necessary information to them, both at home or at the Office. However, in the future that might change.As the processors have advanced, they became smaller and more performant. Considering that the heart and the brain of a PC are sitting in the processor is impossible not to ask yourself how small can a PC get.
Intel Compute Stick and Intel Next Unit of Computing (Intel NUC) come in strong configurations, capable to provide a performance similar to those of a classical computer.

They represent the new shape of your PC, so it will become increasingly more common, especially since it improves from one generation to the next. Much less than you could have imagined a few years ago.If now we have a PC as small as 10 cm, in the future it is quite possible that it will reach the size of an USB stick. For example, Intel Compute Stick second-generation is more cost efficient, which is based on the sixth generation of Intel Core processors and latest Intel Atom processors. The technological developments is based on the needs of the users, seeking devices to ensure mobility, performance, and security for their data.

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